Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)

I am a Child of God

on September 22, 2012

Inordinately Blessed

God’s children are blessed. How could we not be? Those in the family of God have the King for a daddy! God blessings are like living in a happily ever after story. He loves us all so wildly! Sometimes His goodness to me just seems too good to be true, and the more I look for His blessings, the more I see them. When we count our blessings, and write them down, I think it helps us realize how much God does for us. It seems that the more we realize what He has done, the more He does………or perhaps its that our eyes are more open to see it all. Being in a royal family is living blessed for sure! Let’s look back at this past season and count our blessings together. What are your recent blessings?

        My Summer Blessings

  • Discovering Charlotte Mason
  • A clear vision for all our homeschooling years ahead
  • My dad miraculously healed of cancer
  • My best friend Danielle getting pregnant
  • My friend Mary deciding to homeschool
  • A new niece or nephew on the way
  • Answered prayer for more true friendships
  • The bliss of creation revealed through several glorious summertime nature experiences
  • This blog helping other moms
  • New furniture in the house
  • The calling to worship rekindled
  • Yummy gluten free recipes that improve my health
  • Being with my little ones every moment

What Does Your Name Mean?

Its profound how God moves through our Little Lambs masterplan of themes even in the hearts of grown ups! We have been focusing on how special our children’s names are at school, and God in His all encompassing goodness, is blessing me with more insight into the significance of my own name as well. I recently experienced a sudden recollection of various meaningful spiritual experiences and visions from my past. It felt like an unveiling of His plans for me that were formed before the foundations of the earth. A vision of me standing under a heavenly waterfall, Paul’s words “I am being poured out like a drink offering” seared into my heart, never ending worship like “times of refreshing in His presence”…….. All these seemingly isolated, disconnected, and forgotten snippets of long ago holy moments were connected in one recent revelational moment. All along these moments were Him pointing me towards my calling. Each has been a clue to my calling, a piece of the puzzle. The coolest part is finally realizing that who I am has been whispered all along in the meaning of my name. So what does my name mean? Lynn: refreshing, waterfall, pool of water. Some say coincidence, some say destiny, some say prophetic. Its hard to explain the prophetic, easier to feel it. Its like the handwriting has always been on the wall, but it was written in invisible lemon juice ink, which can only revealed by the heat of a Light source.

Think about how your name, and your kids names, can be like destiny. In the Old Testament, names were a huge deal. When a child was named, they were given their identity. It was a prophetic declaration of the destiny of the child. Abraham, father of multitudes; Adam, man; Moses, drawn out of the water. Many parents feel this important truth instinctually when selecting a name for a new baby: my child’s name must mean something noble or beautiful or important! By the power of God, we can each live up to the meaning of our own name. God has a special calling on each of our lives. Most importantly, thank God that the name of Jesus is over all who believe, and being one with Christ is the most beautiful calling of all!

Noah Means Peace and Comfort

Noah writes his name 88% on his own 🙂

Tayler Moves Past Scribbling

Our First Representational Piece of Art at Little Lambs!

Did You Know? The way children draw provides clues into their cognitive, physical and emotional development. Most preschool children’s drawing follows a certain pattern or stages; understanding these stages helps you with ideas about how to encourage her love and interest for art.

Miss Cherie’s ‘All About Me’ Fun Project

First, we traced Tayler’s dolly per Tayler’s request.

Next, we traced all the kids on the driveway using sidewalk chalk.

Faithy wanted a turn too.

Then we painted clothing on each person with sidewalk paint– a mixture of baking soda, cornstarch and food dye. Then everyone got to spray themselves “alive” with vinegar that made the paint bubble up. This reminded us of how God created each of us and then brought us to life.

Big ones help little ones

Faith waits patiently during activities like this one at school, but after everyone has had their turn, she knows it is Faithy’s turn! Tayler helps Fatih since she can’t work a spray bottle yet. Older kids helping younger kids is such an important part of developing into maturity, forming Godly character, and receiving a solid education too!

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