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2/2 Love and Friendship begins

on February 7, 2012

Today started our new theme of love and friendship.  Miss Lynn created a lovely wall of photos showing our little lambs and friends:

In circle time we discussed actions that are kind and not kind as related to interactions with friends and loved ones:

Circle time was very sweet as Miss Lynn pointed out ways the kids had showed love to one another so far, in the short time they’ve all been together: Cole enthusiastically cheered on Noah during his rice jar filling, Noah kissed and helped faith up when she fell, and Tayler said “Oh Faithy’s dresses are bee-U-tee-ful!!” and “Thank you for sharing Noah!” repeatedly one day.

Our selection of centers included 6 projects as usual like the un-themed chalkboard letters, drawing different types of lines and more, however these theme related projects were the faves today:

Using heart magnets on a cookie sheet to practice numbers:

They had various sized heart cookie cutters to use in pretty pink play-doh. This was Tayler’s favorite center, and I’m pretty sure she stayed in that spot the whole time alloted. Not sure if it was the play-doh or because it was her favorite color 🙂

After centers we went outside for snacks but then all had a great time playing in the sand box, even little Faith had a blast- mostly dumping sand on the ground then giggling tee hee:

To get ready for group project, we ran off some energy, and shook the sand off our clothes and hands, with a fun game of chasing Miss Emily around the yard.

Our group project was friendship jewelry.  They rolled out balls of pink, white, and red clay, and made holes in them. Later Miss Lynn would bake them so the kids could string them into a necklace or bracelet to give to someone special. Tayler was a great ball roller and made quite a few, and all by herself!


One response to “2/2 Love and Friendship begins

  1. Miss Lynn says:

    Circle time was so sweet remembering when Cole showed love by cheering Noah on with rice jar filling, David showed love by obeying and sitting in circle, Noah showed love by kissing and helping faith up when she fell, and Tayler showed love saying “Oh Faithy’s dresses are bee-U-tee-ful!!” and “Thank you for sharing Noah!” all morning one day.

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