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3/15/12 “C” is for Cross

on March 16, 2012

Today’s activities especially seemed to highlight our letter of the week “c”. We do a letter of the week every week and the few minutes we spend with it in circle time is paying off. David and Noah have both just started to read their first words with mommies at home! In circle time at school we sing the untraditional ABC song, “ah” “buh” “cuh”, and Tayler, my song singer, has picked up the sounds so quickly that she may soon take over my job. πŸ˜‰ At Little Lambs, we learn lowercase letters and letter sounds, rather than uppercase letters and letter names as traditional schools do. That way we will be reading sooner! It makes sense because learning letter names does not help at all with reading, and learning uppercase letters is a low priority since they comprise a very small percentage of print. And so letter names and uppercase letters act like clutter in the brain, making the learning to read process a little longer and a little more confusing.

The more we learn about learning, as homeschoolers must, we are gathering more insight into the unthinking traditions of school–the alphabet and phonics being two examples. It has been a wonderful blessing charting our own path for our precious children!!!

David says, “Its Cute!”

Our Cute “C is for Cross” Necklaces

Take a look, Tayler in a smock! (proud of herself for it too)

David looking handsome in his new glasses

Before we knew it, Noah’s mouth painted green

Its face paint mommy. No. What about paint my nails? I want to paint my nails like Taylers. This paint is not nail polish, Noah. I want nail polish on my nails mommy……….Can you find me some nail polish?………Mommy! I want some nail polish!……Aye Yi Yi.

Faithy did not enjoy her painting experience

“C is for Cross” Masterpieces

“School is Over”, our regular boisterous closing song















And last but not least, lets not forget Miss Cherie and Miss Afton’s big debut today as they starred in an improvisational drama depicting some of the Bible Stories of Passion Week, Palm Sunday through Easter. It was adorable how Tayler could hardly wait to see her mommy’s play, and how when it was all over, both mommies received exuberant hugs around the necks for their performances. The applause for such a simple but sincere performance made me appreciate the humility of our little ones, again.

So anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 18:4

2 responses to “3/15/12 “C” is for Cross

  1. Love the crosses! I’m going to do those with Eden next week! What’s the school is over song?

    • Miss Lynn says:

      Hey Tara, glad I just noticed you have been sending comments our way for over a month now. Thanks for hanging in there till I get this blogging stuff figured out, cause I do like comments! Needless to say, a blogger thrives on comments–it makes me feel like I am not blogging to myself. πŸ™‚ And it was my hope that our school project ideas would be useable to others.

      I am really loving oven baked clay projects lately, like the cross necklaces, cause you can make all kinds of 3-D fun. And pushing junk into dough is what preschoolers love to do anyway.The necklace project has so much creative and flexible potential that it works for preschoolers through adulthood. Should I admit how many of those crosses us moms made versus the kids? πŸ˜‰

      To the tune of Frere Jacques:

      School is over
      School is over
      Little Lambs
      Little Lambs (or please clean up)
      We will see you Tuesday
      Remember…….. (place main point of the Bible lesson here. Ex: Remember Jesus loves you)

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