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November Lesson Plans

on October 24, 2012


Thank you for sharing your input on our lesson plans! And homeschooling or not, let us know some of your upcoming activity ideas for the kids, or how it went if you used something from our plans.

Bible Truth Theme:  I am Thankful (giving, compassionate)

Preschool Fun Theme: Thanksgiving (pilgrims, Native Americans, turkeys)

Special Dates:

November 6th–SHARING Bring a few items to place in the shoebox that we will send off to Operation Christmas Child. Then we will watch this video and pray for our child during Circle.

November 15th–COMMUNITY OUTREACH Bring something to add to our care package that will go to a group of homeless people living under a bridge here in our community. Keep them in your prayers that you do with your little one.

November 20th and 22nd–NO SCHOOL Happy Thanksgiving!!

Bible Stories:

Week 1 10 Lepers

Week 2 Poor Woman Who Gave Her Last Pennies

Week 3 No School

Week 4 The Good Samaritan

Memory Verse:

Whenever you are able, do good to people who need help.” Proverbs 3:27


(From “Little Ones Sing Along”, a 1963 record. You could make up your own tune.)

Thank You God for Loving Care

Thank you God for loving care

Round about me everywhere

Thank you for the food I eat

Thank you too for water sweet

Thank you God for loving care

Thank you for my mother dear

Thank you for my father strong

For my family everyone

Thanksgiving Hymns:

Print out the sheet music each month, put in a binder and voila! A hymnal!

For the Beauty of the Earth

(For many American Christians, “For the Beauty of the Earth” may be the perennial favorite of all Thanksgiving hymns. Who knew? Not me, but I am glad I know now. :))

Sheet Music Here

Bringing in the Sheaves

Sheet Music Here

Cedarmont Kids Hymns MP3s for both For the Beauty of the Earth, Bringing in the Sheaves


(for memorization)

We Thank Thee

For mother-love and father-care,

For brothers strong and sisters fair,

For love at home and here each day,

For guidance lest we go astray,

Father in Heaven, we thank Thee.


For this new morning with it’s light,

For rest and shelter of the night,

For health and food, for love and friends,

For ev’rything His goodness sends,

Father in Heaven, we thank Thee.



The children will practice printing:

Thank you


Literary Gems in a PC sea of bland, corny thanksgiving day books for children:

The Thanksgiving Story follows three Pilgrim children–Giles, Constance, and Damaris Hopkins–as they experience a trip on the Mayflower, settling in New Plymouth, being afraid of but then befriending some Indians, and finally sharing a feast together, each thanking God in their own way.

This entertaining and historical story shows that the actual hero of the Thanksgiving was neither white nor Indian, but God.

This year, take a biblical look at Thanksgiving’s original meaning and make traditions tailored to your own family.

This wholesome little book warms you from the inside with it’s tale of the Bassett childrens’ attempt to prepare Thanksgiving dinner while their mother and father are away.

Material World: A Global Portrait is a fascinating look at the material possessions of families throughout the world. These people have been determined “average” for their countries and the world’s leading photographers move the contents of their houses outside in order to create visible representations of their relative standards of living.

One reviewer said of Material World: “Although this book is a bit dated (from 1994), it singlehandedly explained so many concepts to my kids that it’s value can’t be underestimated. There are 30 countries portrayed and each features an average income family, many photographs of the family, explanations about their daily life, and tidbits about their income, life, and dreams. It is a wonderful resource, and really taught all of us (me included) to appreciate what we have, to appreciate different cultures for their own value, and to see these families- so diverse, with lives completely alien to us- as so very like us as well. What particularly struck me when reading this book was the smiles on the faces of the very poorest families, and the stressed out looks on the faces of the people who had much much more. Although technically it is a book about material possessions (and what that means to different people), I came away feeling that those things really mean less than nothing, that the lives of these people are in their stories and their faces, and that we Americans worry far too much about having the latest of everything.”


It is my executive decision that repeating our October math activities would be beneficial for all. 😉

Week 1 Pattern Blocks

Use a pattern template or build your own pattern

Week 2 Roll Again!

(p. 112 in Developing Math Concepts in Pre-Kindergarten)

Roll a die, tell the number, put out that many counters on an organizer (egg carton, ten frames, ten strips, etc). Then roll again!

Does the child take all the counters off the organizer before building a number? Is each number something new and different and unrelated to the previous? Or can the child count on or count back because they can see a relationship? Make a #5-10 die for children who are ready for larger numbers.

Week 3 Copy my Design on a Geoboard

Week 4 Cover Them Up

(p.138 in Developing Math Concepts in Prekindergarten)

Put counters on dot cards while counting aloud. Level 2: Label with a numeral card to show how many were counted.

Try to find/make dot cards in which the dots are arranged in various ways. Example: a “three” card is shown with two dots on the bottom and one on top, and another “three” card has three dots in a row.

Group Projects:

Tuesday, November 6th–Cooking Project by Miss Sheila. “Thank you!” cookies that we will deliver to the firefighters who let us come and visit last month.

Thursday, November 8th–Nature Park

Tuesday, November 13thArt Project/Homeless Care Package Project by Miss Lynn

Thursday, November 15th–Nature Park

Tuesday, November 27th –Art Project by Miss Cherie. Rainy day rainbow puddles using tempura paint and rain puddles on the ground.

Thursday, November 29th–Science Experiment by Miss Cherie. Food experiments–making natural plastic beads from milk, identifying starches with iodine, etc.

Nature Study:

Collect beautiful fall leaves and match them up to last years collection, check on the wasp eggs, etc.

Last Years Fall Leaf Collection. Beautiful!

May Our Homes Be Full of Giving and Full of Thanks this Thanksgiving Season!

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