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Summertime, a Fertile Growing Time

on August 17, 2013

Charlotte Mason Friends Book Club, Selections from Parents and Children (Vol. 2), pages 75-150

Danger of Eccentricity “Possibly, eccentricity is a danger against which the parents of well-descended children must be on the watch. These are born with strong tendencies to certain qualities and ways of thinking. Their bringing-up tends to accentuate their qualities; the balance between these and other qualities is lost, and they became eccentric persons…..Fill him with the enthusiasm of humanity. Whatever gifts he has, let them be cultivated as ‘gifts for men.’……The life blessed with an enthusiasm will not be dull; but a weight must go into the opposite scale to balance even the noblest enthusiasm. As we have said open for him some door of natural science, some way of mechanical skill; in a word, give the child a [differing] absorbing pursuit and a fascinating hobby, and you need not fear eccentric or unworthy developments.”

Moral Ailments Need Prompt Attention “Now here is a point all parents are not enough awake to–that serious mental and moral ailments require prompt, purposeful, curative treatment, to which the parents must devote themselves for a short time, just as they would to a sick child…..If parents recognized the efficacy and the immediate effect of treatment, they would never allow the spread of ill weeds. For let this be borne in mind, whatever ugly quality disfigures the child, he is but as a garden overgrown with weeds: the more prolific the weeds, the more fertile the soil; he has within him every possibility of beauty of life and character.”

Character “….it is the words and acts which come from us without conscious thought which afford the true measure of what we are. Perhaps this is why such serious weight is attached to our every ‘idle word’–words spoken without intention or volition.”

Sunday School “That parents should make over the religious education of their children to a Sunday School is, no doubt, as indefensible as if they sent them for their meals to a table maintained by the public bounty (i.e. soup kitchen).”

The Bible Tabooed in Education “For 1700 years, roughly speaking, the Bible has been the school-book of modern Europe…..all the literatures of the world put together utterly fail to five us a system of ethics, in precepts and example, motive and sanction complete as that to which we have been born as our common inheritance in the Bible.”

A Mother’s Diary “Every mother, especially, should keep a diary in which to note the successive phases of her child’s physical, mental, and moral growths, with particular attention to the moral; so that parents may be enabled to make a timely forecast of their children’s character, to foster in them every germ of good, and by prompt precautions to suppress, or at least restrain, what is bad…….Parents and teachers should endeavour to answer such questions as these: When do the first stirrings of the moral sense first appear in the child? How do they manifest themselves? What are the emotional and the intellectual equipments of the child at different periods, and how do these correspond with its moral outfit? At what time does conscience enter on the scene? To what acts or omissions does the child apply the terms right or wrong?”

Fairytales and How to Use Them “…..much of the selfishness of the world is due, not to actual hard-heartedness, but to a lack of imaginative power……something, nay, much, has been gained if a child has learned to take the wishes out of his heart, as it were, and to project them on the screen of fancy.’…..My first counsel is, tell the story. Do not give it to the child to read. The child, as he listens to the fairytale, looks up with wide-opened eyes to the face of the person who tells the story, and thrills responsive to the touch of the earlier life of the race, which thus falls upon its own. That is……. traditions should be orally delivered. …….[My second counsel is,] do not take the moral plum out of the fairy-tale pudding, but let the child enjoy it as a whole . . . Treat the moral element as an incident, emphasize it indeed, but incidentally. Pluck it as a wayside flower.’

Do you want to be a part of my Charlotte Mason Friends Book Club? Read pages 150-225 in Parents and Children (Volume 2) and bring some thoughts to share on the Little Lambs blog by September 15th. Together we can inspire others to bring the atmosphere of a living education into their home too!

Daddy, Our New Spanish Teacher


We Loved Cat In the Hat by Bay Area Children’s Theatre


Our Fertile, Out of Control Tomato Plant (& pumpkin vine)


Our Corn Harvest Was Edible This Year!


Summer Mini-Lessons Before Breakfast


My Chicken Snacks Sweetie


My Conductor Cutie


The Burlap Playhouse (since most of the vines never sprouted for us)


Look at Me Growing! I Can Ride a Bike!


Jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium


Seahorses at the Aquarium


What a Summer! Now I Can Swim!


2 responses to “Summertime, a Fertile Growing Time

  1. Tara Hannon says:

    Wish we could come tell secrets in the burlap playhouse! I like the one vine that grew 🙂 Poor Roman. He doesn’t even own a bike! Good job, Noah!

  2. Miss Lynn says:

    So thankful for the Stryder bike Noah used to have that taught him balance. It only took 2 lessons before he could ride his new bike! Might a bike be in the works for Roman’s 5th birthday present? Would he like to have one?

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