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5/1 & 5/3 Joy is a Fruit

on May 3, 2012

As all of nature is coming alive this spring, our joy is blossoming as well! In Little Lambs we are focusing on JOY this month, a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Fruit picking season happens to be just around the corner, and cherries are actually already here! For little ones, spiritual concepts like fruit of the Spirit are more tangible after spending a day at a U pick farm, or tending some backyard fruit trees all season long. Even I understand spiritual things more through tangible analogies, so it works for big people too. We can take our cue from Jesus, using everyday items (like fruit trees) as He did constantly, and teach our own children hard to grasp spiritual concepts. Turn everyday experiences into a holy moment by praying for the sight to see common things turned spiritual. I hope that something from our Little Lambs lesson this week will help you to explain the fruit of the Spirit to your little one.

Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit

Can something dead make fruit? Can that wood table over there make fruit? No! Trees make fruit because they are alive. Joy comes out of life, the life of God He put inside you. Joy appears as a growth. Without Jesus people are not alive inside and cannot make fruit like joy.

Do trees start out with fruit right away? No! It takes time. You will surely grow in the fruit of the Spirit as you stay planted in God. The Bible says joy comes as a result of faith, and faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  (Romans 10:17 & John 15:11) So read, read, read your Bible and pray, pray, pray, pray so that you will grow.

Does fruit need to be cared for? Yes! It must be watched and tended. Don’t let one cold night, insects, or worms spoil your fruit. Don’t let one angry, grumpy, selfish person, or a difficult night take YOUR joy fruit away.

Do trees only make fruit once? No! Fruit grows again and again, fruit makes more fruit. In a similar way, when Christians tell others about Jesus, Christians help others become Christians. There is no greater joy than this.

 What makes YOU happy (smile, laugh)? …….We all want to be happy, don’t we? But joy is better than happiness.

Happiness is short lasting. Apart from the Holy Spirit, you may find some happiness, but not joy. Joy comes from the inside from things like faith in Jesus; happiness comes from things on the outside and outside things always change. The happiness of receiving a new toy fades away, the happiness of keeping things all for ourselves doesn’t last long, friends cannot always keep us happy, money can buy us things that make us happy only for a little while.

Holy Spirit joy lasts and lasts…..even when I have to clean up, when I don’t get my own way, when my friend gets what I want, when someone is unkind to me…..because no one and nothing can take my Jesus away. Joy comes from the inside.

Lasting Joy comes from things like:

  • having faith in God (opposite of faith is fear and worry. you aren’t joyful when you are worried)
  • knowing you have done the right thing before God
  • doing something for someone else (thinking about what someone else needs, giving up and giving away)
  • knowing what God wants you to do with your life
  • feeling so close to Jesus (sharing thoughts and feelings, worship)
  • sharing your life with other Christians in friendship
  • hearing the words of God and understanding (like a light going on inside)
  • and bringing someone to Christ!

Noah’s First Cherry Picking






























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