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March Lesson Plans

on February 25, 2013


I hope you are looking forward to spring studies! Start your planning with prayer and everything will fall into place from there. I hope this Easter will be extra meaningful for you and your family!!

Bible Theme: I am Helpful

Preschool Fun Themes: Spring and Easter

Special Date:

March 12th–Bring an Easter Basket to school for our Easter Garden Basket project

Bible Stories:

Week 1 The Holy Spirit is our Helper (Acts 2:1-41, Romans 8:26)

Week 2 The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock

Week 3 Easter Story

Week 4 Easter Story

Memory Verse:

Review last years verse: ‘Children obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.” Ephesians 6:1

New verse: “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me..” Galatians 2:20

Classical Art Study:

Rosary Basilica, Lourdes, 19th century, mosaic.


Christ the Lord is Risen Today


Sheet Music Here


What Robin Told

By George Cooper


How do robins build their nests?

Robin Redbreast told me–

First a wisp of yellow hay

In a pretty round they lay;


Then some shreds of downy floss.

Feathers, too, and bits of moss,

Woven with a sweet, sweet sone,

This way, that way, and across;

THAT”S what Robin told me.


Where do robins hide their nests?

Robin Redbreast told me–

Up among the leaves so deep,

Where the sunbeams rarely creep,

Long before the leaves are gold,

Bright eyed stars will peep and see

Baby robins–one, two, three;

THAT’S what Robin told me.



The children will practice printing:



Place books on hold on your library’s website today, or order from an online bookstore, so they will be ready for you on time!

We are also getting many of the books off this great Easter book list.


(Activities are from the book Developing Math Concepts in Pre-Kindergarten)

Week 1  Sorting More or Less (p. 149)

Children will determine whether groups of objects have more or less than the group they are being compared to. String different numbers of beads on pieces of yarn and tie both ends off (or use any number set material like toothpick, button, or paper clip cards as mentioned in previous lesson plan posts). Provide one sheet of paper labeled “Less” and one sheet labeled “More”. Lay the sheets of paper side by side and choose one of the strings of beads to lay in between the sheets. Now the children will pick up strings of beads on at a time from a pile and compare whether its more or less than the chosen string. If it has more beads, it goes on the “More” sheet; if it has less beads, it goes on the “Less” sheet. If its the same, place it in between the sheets with the original string. Ask, “What have you found out so far?” and “Can you tell me which numbers are more/less than ____?

Week 2 Recording Designs and Creations (p.158)
Children will focus on shape and position by making a design and copying it. Have the children create a simple design with pattern blocks or tiles. Then have the children copy these designs by gluing down paper shapes that match the blocks (you can print “printable pattern block shapes from the internet” and cut them out before hand). The copying portion of the activity is important because reproduction requires children to pay close attention to the position of the blocks relative to each other and the number being used. Limit the number of blocks you give them if needed because it is easier for them to build than it is to copy.

Week 3 Sorting Collections (p.125)

Provide collections of buttons, keys, nuts and bolts, shells, rocks, seeds, etc. This activity is to teach sorting by various attributes. Ask something like, “Who can tell me something about one of the buttons?” A child says, “This one has bumps on it.” You ask, “Do all the buttons have bumps?” A child says, “No this one is smooth.” You say, “Let’s put all the bumpy ones here and all the smooth ones here.” After sorting all the buttons, have them sort another way. Do the children naturally see ways to sort, or do you have to make suggestions? Are the children able to sort groups of objects, or are they finding pairs that match? Do they change categories in the middle of sorting?

Week 4 What is the Same as Me? (p. 93 )

To begin to notice size and shape, have the children search for objects in the room that are about the same length as one of their body measurements. “What can you find around the room that might be the same length as your arm (foot, hand, leg, etc)?” You can have them then record a measurement of the object by using markers and paper (optional).

Group Projects:

After last year’s great egg dying results, we will always use food coloring and vinegar now instead of buying egg dying kits. This year I want to try Pink and Green Mama’s tie dye method.

LOVED this Easter Garden Basket project we did last year!!! We go the idea from the blog A Holy Experience.

These cross necklace projects from last year were pretty fun to do too!

Last year’s Passover Meal was awesome. I can not recommend looking into doing this with your family enough. The book Biblical Holidays is so great, and will help you with everything you need to know.

Ressurection Eggs and egg hunts are so fun.

Build a cross in your garden. Spend time at the foot of the cross allowing your flesh to be crucified, nailing your sins to the cross, worshiping, meditating on the meaning of Easter, and being still before Him.


Build a Birdhouse

Paper Mache Eggs filled with goodies

Nature Study:

Nature park days will resume for spring!


Just to let you know, Celebrating the Christian History of Our American Holidays also has some Easter ideas and information that I found helpful.

Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.  —Martin Luther

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