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4/12/12 Chickens

on April 14, 2012

Apparently, I needed a personal reminder about mountain moving faith this week. In Little Lambs, we are teaching Matthew 17:20 which basically says that faith as small as a mustard seed can say to this mountain MOVE. Mountains are things like disappointment, irritation, frustration, sickness, and often accompanied by satan’s accusatory voice. (When I hear a voice in my mind that is accusing me or accusing others in my life, I can be sure that satan, “the accuser of the brethren”, is working against me and needs to be dealt with.) Matthew 17:20 says that the way mountains move is by SPEAKING directly to them…..not by mulling it over, not by talking it over with a confidant, not by feeling sorry for myself, not even through my typical prayer and devotional routines. I know this, so why did I forget this week (as per usual) what to do? Thankfully, a ray of hope dawned inside when the Holy Spirit reminded me of Matthew 17:20 and how much it has always worked for me. I finally knew what I was supposed to be doing. First, I recognized that there was a mountain–something negative had crept into my otherwise peaceful and happy mentality. Something was standing in the way, in between me and my peace. I think ‘something in the way’ is what Matthew 17:20 means by mountain. Second, I found a name for the mountain, so that I could speak to it by name. Third, I used an auditory voice and authoritatively spoke to that mountain, “Mountain of accusing voices move!”  In the spirit realm, I knew a mountain moved over because peace returned that same day. Thats the proof.

When we try to implore methods other than speaking, we become weary. Coping with mountains of hurt and hardship our way is like trying to travel around the mountain (longer and harder) or climb over the mountain (exhausting), but Jesus said that is not necessary, just tell it to move out of your way so you can forge ahead! Speaking to the problem is God’s way of setting you free. Christians let problems keep them out of commission for way too long because we don’t know, or we forget, how to use the powerful Word of God in our mouths like a weapon. God has given us the tools in His Word (Matthew 17:20 is a tool!) to move mountains aside so that we don’t have to skip a beat in His calling on our life.

Name whatever is bothering you, tell it to move out, and forge ahead for Him.

In Little Lambs today, we talked about mountain moving faith, and later I was blessed to see Tayler and Noah thrilled to build mountains in the mud. We also introduced our Little Lambs to the hens that Papa from Ontario brought us a few days ago. The hens laid some eggs seemingly on cue for the kids, the chicks in a nest art projects turned out adorable, and somehow Tayler and Noah’s muddy hands and shoes made me feel like these kids are really living the good life. I can’t thank God enough for these times!

In the Coop

Betsy and Buttercup

Our First Time Gathering Eggs

We Are Making a Mountain!

Baby Chicks In a Nest

2 responses to “4/12/12 Chickens

  1. Katrina Bozeman says:

    Miss Lynn,
    I love your post and share them with Kiana and Makayla. The family and I love you all.
    Hi Ms. Lynn,
    It’s beautiful to see God’s talents working through you. You are truly a gifted and anointed teacher and a beautiful mother.
    Keep the good news coming as you continue to make the word practical and digestible for all of us.
    Many blessing to you and brother Dean.

    • Miss Lynn says:

      You are too sweet Katrina! I am having such a good time homeschooling and sharing what we discover. We are all learning so much it is amazing. As I blog, I think about you and all the good parents I know who are doing such a praiseworthy job raising their kids. You guys will always be exemplary parents to me as I have watched you over the years in the Godly way that you raise your girls.

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