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Father’s Day Appreciation

on June 16, 2012

Trains! Trolleys! Transit Fieldtrip!

Transit Fieldtrip– a Father’s Day Lesson

My oh my, what a day we moms and little ones had on our Train, Trolley, Transit summer fieldtrip! The kids loved riding Bart, going over the walking bridge at Treat Blvd., and riding the Walnut Creek trolley. However, some things didn’t go as planned, and although it wasn’t amusing at the time, I laughed so hard retelling the challenges of the day to my husband. This fieldtrip served to remind me why we can be more thankful for dads, just in time for Father’s Day. First, I will start with the story of our Transit Trip……

The challenges of the day…… the Bart parking garage said “garage full”, I quickly made a rash decision to park in another garage that charged $1 every 1/2 hour so we wouldn’t be late, we missed the 10 am Bart train anyway because of the long walk, the Bart ticket machine didn’t give change for a $20, taking strollers up and down elevators at Bart was confusing, the train doors closed on me, we fell over as Bart came to a sudden start within a few seconds of being freed from the doors, we missed the trolley that comes every 15 minutes (a few times I think) because we were waiting behind a wall, the trolley driver was having a bad day, I wasn’t aware of how trolley communication works with a little rope to pull overhead when you want to get off, I got the same salad at Tender Greens that last time I said I wouldn’t get again, we had a poor tired little soul crying through lunch time, we waited and waited and waited for the trolley to come back to get us, we finally hoofed it back to Bart in 95 degree weather, the trolley started coming down the street a few minutes later but we weren’t standing in the right place, half of our party came up the Bart elevator on the wrong side of the tracks, we could not find the parking garage elevator that surely existed only a few hours ago when we arrived that morning.

The brighter side of the day………Friends arrived late anyway and so we all managed to meet up perfectly at the same late time, Cherie was a proficient navigator of Bart, the Bart workers were helpful, the kids screamed with glee as Bart pulled up, we fell over laughing as Bart came to a sudden start within a few seconds of being freed from the doors, the kids had a grand ol’ time playing on a cement “slide” while we kept missing the trolley, Emily spoke up for herself to the grumpy trolley driver, Emily knew how to pull the little rope overhead in the trolley, other people liked their sandwiches and salads, a nutty little old lady pulled out her bubbles at lunch time announcing to our children “Bubble time!” and then muttered “Now say thank you,” to herself as she walked away, I helped solve a mystery when I pointed out to Sheila that Tayler was dragging her feet in front of the stroller (she thought the silly thing had stopped working), we got one good sweaty workout on our trek back to Bart, after coming up on the wrong side of the tracks our party reunited with 3 minutes to spare, I learned how everyone else got free parking so that I can too next time, friends bonded and we chose to see the glass half full that day.

Chasms, the result of thoughtlessness

I know there are plenty of moms who can get around by themselves just fine, but for me, this is one area I heavily rely on my husband. Having a day that puts us totally out of our element, out of our area of expertise, whatever that may be, can shake us up to realize that life without our husbands would only be a poor shadow of what it is now. It is so difficult to know just how unaware we are of the significance of his role, how blinded we are by simple oversight–the inability to think of what life without him would be. If we know we have ungrateful attitudes towards our husbands or take things for granted, perhaps it is by not thinking, not perceiving, not seeing his significance. Unfortunately thoughtlessness in our marriages is ingratitude. A little thesaurus study reveals some interesting correlations. Ingratitude is synonymous with thoughtlessness. Thoughtlessness is simply not thinking about someone enough, or simply overlooking some of their contributions.  And wow, do you know that oversight is synonymous with chasm? When our relationship is characterized by ingratitude, perhaps that is when we most feel that there is a chasm between us and our hubbies?

Main Entry:
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: gap, abyss
Synonyms: abysm, alienation, arroyo, blank, breach, cavity, cleavage, cleft, clough, clove, crater, crevasse, fissure, flume, gorge, gulch, gulf, hiatus, hole, hollow, omission, opening, oversight, preterition, ravine, rent, rift, schism, skip, split, void, yawn

Do any of these synonyms ring a bell with the way we feel about our relationship with our husbands? Do we ever feel alienated, hollow, split, or that there is a void? Interesting that in the thesaurus, a chasm can be traced back to ingratitude.

ingratitude > thoughtlessness> oversight > chasm

The Lords Plans For Us are so Very Thoughtful

As Father’s Day is designed to be a day for expressing gratitude, let us not underestimate the power of gratitude this holiday. Lets make this Father’s Day special by taking special care to thoughtfully perceive what we have to be thankful for so that we can really show our gratitude on this holiday, but more importantly, all throughout the year. Honoring a father is more than giving another unneeded necktie, or a card with words written by someone else–a truly honoring expression of gratitude starts with a divinely inspired keen perception of what a father’s gifts, contributions, leadership, and life laid down for our families means to us. If our mind comes up a little blank, or if our heart feels a little empty, pray that God will give us sight to perceive how important our husbands are, and to become aware of what we have been overlooking. The blessing of doing this is that a God given thankful attitude will close up fissures, holes, and breaches that damage relationships. And perhaps revealing experiences like the Transit Fieldtrip are just the way our all knowing God answers our prayers for perception. He is a mastermind you know, who carefully plans our days so that the moment we ask, he is already at work restoring our relationships. How good it is to serve the Lord! His thoughtfulness restores every breach caused by our thoughtlessness.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Handprint Art for Daddy. We love you Daddy!

