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4/17/12 Gardening

on April 19, 2012

Did you plant a garden yet this spring? Are you thinking about planting one someday with your children? Take a look at my fave books about gardening and check them out from the library!

Our Favorite Annual Springtime Read

Mortimer’s First Garden is one of my favorite children’s picture books. We have read it to Noah the last two springs at sunflower planting time. The book tied in soooo perfectly with our themes of faith like a seed and gardening at Little Lambs as well.

Publishers Weekly Review:

Mortimer can’t imagine that seeds have any use beyond the immediate gratification of being eaten, but when he sees the human family in his house plant a garden, he decides to use his last sunflower seed to give it a whirl himself. Convinced that the miracle won’t happen, tempted to dig up the seed and eat it, Mortimer hears the voice of God: Wait. Suddenly, even though he was drenched with rain, Mortimer felt warm and protected. With hard work and prayer, Mortimer produces a miracle sunflower and a bumper crop of seeds, which in turn prompts the book’s final teachable moment: And please, God, says a fat and contented Mortimer, I wouldn’t mind a friend to help me eat these. This book celebrates the miracle of springtime.

Gardening with Imagination– Create a Whimsical Garden with Your Little Naturalist

If you would like some fun inspiration for gardening with your children, take a look at Sharon Lovejoy’s books. From sunflower houses to toad cottages to fairy mailboxes, her books are full of incredibly whimsical gardening activities that would fire up the imagination of any child. Her books are about gardening from the heart and creating lasting gardening memories with your little ones. Also, take a look at her book written for gardening grandmothers and making visits with grandchildren a treasured time. It could be a great gift for mother’s day this year. If you would love for your mom to pull your children more into the love of gardening, take a look at Lovejoy’s wonder inspiring ideas written for grandparents to share with their grandchildren. The ideas are quite magical and really made me look forward to becoming a grandma someday myself!!

Gardening Day at Little Lambs

Tilling the Soil

Planting Peppers

Planting Corn

Planting Carrots

Two Pumpkins Planting a Giant Pumpkin

Smiles All Around for A Job Well Done

Tayler’s Play-doh Garden

Noah Fishing

David Playing the Letter “g” Guessing Game

Little Gardener, Faith, Studies Seeds

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