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5/22/12 Butterflies

on May 23, 2012

We are happy to have a new friend, Gabby, joining us at Little Lambs for the last two weeks of school! She gave me a hug when I met her for the first time the other day, and has hugged me every time she comes in or out my door since. 🙂 Although she strongly dislikes bugs, which happens to be our current preschool theme, she is fitting right in anyway. After easing her in with a little exposure, today she handled plastic bugs, and calmly ate lunch on the patio while bugs buzzed around her–two things intolerable just yesterday. I also appreciated how Gabby enthusiastically chimed in with all the other kids on a choral read aloud of The Very Hungry Caterpillar during circle today. She is very bright and all the kids enjoy playing with her!

It was a bittersweet today saying goodbye to the butterflies that we have been raising. The kids (and I!) have been able to witness the lifecycle of butterflies for the very first time. After ordering caterpillars from Insect Lore, we watched them grow, form chrysalis’, and emerge as Painted Lady butterflies–all in only two weeks time. Today the kids climbed into a play tent to get face to face with their butterflies before letting them fly away. As one by one, each butterfly escaped, we sent them off with a heartfelt salute, “Goodbye, butterfly!” I loved seeing Noah gently hold the butterflies in his little hands like it was perfectly natural. Noah apparently has no fear of any type of bug; though he has been stung before, he tried to pick up a bumblebee today. Anyway, Miss Cherie and I just had to climb in the tent too; we admit that we always want to experience everything the kids do. We joke that we do homeschooling half for the kid inside ourselves, but in all seriousness, as we teach, I think we are learning even more than our children are.

David’s Butterflies

Goodbye Butterflies

Butterfly Handler

Our Turn!

Caterpillar Snack

Ants on a Log

Gabby Making Buggy Play Dough Prints

Tayler and Her Mamama (grandma) Making a Butterfly

Noah Painting a Lady Bug Rock for our Garden

A Dragonfly Alighted On Our Garden Cross

“d” is for dragonfly is the letter of the week

5 responses to “5/22/12 Butterflies

  1. Erica Benjamin says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I am a bit overwhelmed by your blog entry (in a good way). As a mom that works full-time, I have often had to deal with the guilt of not being there for all of Gabrielle’s learning moments. Your blog has really blessed me because even though I wasn’t physically there to experience these new things with Gabby, you made me feel like I was. I felt like I wanted to cry (it could be the pregnancy hormones), but I am proud of Gabrielle’s behavior and so glad that she is in your care. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I pray God continues to bless you and pour into you where you have poured out.

    Erica B. (Gabby’s mom)

    • Miss Lynn says:

      Thank you Erica!!! I feel honored to be forming all these little lives, and through this blog I have hoped to ease the lapse of time between a child and mommy that are apart during the day. I am touched that a few pictures and details of the day meant so much to you. I know all this is for the glory of God, but encouragement like yours reminds me why it matters so much.
      So blessed to feel your joy,

  2. Tara Hannon says:

    Wow! That’s so funny… we did a lesson on butterflies this week, too! It was about how butterflies can remind us of Jesus’ resurrection as he emerged from the tomb to give new life! And we made rock critters, too. (To remind us of the huge rock that got rolled away from the tomb). How funny! Wish it had been together with you guys, though.

    • Miss Lynn says:

      How uncanny! Yes, butterflies have a strong tie in to Easter themes and are just an all around awesome creation perfect for illuminating spiritual concepts. I love rock critters now, and think we will make some every spring to keep adding to the garden year after year our children’s decorative showcase of progressing art skills. Wish we were aligning lessons together too.

  3. Tara Hannon says:

    We made our butterflies out of coffee filters and paint. I’m still not sure how to upload a pic for you.

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