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October Lesson Plans


I invite you to join our Jesus’ Precious Little Lambs school by following along with our lesson plans at home! You are welcome to homeschool with us! Please take a look at Welcome Back to School & Fabulous Fours and Fives for a basic explanation of each area of study that you see here in this monthly lesson plan (bold blue headings), as well as a description of the beauty of Charlotte Mason education methods. To preview our monthly themes planned for the year, also see our 2013 masterplan. If you would like to call your school Little Lambs as well, see my post Founding Message of Jesus’ Precious Little Lambs, a sweet Bible lesson I presented during one of our very first circle times that you might want to use with your kids too!

Bible Theme: I am Courageous

Preschool Fun Theme: Community Helpers (heroes)

Mother Study:

Before teaching your children, enrich yourself on how to “Be of good courage” with Charles Spurgeon’s sermon: The Cure for a Weak Heart.

Special Dates:

Police Station Field Trip! 

Bible Stories:

Week 1 Genesis 23, 24, 25, 27

The Child’s Story Bible chapters 17-19

Week 2 Genesis 27-33, 35

The Child’s Story Bible chapters 20-23

Week 3 Genesis 37, 39, 40, 41, 42

The Child’s Story Bible chapters 24-27

Week 4 Genesis 43-50

The Child’s Story Bible pages 28-31

Week 5 Exodus 1-5, 7-11

The Child’s Story Bible chapters 32-34

Memory Verse:

Review last years verse: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

Learn new verse: Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. ” Psalms 31:24

Classical Art Study:

Rebekah at the Well

Esau Sells Jacob His Birthright

Isac Blessing Jacob

Jacob Wrestling with The Angel


All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

sheet music    MP3

Poetry for memorization:

The 1st verse of “Try Again”, by William Hickson, 1803-1870

‘Tis a lesson you should heed–
Try again;
If at first you don’t succeed,
Try again.
Then your courage should appear;
For if you will persevere,
You will conquer, never fear,
Try again.


The children will practice printing:

(Child’s Name) is a (whatever they want to be when they grow up)

and various words from the reading lessons below.


Materials:  printed poem, word cards for lines 3 and 4 of the poem, loose letters                 



by Robert Louis Stevenson

“The rain is falling all around

It falls on field and tree,

It rains on the umbrellas here,

And on the ships at sea.”


Reading Lessons:

1. Write one word from the poem on the board

2. Discuss the word

3. Study it closely, then erase

4. Find the word card from a small pile of cards, then hide the card

5. Spell the word with loose letters (from memory if possible)

6. Find the word in the printed poem

7. Repeat steps 1-6 with each word

8. Do a review of all the words listed up on the board

Word Building Lessons (spelling):

Using loose letters, build words that rhyme with each of the words in the 3rd and 4th lines of the poem (ex: at—hat, mat, fat, sat, chat, splat, etc.).

(Lessons 5-8 in Delightful Reading by Simply Charlotte Mason)

History Books:



(Activities are from the book Developing Number Concepts by Kathy Richardson)

After completing each of the following lessons, and the children feel comfortable with them, make the materials available during independent work time for the children to practice the activities on their own.

Week 1  Copy a Design Made on a Geoboard

Week 2 Grow and Shrink (p. 35)

Materials: Counters, dot cubes (dice, or make your own) or numeral cubes (make your own) with quantities at your child’s level (1-6 or 4-9 or 7-12 for example). Lesson: Name a number and have children put out that many counters. Name another number and have children show that number. Continue naming numbers and notice how the children approach the task. Do they remove all the counters every time or do they add (or take off) just the amount they need? Say, “Do you think we need to get some more or take some off to make the number?”, but do not teach them how to add and take away counters. Simply observe their level of thinking. Extension: Have children roll a dot cube to practice recognizing quantities, or a number cube to practice recognizing numerals.

Week 3 Arrangement Patterns (p. 107)

Materials: Unifx cubes and pattern task cards made by drawing squares in different arrangments. Lesson: Children choose a task card, copy the pattern with the unifix cubes, and then extend the pattern. Children will learn that patterns are not just in straight lines.


Week 4 Is it More or Less? (p. 146)

Materials: Unifix cubes. Lesson: Have children build several trains of specified lengths (all under ten). Say, “Show me a train that has more than six. Show me a train that has less than six.” State the relationship together: “Four is less than six, six is more than four.” Repeat with trains of various lengths. Extension: Decide how many more or how many less one train has than the other. “What can we do to the red train to make it just as long as the blue train?” is easier than “How many more cubes does the red train have than the blue train?” Choose the wording your children are ready for.

