Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)

Founding Message of Jesus’ Precious Little Lambs

on January 2, 2012

Bible Time 1/3/2012

Goodmorning Little Lambs! This Week we are talking about lambs! Lets see what you know already about lambs. A lamb is a baby….? Sheep! Lambs eat…? Grass! Lambs live together in a group, or a flock, in a grassy area called a pasture. Lambs lives in a group called a…? Flock! A lamb’s grassy home is called a …..? Pasture! Lambs are taken care of by someone called a….? Shepherd!

There is a Bible story about a little lamb who gets lost–would you like to hear it?

Read The Lost Lamb Bible story in My Favorite Bible

Who is the Good Shepherd in the story? Jesus! Who is the lost lamb? You are!

In the Bible story we learned that we are like a lost lamb when we wander away from Jesus. When we wander away from Jesus, our Good Shepherd, we are like a lamb lost from its shepherd. A lamb lost from its shepherd is not safe–there are wild animals out there that eat lambs! In the same way, we are not safe when we are lost from Jesus–its cold, dark, scary, and we can get very very hurt. When we stay with Jesus, He keeps us close to God–safe and happy, like lambs safe in their pasture.

What makes us lost? Not living with Jesus or not listening to Jesus, puts us far away from God, or “lost”. God made us, so we belong to Him, and He feels very sad when we are lost from Him. Jesus loves you so much that He will seek, or look and look, and call for you until you are found. Sometimes you will feel a little tug, a pull, a little warm feeling in your heart and that is Jesus calling you to Himself. (whisper) “Noah”, “Cole”, “David”, “Roman”. And when you say, “Here I am Lord!” “Save me! “I want to obey you and do what you say!” “Know you!” “Live for you!” Then Jesus finds you, picks you up, hugs you, bandages the boo-boos on your heart (your sadness), and takes you back home to God. He rescues you, or saves you.

We named our school Jesus Precious Little Lambs to remind you that you are like lambs–you need Jesus to watch over you, take care of you, and protect you–and to remind you that Jesus loves you and thinks you are sooooo precious.

Would anyone like to pray for Jesus to be your Shepherd? Say a simple prayer of salvation and dedication.

Lets say our memory verse: “The Son of Man has come to seek and save people who are lost.” Luke 19:10 Who is the Son of Man? Jesus.

Uh-oh, I think I hear a little lost lamb “baa”ing for its Shepherd! Can you help Jesus find His lamb and bring it back to God’s safe pasture here? Remember His little lamb is probably afraid and hurting, so give her lots of hugs when you find her and gently carry her back here where God can help us to bandage her boo-boos. (Put bandaids on the lost lamb when she returns, practice compassion and care taking)

Would you like to wear a band-aid over your heart to remind you that you are Jesus’ Precious Little Lamb?

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