Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)

February Lesson Plans

on January 22, 2012

Love & Friendship




Week 1: What is Love?

“l” for love


What is love according to 1 Corinthians 13? Love is kind, love is patient, love is not all about me. We will discuss lots of specific and personal examples of what love is and is not.


Math: Numeral Dot Cards with Heart Magnets and Cookie Sheets (me)


Math: Ding! (p.100)

Art: Make beads (Brainstorm)

Week 2: Loving Family

“v” for valentine


After all the sins Joseph’s brothers committed against him, Joseph forgave them. Only Jesus can give us the ability to love unconditionally and forgive those who hurt us. Loving your family requires lots of forgiveness because many times family hurts us the most.


Language/Art: Valentine card writing center (me)


Art: Watercolor Valentines to bring to a care home (me)

Cooking: Treats to bring to a care home

Week 3: Loving Friends

“f” for friend


David and Jonathan were examples of God-honoring friends who really cared for each other. Friends get along, share, help each other, and have fun together!


Fine Motor: Friendship bracelets (Brainstorm)


Celebration: Friendship Tea Party Picnic

Math: Counting Jars and Sorting Attribute Blocks (p.78 & 124)

Week 4: Love is a fruit of the Spirit

“h” for heart


God wants us to grow spiritual fruit. Love is a spiritual fruit. Plants need sun, water, and soil to grow fruit. We need the Bible, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to grow spiritual fruit.


Folded Heart Cutting (me)


Art: Heart Crayons (Brainstorm)

Science: Hear Your Heart, make a stethoscope (book order)

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