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Mothers Day Tea Party

on May 15, 2012

Mothers are Homemakers

I think nostalgic is the word that sums up our lovely mother’s day tea party. Nostalgic: a yearning for the past, often in idealized form. Fine china, frilly doilies, fresh cut garden roses, celebration of family, a hot pot of tea, time with loved ones, homemade goodies, a time to give honor. I think my grandma would be pleased to know that her begonia china is still being used to gather together women of several generations who enjoy the pleasures of tea time. To me it seems priorities and interests have changed over time, as Cherie and I both realized that we know no one our age who owns fine china. People are busier with things outside the home now days and naturally moms aren’t as thrilled about spending an afternoon hand washing fine china after a party. So paper plates, plastic tablecloths, and plastic silverware are the norm. Our society is becoming more casual as our lack of time demands it and as many women work outside the home.

I understand that many mothers have to work now, but for the children, it makes me sad!! I am not against mothers making money as I am sure the Proverbs 31 woman did, but only when it effects a woman’s first calling to her home. I think it is too much to ask a full time working mom to spend 40 hours at work, and also have her heart fully into her calling to be a homemaker (Titus 2:4-5). Homemakers are so important because strong homes do not happen coincidentally, strong homes are made. Homes are made from the hearts of mothers, or homemakers. As a mother duck plucks feathers from her own breast to line her nest, mothers take the best of what they have and make their own home. The sacrifice may hurt, but out of our own bosom, and nothing less, our nest is built. Our best is given to our children in the form of lessons; lessons of perseverance, courage, kindness, and love. It takes time at home and serious dedication at home to give our very best to our children. These life lessons are among the key lessons of home and community life, not lessons learned at school. Unfortunately, between school outside the home and stresses peculiar to two income families, family time is swallowed up. Family time at home is where pillar lessons of charity, work, faith, making a home, and becoming a whole man or woman are fleshed out day in and day out.

Financially speaking, while sending off children to do school outside the home, families today are buying houses they can not really afford in order to get into better schools. Households dependent on two incomes can actually become a trap for middle class families in many ways, and our middle class is actually more broke, with less discretionary income, than the single income middle class households of the past. I seriously wonder if this could be due to our collective and individual choices to violate God’s order for the home as stated in Titus 2:4-5. We have seen how sending women into the workforce has not had the positive impact our society had hoped for. Many working women are stressed out because they are misplaced. Children are confused, indifferent, violent, immature and dependent, with low self-esteem because they are displaced. However, God’s intended plan is for children to be securely placed within the warmth of a home, and learning life’s lessons from a loving mother (Deuteronomy 6:7). The happy hearts of children raised by the ever present, life shaping love of a mother contented at home is beautifully nostalgic.

Homemakers, rejoice if you must scrape by to stay home with your kids. God provides for those who stay in his order! Lets remember generations past, our grandmothers who set forth timeless principles of honoring God at home, and be homemakers ourselves, willing to raise and teach our own children for the glory of God.

Lovely Tea Cup Candles We Made for the Grandmas

Jelly Jar Candles We Made for Tayler’s Mommy and Aunty

Whimsical Tea Table Decor 

Tea Time is Nostalgic

My Sweeties

Tamsey, David, Cherie, and Dalila

Sheila, Miriah, Tayler, and Afton

Cherie Honors Grandmother’s with Amazing Grace on the Bagpipes

Little Ones Honor Grandmas with a Song and Scripture Performance

Girls and Grandmas

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