Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)

2/14/12 Loving Our Friends

on February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Making Friendship Necklaces Together

Miss Carol helps Noah make a popsicle stick frame al naturale, just the way he likes it.

David puff painting his frame with mommy.


Funny little things make us laugh at Little Lambs…..

How did a train track get in my PJs??

Awww the rewards of having a friend who loves me.


Tayler and Noah hugging…..and hugging…..and hugging……and hugging……..and hugging…..ok, now I think we are slow dancing.

Thank you sooooo much for my friendship necklace Tayler!



Setting up for the Tea Party Friendship Picnic

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