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1/17/12 Winter Continues!

on January 19, 2012

We were back in school today with chilly weather helping to create the continued winter theme.

In Bible time we read the story of Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52). He asked God to give him his sight back, and God healed his sick eyes. Mrs. Lynn lead Noah around with his hands over his eyes to simulate how difficult life without site must have been. She came prepared with several blind folds for each child to experience the same, but Mrs. Emily was the only willing participant.  They did enjoy yelling though so Mrs. Emily could find them while she wandered around the room “in the dark”. We also read a story about a little boy playing in the snow, who was upset to find that his snowball melted in his pocket after he came inside.  It was a great addition to our melting ice project that Mrs. Cherie brought in last week.

Today our centers included making an adorable felt snowman. Noah and Tayler did a very nice job, and how sweet is the look on Tayler’s face?!:

We practiced our lowercase letter ‘L’ with help from Mrs. Lynn, then wrote them all by ourselves: great job Tayler and Noah!

Mrs. Lynn had a really cute snowman project with 3 play dough balls, twigs, and colored rocks to decorate it…

the kids seemed to enjoy decorating a melted snowman much better… poor Frosty!

Our youngest participant to date, Faith, enjoyed learning today too. She worked on our ‘snowball’ numbers adn tong project above, as well as practicing pen use and tracking various line “shapes”, below. Noah enjoyed this project too and was great and cleaning up for the next kiddo:


Another project, with the same lines to follow, honed the small motor skills of using scissors – go Cole go! He was able to maneuver each line… and more lines on another sheet, then another sheet, all with Noah’s unwavering moral support:

And boy was that exhausting! Cole needed a little time to unwind with his favorite books while the other students trudged on:

The group project was a 2 day project the kids started last week.  It was a sweet snowman, that they decorated with a selection of buttoms, cut out scarves, hats, arms, eyes, noses and mouths:




     “Please don’t throw me away! Keep me! Keep me! Put me in a special memory book of keepsake school projects,” says Mr. Snowman.

Noah’s Snowman

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