Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)

3/29/12 Forgiven.

on March 30, 2012

All of Us Have Become Like One Who is Unclean,

and All Our Righteous Acts Are Like Filthy Rags

Me covered in the filthy innards of a vaccuum bag to illustrate the filth of sin.

Sin is as ugly as filthy rags. Hate your sin. He who has been forgiven little loves little. In other words, he who is unaware of the magnitude of his own sin, feels forgiven of little. Therefore he will love Christ little unable to recognize the magnitude of Christ’s grace.































Be Holy as I am Holy

Tayler illustrates being robed in the beauty of Christ’s righteousness as believers. A true princess of God!

Simply believe, and the goodness of Jesus is imputed to you; your sins, your filthy rags, are no more.































Awareness of Sin Reveals Need For a Savior

I asked the kids to tell me one of their sins. Noah and I have been talking a lot lately about how Jesus takes away our sins and what sin is, but still, can such a little child be aware of his own sin? Without much hesitation, Noah responded with a very knowing answer, that was not parroted. Wow, I was humbled to see light dawning in the eyes of my son’s understanding. Awareness of sin precedes awareness of a need for Christ’s redeeming grace.

Today, repent. Be aware of the sins that crucified Him. Write them down…..ingratitude, unbelief, envy, pride. Feel your need for a Savior. Burn up the confessions. Feel the emancipation of salvation. You are dead to the old you. Know that your sins are no more. You are a new creation.































I Will Remember Your Sins No More. Forgiven.































Rainy Day Art













































Do this fingerplay with your little ones. I guarantee smiles!


Raindrops, raindrops!

Falling all around (move fingers to imitate falling rain)

Pitter-patter on the rooftops, (tap softly on floor)

Pitter-patter on the ground.


Here is my umbrella; (open huge umbrella)

It will keep me dry.

When I go walking in the rain,

I hold it up so high. (raise umbrella high in the air)


Pitter-patter, raindrops!

Falling from the sky; (wiggle fingers to imitate falling rain)

Here is my umbrella

To keep me safe and dry!


When the rain is over, (close umbrella)

And the sun begins to glow, (make a large circle with arms)

Little flowers start to bud, (cup two hands together)

And grow, and grow, and grow! (slowly unfurl cupped hands)


Oh my, Noah LOVES this fingerplay. He loves it so much that he HAD to do it with Daddy as soon as he got home from work.

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