Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

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Doing Life Together

on January 31, 2012

Hey Guys,

Will you please visit my church, Bay Summit’s, website and listen to a message spoken recently called Doing Life Together? I thought it was a good message and as my Pastor was speaking, I kept thinking of you all because in the special way that we do school, we really are doing life together.

Jesus said that the world will only know Christians by our love for one another…….how we hang out together, how we do life together. Church attendance is very important because the family of God, just as any family, must be together regularly in order to be healthy rather than broken and dysfunctional. Also being in close relationship with the family of God as we attend church helps us work out our love walk in a major way as others will inevitably hurt us, challenge us, spite us. Working through the hurt and forgiving is how God designed for love to grow in a family. And as we do, it becomes a testimony to others: “the world will know Christians by our love for one another.” However, when Jesus said to love one another, He never meant for it to happen in a compartmentalized way on one Sunday morning meeting a week–it is meant to be lived out everyday. Pastor Scott explained how the early church in the Bible did everything together–they shared their possessions, they ate meals together, they worshiped together, met in each others homes, shared everything they had with each other, they exemplified living out love for one another. It is exactly what Christ wants for the church today.

That intimate picture of how the early church related is also what I envision for Little Lambs! For us to share everything we can to help each other grow as mothers, as loving families, to grow in faith and love, and along the way form really solid, close relationships. I think our school is so much more than just school–it is doing life together. It is being in each others lives week in and week out, sharing the experiences and feelings of teaching the mind, body, and spirits of our little ones the best we know how, supporting and cheering each other on in the daily tasks of motherhood, praying and knowing you are prayed for until answers come, celebrating milestones and accomplishments of someone else’s child who has now become as dear to you as your own………the list is almost endless. I love the cooperative nature of our homeschool and how it naturally lends itself to a very sharing, giving, personal, and supportive environment. I hope we all realize what a blessing it is that God has handpicked each of us to participate in this group He put together. Just watch how God’s plan is to use the building of our relationships as the vehicle of blessing in each of our lives. We all have so much that we can give to be a blessing to each other. It is wonderful to be connected to each one of you and I pray that you will see how doing life together is the vision of Little Lambs as you watch the video.

Love, Lynn

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