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3/22/12 An Eggciting Day

on March 23, 2012

We did a Ressurection Egg hunt today during circle time and the kids loved it. I named a color, a hiding spot clue, and instructions to run the egg back to our circle once an egg was found. The kids were excited to see what was inside each egg, and one by one, the items helped me to convey the full Easter story. Retelling the highlights of our school day over dinner that night, my husband, an avid supporter of Little Lambs and homeschooling, asked a great question, “How do the kids learn academics through a school with so much spiritual focus?” Instead of trying to explain the big picture, which I think he gets anyway, I used the Ressurection Egg hunt as a very literal example of how academics can be intertwined with Biblical education. Following directions (i.e. following hiding spot clues) is a huge standard in all preschools. Opportunities for development of cooperation, sharing, and conflict resolution also surfaced during the hunt. Listening skills were employed during the Bible story telling, and story sequencing was introduced as we lined up the eggs in sequential order. Finding something hidden sharpens observation skills, and running around is P.E.! That was plenty of academics for our 3 year olds. However, the lesson could have been arranged differently to even challenge a 10 year old. Spiritual education doesn’t have to be taught in a 20 minute window every morning, it can really be intertwined into everything we do in homeschool.

Now the big picture is this….our homeschool’s main purpose is to equip our children to bring God glory. I like the way the Heart of Wisdom, explains their philosophy as One Thing Needed–the story of Mary and Martha reminds us that only one thing is necessary. “A willingness to sit at Jesus’ feet and hear His Word is the most important thing we can ever teach our children. Sensible Martha had many accomplishments, but worry and trouble were her rewards. Mary, on the other hand, was praised for choosing that good thing which was itself her reward and which would not be taken away from her.” “What about academics—math, language arts, history, and science?” Of course these things matter, but only as they sharpen your focus on the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Academic subjects are important tools, but they are only tools, not the goal. The moment academics cloud your view, to whatever degree they slow your pursuit of God’s will, they then move from being helpful tools to what Jesus calls “cares of this life.”

Gosh, I feel so freed in this pursuit! So “care” free!!

Back to Ressurection Eggs… dawned on me that this would be a great alternative or complimentary egg hunt to do with our own kids at our family Easter celebration. It would certainly help bring more Jesus into our Easter by holding a Ressurection Egg hunt, and then gathering the kids around to tell the Easter Bible story using the treasures within. An egg hunt that glorifies God instead of the Easter bunny! Sweet! Have you thought about that?

Make Your Own Ressurection Eggs or buy them online

Teach the Easter Story Using Ressurection Eggs

Ressurection Egg Hunt

3 Nails in the Hands and Feet of Jesus







 “t” is for tomb


 ‘Crazy Balloon’ Fun Outside

Eggsperiments with Miss Cherie

Squeeze David!

If you apply even pressure to a raw egg, like a mother hen sitting on her egg, it won’t break!

Can You Tell Which is Raw, Which is Hard Boiled?

Will One Sink and One Float?

Will One Roll Differently Than The Other?

Will One Spin?…… Yes!

Its the Hard Boiled One!

Noah cracked open the egg to see if it was the raw or the hard boiled egg that spun.

Why Not?

Its always a good time for a snack.


No Thank You

Eggs Soaked in Vinegar for several days become rubbery….like the sole of your shoe. Want to touch it Tayler?


Try this!

Light a candle in a jar, set the egg on top…..

Egg Vaccuum

….and watch how the egg gets sucked in.

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