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Happy to Be a Mommy

on May 11, 2013

In honor of Mother’s Day, we can reflect on what each one of us loves about motherhood. What makes you happy to be a mom? What do you love about your job? So much of what I love about being a mom is now all wrapped up in the special nature of being a stay at home, homeschool mom. Here are a few of the things that I feel very blessed to be celebrating this Mother’s Day:

I get to stay at home! I get to raise my children myself! Modern moms are working moms, and if homeschooling my children wasn’t my job, I am sure I would have to go out and find a job. But I would rather be with my children than do anything else that the workforce has to offer me. I would miss my kids so much if we were apart all day! I am thankful to be homeschooling.

I don’t have to rush! I don’t rush off anywhere in the mornings while trying to manage morning grumpiness, fleshly attitudes, and resistance to regimented routines. We enjoy being able to follow our own pace which always includes sleeping until we wake up, chores, devotions, and a hearty breakfast. Noah is even learning how to do his own devotions as our morning schedule emphasizes time with God and supports our goal of raising a young man who seeks the Lord for himself. The day gets off to a good start when I am able to fully take care of my children’s emotional, spiritual, and physical needs each morning. We have many happy homeschool mornings together, and I am so glad for quality time early in the day with my children because by the time afternoon comes in our house, naps, quiet play, dinner preparation and other chores, time with daddy, as well as bodily tiredness dominate and sometimes only permits superficial interaction between me and my children. I know I would find guiding my children through the hurry , hurry, hurry routines of a typical school day unpleasant. I love having the time to hear their thoughts upon waking up, answer their questions during breakfast, being able to give them my complete attention, and personally witness every big and small moment of growth and learning during our day.

My kids are two peas in a pod! Noah and Faith do everything together–they even go to the bathroom together. 🙂  They are adorable together! I am so thankful that with us all being home, Noah and Faith are provided lots and lots of time to form a really beautiful friendship. They also get lots of practice working out all kinds of skirmishes, which makes for a strong bond and healthy relational intelligence. I couldn’t imagine separating them during school hours and the toll it would take on their bond………and then seeing them eventually someday down the road replacing each other with school peer relationships. My sister Tara and I are only 19 months apart, we both attended public school, and experienced periods of real closeness and periods of estrangement. Sadly, I believe that our relationship was so up and down due to school schedules and inevitable peer orientation. I know if I keep my children learning and living together here at home, the strength of their relationship will grow, rather than ebb and flow over the years. The friendship of my two peas in a pod will blossom and bear much fruit over the years, and that is a great delight to a mother’s heart!

I have more than two hands! Now that Noah is starting be a real help around the house, I feel like I have 4 hands. For awhile, mothering little ones was so demanding because I had to do everything–cut their food, feed them around the clock, run a tight schedule for napping, wash loads of stained laundry, clean up an explosion of food after every meal, brush their teeth, brush their hair, get them dressed, do diapers or help them with the potty…… I know you can relate! Somehow I thought mothering would always be this much work. Even while training little ones to be “helpers”, sometimes we are cringing on the inside because their “help” is actually just making more work for us in the end. Recently however, I see the light at the end of the tunnel–the workload really is going to get lighter and lighter as my children grow and provide actual productive “help”. Now that Noah is 4 years old and starting to make real contributions to the family, I already see it happening. Having one child who can get himself ready, do a few helpful jobs around the house, and help take care of Faith, has made a huge difference. Chore time is such an integral part of our homeschool and family life. My goal is to eventually work myself out of a job. Why send the kids off to school so that I can stay home and dust and vacuum?? Instead, I can train my kids at home to take care of the household, enjoy my extra time to read or pursue other interests, and take real delight in the fact that my children are being well trained as future mothers and wives, fathers and husbands? And just think, pretty soon I will have six hands!

There are two fathers in our home! I love the way that Noah parents Faith! Wow, again, I feel like Dean and I are working our way out of a job by pouring so much time and instruction into our eldest. We know that whatever kind of big brother we train him to be will hugely influence the rest of our children. He is the most time intensive kid, requiring the most discipline and guidance, but for good reason! He is the the one with the calling and responsibility to set the example for Faith, and it is him that she without a doubt follows. All day long I hear her voice earnestly chiming out, “I will Noah! I will!,” after he asks her to do something. Older siblings taking care of younger siblings was not the way I grew up, but I still saw examples of it around me whether in life or in literature, and I just knew that was what I wanted for my own family someday. However, I really didn’t know how to train my children to do this, so I am so grateful that God is honoring my desire. Noah has the heart of a father already. My eyes don’t have to be on Faith 100% of the time when Noah’s are, because he is making sure that she is obeying the rules and staying safe. If Noah addresses Faith’s behavior and gets no response, Noah lets me know– “Mommy, Faith is playing in the birdbath.” At that point, Faith is already climbing down saying, “I won’t Noah, I won’t.” At dinner one night, Faith is in the potty, and Noah says, “Lets me check on her mommy.” He gets up from the table to check on Faith, who is potty training, and asks her every possible question to make sure she is coming along ok. “Are you done Faith?” “Did a little come out or a lot?” “Potty or poo poo?” “Do you need a wipe?” and on and on. I was grinning across the table at Dean for our blessing. Noah loves to father, and I can’t wait to see Faith love to mother.

I have love bugs! My very favorite part of mothering is bedtime cuddles, long hugs around the neck, and hearing “I love you SOOOOO much mommy!” Just when I feel the most exhausted in the day, around 8 pm, and I am looking forward to a short time to myself or with my hubby before my bedtime, my Noah often says, “mommy will you cuddle with me tonight?” Part of me cringes because I want to have my break, but the other part of me is so committed to raising affectionate and attached children, that I often say yes. Noah and I climb into his bed, and although I am tired, I lay fascinated listening to him tell his endless creative and imaginative stories about trains and toy stores and machines. I feel like I wouldn’t really know my boy if we weren’t spending those last 20 minutes together before he falls asleep. I would not really know who he is deep down. So much pours out of his heart in those quiet one on one twilight moments that would never surface to the same extent during the day. He hugs me so close, and so affectionately tells me how much he loves me, which is something unique to our nighttime cuddles. Noah seems to appreciates the sacrifice I make to spend the last of the day with him so much, which makes it all worth it. I love that Dean does cuddle time with his little boy too. I feel that this family tradition has been one of the main factors in turning Noah from a boy who ran away from all gestures of affection at 2 years, to a boy oozing with affection at 4 years. We have also started cuddle time with Faith, but we have to be more creative since she still sleeps in a crib. I look forward to peering into what bubbles out of her heart as her language expands and as we spend more time in each others arms.

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Happy Mothers Day Friends!

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7 responses to “Happy to Be a Mommy

  1. Katrina Bozeman says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Lynn:-) Love u and miss u all ! The babies are so big 🙂

    Katrina and Family

    Through Adversity to the Stars!! -Per Aspera Ad Astra!! –

  2. Mary says:

    What a beautiful post about Motherhood, have a blessed day Miss Lynn!

  3. Miss Lynn says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Katrina! We miss you all so much too! Lots of love to your whole family!!

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