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Merry Christmas!

Just a short and sweet Christmas greeting for you today friends. I wish I could send each one of you a handmade Christmas gift just for being a reader of my blog! I really am humbled to think that anyone would spend their time here and ponder over my musings. Know that you are in my prayers as I do pray for all my readers. May your Christmas abound with joy!

My 3 Year Old’s Christmas Lights Song:

Christmas lights, Christmas lights.

Christmas lights what are you doing?

Christmas lights, hallelujah praising the Lord Christmas lights.

Bible. Bible. Bible.

Christmas lights what are you doing?……..

I like how this song reveals that even the Christmas lights serve to praise the Lord in the eyes of my little one! Let Jesus be in Christmas everywhere we look too!

Christmas Craft Central Here….Beautiful Doily Angels.



Tiny Animal Christmas Party (Polymer Clay)


Adorning Jars of Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows






Sassy Bear


The Lone Dude


Baby Jesus, the Centerpiece of our Home


Faith Likes to Hold “Baby Jesus”


Gran Jojo, Tayler’s Great Grandma, Came to School and Helped Us Make Salt Dough Ornaments



December Handwriting



Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Play Dough Cookies


Getting Ready to Go Christmas Caroling in the Neighborhood



Singing Carols Takes Courage, but We Have Such Gracious Neighbors!


At the Christmas Tree Farm with my Cutie



Forgive me because Dean and I don’t mail out many Christmas cards, although we do hand some out to those whom we see during the season. I know an e-card is not the same as receiving a card in the mail, and so I sheepishly offer you my Christmas card. It happens to be another pic of my kids! Not like you haven’t seen that before on my blog! 🙂

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The Scoop on Santa

Parents go to great lengths to help their children believe in Santa Clause, don’t we?! So I never knew people sent their children postcards from Santa on his vacation, or birthday cards from Santa on their child’s birthday. All to remind their kids that they are in Santa’s heart all year long, and to keep their kids belief high throughout the year. And don’t forget how some put reindeer poop on the lawn, make Santa Clause tracks on their carpet, or mail a “nice list” certificate to their child. Why wouldn’t children believe?! Let’s review some of the awesome WikiHow advice regarding Santa Clause. How to deal with the “Is Santa Clause Real?” question: Tell your child that Santa is real, and that if he/she does not believe in him, then perhaps no presents will come on Christmas. Remember: the belief in Santa Claus is the final frontier of innocence, and to deny them that is to rob them of a childhood. Also remember, that when you tell your child that there is no Santa, your child will very likely tell his classmates that there is no Santa, thus destroying their belief when their parents would not have it so. Expect many calls from angry parents demanding answers as to why your child told theirs that no Santa Claus existed. So first, WikiHow advises us to threaten our children to believe, then equates not giving children Santa Clause to robbing children of childhood, and finally, plays on our fear of conflict lest we deviate from the norm. This is just some of the nonsensical wisdom I find on raising our children to believe in Santa. As you know me by now friends, you can probably guess that Santa Clause stuff doesn’t sit so well with me, and I am all too eager to share why. 🙂

I never really understood why I felt uncomfortable with the idea of Santa Clause so this week I decided to get to the bottom of this feeling. Here is what I found on my search.

Pro Santa

The only worthy argument for Santa that I found was stated by one well meaning parent as such,” Some stories, such as fables and parables, are not empirically true, but they are true in that they point to realities about God’s world and the human condition.” Fine, except that there are lots of other stories that can do the same–oh, and what about the fact that the modern day Santa only gives materialistic gifts based on merit of whether or not you’re “good enough”. One wise parent said, “We do not want them to fall prey to a works mentality. We’ve all heard it–“Stop that or else Santa will put you on the naughty list!” We don’t want our children to think that blessings depend solely on whether they have been good or bad. We want them to understand what grace is–God’s unmerited favor, kindness from God that we don’t deserve. There is nothing we have done or can ever do to earn this favor. The classic lesson that “being bad” may put them on the “naughty list,” translating into less presents or a lump of coal could really hinder their understanding of grace.”

Ok, sorry my pro was not very pro. Feel welcome to leave me some pro Santa comments in the comment section below, other than “I was raised on Santa, and I turned out ok”. 😉

Anti Santa

Here are some arguments against Santa posed by parents:

“You teach your kids not to lie and yet we lie to them right away about Santa and the Easter Bunny.”