Week 5 Stacks

Materials: Unifix cubes Lesson: You and the children each make a stack of 10 to 12 cubes and then hide the stacks behind your backs. Say, “Stacks,” and then everyone breaks off part of their stack and places it in front of them. Each child compares their stack to yours announcing something like, “Two is less than three” or “Five is more than three”. Ask, “What can we do to make these two stacks the same?” or “How many more cubes does your stack have than mine?” (Five cubes is 2 more than 3) depending on what language each child is ready for.

Fun Group Projects:

Set up a Community with Melissa and Doug’s town Blocks

Create a Neighborhood Map

Use creative thinking, problem solving and spatial awareness skills to make a simple map of your neighborhood.

Take a walk together around the neighborhood.  Look carefully at the houses closest to yours. Then notice important roads / streets and other landmarks nearby. When you come back inside, draw a rough draft map of your neighborhood using your child’s observations and then mark where you took a walk with a red marker. Explain that together you are going to make the same neighborhood “map” out of paper or blocks. You could use blocks, colored or masking tape, construction paper and trashable materials such as tubes, egg cartons, small boxes and containers to make a 3-D map. Provide children with construction paper and tape and help them make a “floor” for the map. Use tape to make the roads / streets, green paper for yards and parks etc. Next talk about whose houses/buildings to include. This works best when you start with your house and then move to houses further away. This can be done over a process of time as your little one notices more and more on each walk. Keep in mind that accuracy is not the most important thing. The process young children work through is the key. Youngsters learn from the cooperative experience of interpreting real life into block forms.

Five Little Firemen Handprints

Five Little Firefighters
Five little firefighters sit very still. ( Hold up five fingers )
Until they saw a fire on top of a hill.
Number one rings the bell, ding dong. (Bend down thumb)
Number two pulls his big boots on. ( bend down pointer finger )
Number three climbs on the truck right away. ( bend down middle finger.)
Number four joins him–no one can wait. ( bend down ring finger )
Number five drives the truck to the fire. ( bend down little finger )
The big yellow flames go higher and higher. ( spread arms )
WHOOO–OO! Whooo–oo! Hear the fire truck say ( Imitate siren )
As all the cars get out of the way.
Shhhh! goes the water from the fire hose spout. ( Rub palms together )
And quicker than a wink the fire is out ! ( Clap hands.) – See more at:
Five Little Firefighters
Five little firefighters sit very still. ( Hold up five fingers )
Until they saw a fire on top of a hill.
Number one rings the bell, ding dong. (Bend down thumb)
Number two pulls his big boots on. ( bend down pointer finger )
Number three climbs on the truck right away. ( bend down middle finger.)
Number four joins him–no one can wait. ( bend down ring finger )
Number five drives the truck to the fire. ( bend down little finger )
The big yellow flames go higher and higher. ( spread arms )
WHOOO–OO! Whooo–oo! Hear the fire truck say ( Imitate siren )
As all the cars get out of the way.
Shhhh! goes the water from the fire hose spout. ( Rub palms together )
And quicker than a wink the fire is out ! ( Clap hands.) – See more at:

Reach Out to Your Community by Passing Out Pumpkins to the Neighbors












Visit a fire station or police department or other community helper’s place of work.

Do a “Thank You Firefighters/Police/etc.” Cooking Project and Deliver the Goodies

Make a Crayon Resist Fall Leaf Watercolor

Collect Signs of Fall and Make a Collage or Do Leaf Rubbings with Crayons

Make a Paper Bag Pumpkin

Make Crayon Drip Pumpkins

Nature Study:

Be Awed by God’s Seasonal Handiwork and Spend Time Enjoying the Autumn Leaves!

All good things are inspired by God! We share freely here to be a blessing to you with all that He has given us. Thank you for sharing what you have been given with others too. “Freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8

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Our First Few Days of School

It has been a beautiful beginning to the school year here at Jesus’ Precious Little Lambs! We are learning that God knows all his sheep by name, that our Creator knows us even before He formed us in the womb, and that we are so special because we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God our Maker. Our “I am Special/ I am a Child of God” theme for September helps to get the school year started with the important focus of viewing ourselves through God’s eyes. It is a well timed message. As homeschool starts up this year with some new and higher expectations, Noah has been sending out a few distress signals. I don’t know if you can relate to hearing the “I can’t” statement from one or more of your kids? In order to excel this year, and not crumble under the pressure, our kids first need to be sure deep down that their inherent God given worth far exceeds any value we place on their academic accomplishment.

