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How-to: Post Plans

on December 29, 2011

Don’t you think cooperative planning will make teaching in Little Lambs fun!? I am so pleased to share this exciting homeschool journey with other mom friends! Lets do a good job as teachers in the area of planning and contribute whatever we can individually to make our school excellent. How great that we have a blog where we can so conveniently share and store our plans! Here’s some specific info about posting plans:

Each month, we will plan 4 weeks of curriculum, and the fifth week (or partial week), will be used as review or for catch-up. In your planning post, you may use a 4 week format similar to mine below–yours may just look a lot simpler than mine. For each activity you post, provide an activity title, a short description of the activity if needed, and where to find your activity –Brainstorm pages, or name and page # of the book (resource name may be omitted if you thought it up yourself). This month, if you are unsure how to post in the Brainstorm pages, website addresses can be given as resources used, rather than referring us to the Brainstorm pages. I will give a quick tutorial (explaining how to easily insert pictures using “Press This” in Tools) when you get to school on January 3rd.

Please post plans for at least 4 Centers each month (1 per week). If you are able to contribute any other non-Center related learning activities, include those plans in your post as well. If you later think of more Centers you would like to bring to school, feel free to do so even if it wasn’t listed in your plans (just let me know a few days or more ahead). The number of Centers we can offer each day is flexible, and sometimes we find new inspiration as we go.

We will set a planning deadline/goal each month to help us stay on track. The deadline will typically fall around the 4th Tuesday of the month. So for example, we will post all of our plans for the month of February by January 24th (the 4th Tuesday). I will try to get my plans up first each month if that helps ya’ll decide which of your activities to plug in which weeks.

Teachers brains are always going as good planning requires thinking ahead. The earlier we start planning in the month, the more thoughtfully planned we will be, and more able to offer our children the best we can (quantity, quality, and inspiration). Being familiar with the Masterplan will help us immensely as well.  Our minds are in two places at once as teachers–teaching and planning. For the duration that we will be teaching about lambs and winter this month, we will also be planning love and Valentines.

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts about planning.


Our next planning goal for February themes: January 24th.

I will see you on the 3rd with your first two Centers! I am excited to see all of this come together and thankful for all your hard work!! No stressing, k? 🙂


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