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Giving God the Glory

on February 27, 2012

February 2012 Reflection:

Love and Friendship

I want to testify to the work of God in my Little Lamb this past month to give God the glory. The whole reason we are homeschooling, even starting up our own school, is to bring God glory. I had the thought today that if we keep stories of His goodness to ourselves, we contain his glory; if we speak out, we unleash it. So here are my stories of love and friendship incarnate– to encourage you on your path and glorify God. I think the end of each month marks a good time to share what the Lord has done in Little Lambs. We would love to hear your stories too!!

Where friendship seemed to blossom the most this month for us was between brother and sister. Sister has now become interchangeable with friend, and for the first time ever Noah and Faith are self declared “friends”. Noah, not the most naturally affectionate guy, has surprised us this month with a new tenderness. Watching Noah and Faith play, I have enjoyed many “awwww” moments while simultaneously whispering “Thank you God!!” One day I couldn’t help but smile as Noah leaned down to Faith’s level and asked so sweetly over and over again, “Will you be my friend?” Today I overheard him murmur in his funny 3 year old language, “I can’t play because my friend is gone,” when Faith had wandered into the other room. I call them two peas in a pod now because they seek each other out and want to be doing the same thing–like run around in jubilant circles while eating peas out of a snack cup. I have seen Noah’s patience, respectful tone, and delightfully cute “parentese” (especially when I am not around) increase this month with Faith. And Faith just digs her brother and pretty much copies everything he does.

We have the privilege of babysitting Tayler outside of school sometimes, and I have witnessed the most precious exchanges between two preschool friends that I have ever heard. Last week, Tayler goes into Noah’s room with him to help him put on his shoes and they come out holding hands and smiling precociously. I needed a picture. The other day I had to whip out the video camera because “book time” before nap was just too sweet. On their own, Noah and Tayler decided to read to each other sitting on the couch, holding up the pictures for each other, and asking questions about the story just like a mommy would. Then Tayler goes and gets Noah her blanket and stuffed animal and you could see the warmness of being loved by a friend on Noah’s face as he wrapped up in Tayler’s precious lovies. It was funny because Tayler’s original intent was for them to share the blanket, but she looked on happily as Noah innocently kept it all to himself. Then a few minutes later, she announced matter of fact, “I am cold,” and I saw the need for my interception. “Noah, Taaayyyler is cooold,” saying it real slow to let it sink into his boyish mind……”Is there something you could do?” Ah! Success! Noah offered Tayler to use his beloved brown blanket that he usually never shares. Ok, so he told her where to go get it from instead of hopping up, but we can work on chivalry later. 😉

 During the month of February there was a special anointing, or you could say an open window, or a stirring in the area of love and friendship…..and I saw it happen here with my own eyes. We know that God works in seasons and I believe our Little Lambs master plan of themes is a God given, prayer birthed, marking of seasons that he desires to work through. Every month we put our faith out there believing that our children will grow in the themes of the month and God meets our demand (a request made with proper authority). As much as we request, he fulfills, and then some. I made some petitions in the area of love and fully expected some results, because after all, God has proved that He is intimately involved in Little Lambs, so why wouldn’t He want to respond to what He Himself has already put in motion? He responded to my request for growth in love and friendship. However, in retrospect I feel that there is more that God wants to do in us each and every month, but that it depends on the demand we place on the anointing. For example, my prayers, and the ways I stepped out in faith this past month, may have fallen somewhat short of what He was offering.  In the story of the widows olive oil in 2 Kings 4, what if the widow had been able to bring more jars to keep the miraculous oil flowing? And what if I had put more vessels of faith, or prayers, out? What if I had asked for more? Yes, God does abundantly above what we ask for, but our level of faith, the number of jars we put out, also determines what is given. So in the future, I know that I can and should believe for more.

How can we believe for more both individually and together as a group?

What are you personally expecting in March as we enter a new theme surrounding the work of the Holy Spirit and Easter?


Thank you Lord for answered prayers in February. You astound me.

1 Cor 1:31 (NKJ) …As it is written, “He who glories, let him glory in the Lord.”

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