“The precious faith of a child is used for entertainment.”

“We don’t actively teach our children to  believe in fairytales, but we actively teach our children to believe in Santa.”

“The truth is some kids get nothing for Christmas, because there really is no Santa and some parents cannot scrape up the extra dough. The child that gets told Santa loves and gives to everybody will wonder what is wrong with them.”

“It seems ungrateful to give all the glory to a pretend provider.”

“We buy their presents, and it is to us that they should express their gratitude – not to someone that has an endless supply of money and grants their every material wish. We believe that this does not create an atmosphere of gratitude. I can honestly say that my children are very grateful people and do not have the sense of entitlement that I see in our culture.”

“Santa Claus is given attributes that belong to God and God alone. He can be all over the world at one time – omnipresence. He knows who is good or bad – omniscience. He can give everyone what they want in spite of the cost or the situation – omnipotence.”

“NOTHING should be done to take away our mind’s attention or heart’s affection from Christ during Christmas. We’re celebrating a time that God Almighty broke through time and space to invade our world for the one purpose of redeeming us for eternity. There should be nothing that competes with this time to honor Christ. It boggles me that Christianity is the only religion I know that has a secular equivalent celebration during our time of deepest remembrance. Santa Claus at Christmas and the Easter Bunny at Easter.”

“I never want my children to have this existential monologue in junior high: “Daddy told me about a six day creation, virgin birth, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, angels, and fairies. Then he said he was only joking about half the stuff. I felt gullible for falling for it.”

“Kids should be able to come to their parents for the truth IN ALL THINGS. Not ask innocent questions when their little minds are SOOOO impressionable and be told a lie. If we lie to them about Santa how are they then to believe us about God? We should never do anything that would lead a child astray and this could very well be the difference in them accepting Christ and not accepting Christ.”

Little children take their Santa very seriously. They often believe and love him with all their hearts to the point of worshiping him. Their eyes light up at just the mention of his name and they squeal in delight when they know he is on his way. Doesn’t it seem sad that this Christmas Eve millions and millions of little children will climb into their beds “looking for their blessed hope and the glorious appearing” of Santa Claus more than, or instead of, the Lord Jesus Christ? Our children’s faith, misdirected and stolen at such a fruitful time of life for growing in faith. The younger years are by far the most spiritually fruitful in the life-cycle of an individual. Research shows that if a person if not saved by age 13, they probably never will be. To what lengths are you going in order to help your child believe in Jesus? Give your kids the gift of a Christmas obsessed with Jesus – and no other – when they are little, and it will be their truth all their lives. Talk about Jesus’ impending birthday like it is the most precious, thrilling, miraculous moment you have ever heard of in your life.

Assessment Time: Is There Anything that Might be Pushing Jesus Out of Your Christmas?

Santa may or may not be a distraction in your home, but what is? “You better watch out, you better not cry….” radio tunes inundating the senses, doing too much Christmas tree chopping and house decorating to find time for devotions, letting shopping for gifts taking precedence, sleeping in again, letting that same ole worship and prayer done year round be “harmlessly” substituted by some extra festive fun this season…….These are examples of recent regrettable decisions and attitudes in my own household that threaten to push Jesus out. Not out altogether, just enough to keep us numb enough that our hearts aren’t quite ready to prepare the way for the glorious incarnate King of Kings. Can you identify with me? Santa may not be the problem at your house either, but there is always something, shiny and alluring, sent to seek and distract us from the humble, simple meditation of a Savior born in a manger. What is your distraction, and how does it effect your children’s interpretation of Christmas? The other night when Dean called us all together for family devotions after what happened to be a full weekend of house decorating and tree trimming, Noah’s response was, “but not at Christmas!” My heart sunk at the prospect that two parents have wasted a weekend prioritizing frivolity, and sending the message that Christmas and devotions don’t pair. I confess that even a weekend without Him unravels me, and causes a risky  trade of eternal things for temporal things. The peace we crave so much during the Christmas season, like the peace we sense while singing Silent Night, blissfully settles in every home that puts Jesus first. I need Him!

