Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)

1/19/2012 Thursday!

on January 21, 2012

In circle today we continued to learn about  Bartimaeus and read another story about snowmen.  We even attempted a song about snowmen melting that had to do with subtraction.  At least they enjoyed themselves as each one pretended to be a snowman melting away.

Centers went well.  Noah and David played together with the white snow dough we made during group time last week as Cole cleaned pennies (a science experiment using vinegar and salt), Taylor worked on drawing the letter “l”, and Roman decorated his paper winter mitten with stickers.

For snack Miss Lynn planned a wonderful project using bananas, fruit leather, apples, grapes, celery and cloves.  These items were artfully arranged to make a snowman on a skewer.  Yes it was ambitious, but we all made it through! The kids enjoyed eating their masterpieces after a quick picture:)

Since our snack time activity took longer than expected we skipped group time and just played outside.  Most of the toys were cleared out for Noah’s birthday party the weekend before so the kids all got creative. They played tag and hit the fence with sticks and rock.  It was probably more fun that they didn’t have toys.

All lined up by the door to come in from outside time. So organized…for about 3 seconds anyway:)

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