6 responses to “Father’s Day Appreciation

  1. Tara Hannon says:

    I laughed out loud reading about this experience. Then I read it to Buz and couldn’t even speak I was laughing so hard. Glad you’re looking on the brighter side of things and deriving thankfulness out of frustration. SO funny… the elevator that surely existed only a few hours ago! Ba ha ha ha ha

  2. Mary McGee says:

    Wow Lynn,

    I had to thank Tara for sharing this to Facebook. Your post inspired me! I then read several other posts you wrote and I want you to know that they spoke deeply to me. I have been feeling lately like I want to be more to my kids and be teaching them more, how I wish I could turn back time and the business of our lives so that I might have been able to mold and shape them better. It is never too late even with quickly growing 9 and 6 year olds! I am thankful for our new little one that I will be able to start over with in a sense and do for him what I didn’t do for the older boys. We have the same thoughts about motherhood and I loved reading everything you wrote, you are a very talented writer!

    • Miss Lynn says:

      Mary, I see you as an exemplary mother, and if your kids are attached to you, then know that you are indeed doing a great job. That attachment transfers into a secure solid relationship with their Heavenly Father. If they are depending on you rather than their peers for moral guidance, your influence has no end. Take heart because I know you hold your children close and that is what matters most. I am sure you and your grown children will have the same relationship that you and your mom have. Its like genetic imprinting–you can relax some and simply parent from your instincts because the pattern of forming a deep relationship between generations in family is already in you, you have already been there before; and this is not the case for everyone, you are blessed. If you have time this summer, do some reading about parenting and educating our children with me. I am going to be posting a list of books that will help shape our minds so that we can then better shape the lives of our young ones. I will also be blogging with reflections/synopsis as I read.

      Thank you so much for the encouragement!! You don’t know how much it means to me when sometimes I feel so urgent to know if anyone is hearing. You are always a blessing the way you stay sensitive and open to the Lord.

  3. Mary says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Wow, thanks for all your sweet words! I had written you write back after your response but I don’t see it (I thought it strange that I didn’t hear back fom you, no I know why) since reading all your wonderful reviews of the books you have been reading and your blog I have decided to homeschool this next year! I am so excited about this new stage of our lives! I have many close friends that home school and so I am enjoying finding out what they do and their experiences!

    I am only in town another week, but I would have loved to see you and the kids! My only free day is probably next Wednesday, but if you are free as well it would be lovely to see you and talk more on this very passionate subject!



    • Miss Lynn says:

      Hi Mary, I am so sorry that I did not even see your comment until today! I am a total blogging amateur, and since comments on my blog are not common, I forget to check in. Now I am kicking myself for missing your response and maybe even the chance to meet with you. Do you have my phone number to call me if you still can meet Wednesday (tomorrow right?)?

      I am beyond thrilled to hear that you have made a decision to homeschool!!!!!!!! That gives me the goosebumps. I can absolutely see you and your kids doing homeschool! I feel sooooooo honored to know that my book reviews played a part in your decision. Staying up into the wee hours of the night in order to get the info out has now proven to be worth it. Wow, thank God for leading your heart to this path. I am so glad you have a lot of other friends who homeschool since I have no advice to offer about jumping in midstream. But whatever I can do to support you, I will! Please let me know what I can do to help you out! If you feel like you have anything to share with this community at large about coming to the decision of homeschooling, I would love to have moms like you contribute a personal story like that on the blog. Also, having moms regularly share on this blog about the mothering and educational insight they are receiving along the journey, is my vision for this blog. If anything comes up in your spirit, let me know.

      Hearing about your decision is a dream come true for me! I can’t wait to see how God uses our voices to promote the foundations of Godly parenting in our own communities, and fight against everything that threatens to erode the sacredness of family! God has been so faithful to us friend.

      • Mary says:

        Hi Lynn!

        I’m so glad you my comment in time! We are in Santa Cruz today and will be back tonight! I would love to see you tomorrow, would you be available before or after lunch? I am so excited to talk with you!! Hopefully our time will work out! Have a wonderful day! Love Mary

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