Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)

January Lesson Plans

on January 2, 2012


Week 1:
God is your shepherd and you are his lamb. God cares for you, knows your name, knows your voice, when you are lost from  Him through sin He is very sad but He will keep calling you back until you find your way.

Bible: Parable of the Lost Sheep (My Favorite Bible)

Fine Motor: Lamb coloring page (
Language: Letter “l” for lamb–sandpaper letter sounds, blackboard handwriting, roll the dough letter “l”

Science: Lambs, See How they Grow (library book)
Math: How many lambs will fit? (Developing Math Concepts p.78)
Art: Lamb Masks

Week 2:
What does it mean to be born again? You become brand-new on the inside when when you are born again in your spirit. God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son to make this possible.

Bible: Nicodemus (Kids Own Worship Curriculum)
Language: Welcome Winter (library book), Froggy gets Dressed (library book)
Science: Animals in Winter (library book), Winter Trees (library book)

Math: sorting attribute blocks (Developing Math Concepts p.124)
Language: Letter “w” for winter–sandpaper letter sounds, blackboard handwriting, roll the dough letter “w”
Math: Snowflake builder (Brainstorm)
Dramatic Play: Provide winter clothing–hats, boots, scarfs, mittens, gloves, coat

Cooking: Make Snow Dough (white play dough)

Science Journal–Signs of Winter Nature Collection Collage

Week 3:
Jesus works amazing miracles because He cares about our needs. He cares because only He, being both man and God, can fully understand, and therefore respond compassionately to our needs.

Bible: Blind Bartimaeus (Read-Aloud Bible and My Favorite Bible)
Language: The Snowy Day (library book)
Snowballs (library book)
Math: Snowman Counting Poem (Developing Math Concepts p. 75)

Fine Motor: Felt Snowman Dress Up (brainstorm)
Language: Letter “s” for snow–sandpaper letter sounds, blackboard handwriting, Fine
Fine Motor: Build a snowman out of playdough
Fine Motor: The Snowy Day cutting practice worksheet and pre-writing worksheet (

Banana snowmen (Brainstorm)

Art: Snowman painting
Math: Ding! (Developing Math Concepts p.100)

Week 4:
Jesus does great miracles; the reason the wind and the water had to obey Him is because He created the wind and the water. He made you too; He is just as strong to stop your “storms” when you ask Him to.

Bible: Stop Storm! (Read Aloud Bible)
Language: Owl Moon (library book)
Language: Building an Igloo (library book)

Language: Letter “i” for igloo–sandpaper letter sounds, blackboard handwriting, roll the dough letter “i”
Math: Build a sugar cube igloo
Sensory and Math: Instasnow in measuring jars (Developing Math Concepts p.59)

Science–Melting Ice (
Art: Snowflakes

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