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Passover: A beautiful foreshadow of Jesus Christ

on March 21, 2012

This day shall be for you a memorial day, and you shall keep it as a feast to the Lord; throughout your generations, as a statute forever, you shall keep it as a feast. Exodus 12:14


Why aren’t we taught Biblical holidays in church?

Are Christians supposed to celebrate Passover?

(and other Biblical festivals)


Here are a few reasons why Little Lambs chose to celebrate Passover today (taken from this book):

The whole redemption story is portrayed for us in the Biblical holidays. The holidays contain more divine information of spiritual and prohetic value than any subject of scripture.

There were two major revivals in the Old Testament and both were marked with a reinstitution of the the Passover Festival.

A passover meal is a powerful visual aid to teach children the Bible.

The Biblical holidays were celebrated by Jesus, His apostles, and the early New Testament Church (including Gentiles).

Our Christianity can not be fully understood without studying the Old Testament and our Hebrew roots. We are grafted into a Hebrew family! (we study a Hebrew book and serve a Hebrew Lord)

The Biblical holidays have a deep abiding meaning for Christians since their completeness is found in Jesus.

The reason the church departed from the holidays is becuase they were trying to de-Judaize the church due of fear of legalism.

God is awakening us to the Jewish roots of our Christian faith.

Shedding the pervasive Western/American/Greek mindset in order to reexamine the scriptures from a Hebraic mindset will help us find previously unnoticed intricate details and treasures. “Studying scripture from our modern mindset is like looking for gold in a dark mine with a dim pen light–you can see enough to stumble around but you need more light to see clearly.” I want to be transformed by the renewing of my mind!! (Romans 12:2)

Get back to living life like the early church (a model church) who celebrated the festivals. To understand the Early Church we must dig through layers of a mountain of mans influences shoveling off man’s traditions, theories, interpretations, and philosophies from Greek and Roman civilizations, Constantine, Marcion, Catholicism, etc. Remember how much good came when Wycliffe and Calvin did just this? They dug through layers of junk, discarded many theological errors, and found a view of God’s salvation by grace!

Christians can learn so much from the Biblical Hebrews strong family centered worship.

Some believe that Easter has pagan origins. Whether it does or does not, we can be sure that we are not tied to anything pagan when celebrating God’s intended way as shown in the Biblical Passover festival.


Could it be that Easter is meant to be a Christian Passover festival?

Perhaps you might find some ways to make your Easter into a Passover this year?


Now from the perspective of personal experience and my heart. I have felt that God has been trying to move me into reinstituting Passover in my life, school, and family. However, I had never even been to one and knew very little about it–so you could say I was winging it, and just trusting God. I read A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays which helped immensely. Using this book, I planned a Passover Seder meal for Little Lambs and distributed information about the festival to all the moms. We invited grandmas because I felt that this was going to be one of those times that generations should be transferring their legacy of faith to the next generation. The day arrived, families came, and it was a lively atmosphere–just the way a party should be. There was so much joy and life in the room. Like me, maybe you can recall the stress and woes of some of the holidays past when it was supposed to have been a happy, fun, worshipful, family bonding day? Compared to so many of my Easters and holidays past in, this first Passover surpassed them in many ways–especially in the presence of God. So by experience, I am a believer: that when you do holidays God’s way, the way He meant for them to be celebrated, the way He showed us how in the Bible, God shows up!! It was a beautiful time!



A Picture of Jesus


The bread had no time to rise because the Hebrew slaves left Egypt in a hurry.

He was pierced for our trangressions, bruised for our iniquities.


God passed over the Hebrews who put the blood of the Lamb on their doorpost.

We are rescued and passed over by the blood of Jesus, our Lamb of God.

Bitter Herbs

The Hebrew slaves cried bitter tears in their cruel bondage.

We eat horseradish with matzah to remember how Jesus has absorbed our bitter sins, our ugly bondage to sin.


Symbolizes the mortar used by the Hebrews in building.

For us, it symbolizes the how sweetness of Jesus overcomes the bitterness of sin.


Our Matzah














Our Passover table



























Grandma Heather leads us in Washing of the Hands

I wash my hands as a token of my desire to live a clean life







































 Mommy made me crackers!












































Yeah! We found the Afikoman

We broke one piece of matzah remembering He was broken for us, wrapped it in linen as Jesus was at burial, and hid it for the children to find.


































A really good book to help you celebrate and study the Biblical Holidays






























































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