Have you ever wished that your little ones would squeal in delight over baby Jesus rather than the Christmas lights, Christmas trees, or the thought of Santa Clause coming to town? Our children’s interests are tell tale signs of where we have spent our time, energy, and enthusiasm. I know I don’t want to have the typical American (even Christian) Christmas–the same ole family get together, the typical focus on opening gifts, kids clamoring for their stuff, singing corny jingles, everyone over-indulging in baked goodies, perhaps even gathering to hear a somber reading of the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus……but nothing more. I want to forsake whatever traditions make it a Merry Xmas rather than a Holy Incarnation Day. I endeavor to make our every Christmas’ center around Jesus. Our kids know almost nothing of Santa, they hear “what do you want to give for Christmas?” instead of “what do you want for Christmas?”, and they usually love cuddling up by the tree to sing Christmas hymns and read the Christmas story nightly…….But every year I crave to know what else Lord?? What else will bring my kids to closer to the heart of Christmas and send the true message? After my little boy said, “I don’t need anything for Christmas. I have enough.”, I found a similar story written on another mom’s blog. A child shall lead them……. I pray to be led. If you aspire to a more holy CHRISTmas for your family, I encourage you to read her story.

A Holy Christmas

The whole universe was breathless with anticipation of the coming Messiah on that first Christmas, and yet the holy night slipped by largely unnoticed by most of the world except for those few who stood around the manger. Be careful not to let this Christmas slip by without taking notice of Him. The profound but quiet treasures of Christmas, as subtle as a still whisper, can become utterly lost in translation due to distractions that degrade a very holy thing into a very common thing. Prepare the way for the King of Glory until you are breathless with anticipation. May our prayer and worship be a moment of incarnation – God with us.

You are loved!


“Infinite, and yet an infant.  Eternal, and yet born of a woman.  Almighty, and yet hanging on a woman’s breast.  Supporting a universe, and yet needing to be carried in a mother’s arms.   King of angels, and yet the reputed son of Joseph.  Heir of all things, and yet the carpenter’s despised son.”

Charles Spurgeon

“The Son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God.”

“He will make the feeblest and filthiest of us into a god or goddess, dazzling, radiant, immortal creature, pulsating all through with such energy and joy and wisdom and love as we cannot now imagine, a bright stainless mirror which reflects back to God perfectly (though, of course, on a smaller scale) His own boundless power and delight and goodness. The process will be long and in parts very painful; but that is what we are in for. Nothing less. He meant what He said.”

C.S. Lewis
Article/Post and quotes used for this post from:
Why Santa Belongs in Your Kids Christmas (Christianity Today)
Christmas Conundrum (Jen Hatmaker)

Too Cute!


J is for Jesus Art Project (from Totally Tots)


Faith, and Her First Ever Gluing Project, Felt Incredibly Powerful With a Glue Bottle In Her Hand


Making Paleo Apple Vanilla Cupcakes with Miss Sheila

If you make this recipe, don’t expect cupcake as you know it, expect iced cornbread like muffin (we actually skipped making the icing to keep it less sweet for the kids). Not bad if used as a base for adding apples or raisins or cranberries into–next time!


Our Pouring Center Was a Favorite Among All

This is the only center Noah has said he LOVES and he does it at every chance throughout the day.


Tayler’s Anxious Face Cracked Me Up


I Love the Way this Branch Brightens Up My Kitchen!

I picked a branch off a tree, picked most of the leaves off, and had the kids glue wads of tissue paper to the branch to look like fall leaves changing color.

I put it in water several weeks ago and the leaves are still healthy. Now I am going to hang little ball ornaments from it! Thank you Miss Mary for the idea!!!


Packing Bags to Pass Out to the Homeless

This was an awesome idea of Miss Sheila’s!!! We take the bags around with us in the truck when we go out to eat or something as a family, and when we spot a homeless person while driving by, Dean whips the truck around and I run over to deliver a care package (with hot soup if possible too). Its an adrenaline pumping experience as you never know what the homeless person’s response will be! Its drive by outreach!


Faithy said, “Its a Heart Mommy!” Mommy is Proud.


Tender Moments with Lambie

Go see the pic on my very first post. Now you know why we are Little Lambs Preschool.


Sometimes Lamb Needs to Be Rocked

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