You Are Special by Max Lucado, a book I read to Noah recently, speaks right to the heart of children when they struggle to believe in themselves. Punchinello, a small wooden character in the story, learns that he needs to meet regularly with his Carver in order to have literal gray dots of negativity, doubt, feelings of inadequacy, and fear of failure fall right off of him. Just like Punchinello, we too need to be reminded of how much we are cherished by our Maker, and that no matter how we feel one day, or what we can or can not accomplish in life, God really loves us all the same. And these tender reminders are the beautiful gifts of a real relationship with our Maker built on regular quiet times together. The book You Are Special is such a poignant reminder of a person’s true worth apart from all striving and accomplishment for our children………and definitely for us moms too.

So instead of whimpering at the thought of tackling a difficult task or lesson, Noah goes to have some alone time in his room talking to God about it until he feels confident enough to try again. Thankfully, Noah is learning at a young age how to meet with God in quiet time whenever he feels daunted, so that his mind can be renewed with God’s thoughts about who he is and what he can accomplish through Jesus’ strength in him. We don’t just wait for problems to surface before seeking the Lord though. We make sure to meet with God separately and all together each morning so that God may bring out the best in us all day long–whether it be confidence, kindness, obedience, patience, grateful attitudes, etc. I can attest that a day built around time with the Lord, is a day that does not unravel. I thank God that homeschool allows for such life changing lessons to occur any day, any time, and just as the Lord leads.


At the beginning of the school year, I love figuring out a flow for the day in order to maximize our homeschooling hours. Here is a peek into what has been working for us in Little Lambs!

Our Tuesday/Thursday School Schedule

Before 8:30 am, we do our jobs (make bed, get dressed, etc.), have personal time with God, and eat breakfast.


Math Exploration Time–play with math materials on the carpet


Circle Time–Prayer, Worship, Bible Story and Coloring Binders


Centers Time–Math, Word or Sentence Building, Handwriting


Snack Time–Calendar, Poem, Memory Verse, Classical Art and Music Exposure


Outside Time


Group Project–“I am Special” Books, art projects, cooking projects, science experiments, community outreach projects


Lunch Time


Independent Reading Time

Reading Practice in Readers

Story Time


Quiet Time in Bedrooms–worship music, time alone with God, nap, independent emergent pretend play, read books, workbooks, play dough, cutting, coloring, etc.

Our Mon/Wed/Fri Non-School Day Schedule

We do Circle Time first thing after getting dressed, and then about 20 minutes of lessons either before or after breakfast. Lessons are varied– reading lessons from our Delightful Reading curriculum, math, handwriting, drawing, or fun stuff like dot to dot worksheets and dot painting. The rest of the morning Noah and Faith play at home and help out with chores (like sorting and putting away laundry), or we go out to run errands, play in nature, or go somewhere fun. Our afternoons follow the same schedule as school days.

First Day Back to Homeschool Pic


Faith’s First Year of Preschool, 2 years & 10 months–Bold and Confident!


Handwriting Lessons


Our first handwriting word of the year


Transferring our writing to paper



Wow, perfection!!



Take a Picture of Me Too Mommy



Math Lessons



Bible Lessons


So proud of Noah’s Bible story coloring work!

His narration (drawn) while listening to “Adam and Eve Disobey God” surprised me. My little boy never draws pictures! His drawing, or lack of, has actually been disconcerting enough that I took it to God in prayer–“please help Noah to draw!”. Praise God for caring about all the little things!


Our Personalized Memory Verse Box from Gifts and Talents at Etsy


Calendar Girl


So Exciting, Tayler Can Ride a Bike Now Too!


Working Hard on Our “I am Special” Books


The Highlight of My Week

Noah started dusting the house with his doggie washcloth, even removing and replacing items off of furniture in order to clean the surface. He told me, “we need to help you dust mommy because you don’t do it that much.” Ha!! (How did he know?) Then he vacuumed the living room and said, “Is there anything else I can do for you mommy?” Four days away from my due date, I couldn’t have been more thankful. Doesn’t God use our children to minister to us? Just when I was silently feeling sorry for myself because of my workload at 9 months pregnant, God turns my little boy into an angel sent to encourage me. With his confident accomplishments in school lessons, kindness, and Godly servant attitude, I couldn’t have been prouder of Noah from morning until night that whole day. I love you so much Noah!!!


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