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Christmas Gifts for Kiddies

on November 26, 2013

And Putting Some Dreams Back On Your List

Its Christmas shopping time already, and this year for the first time, our 3 and 4 year olds have lists and requests, as well as an awareness of “a lot” and “a little” (and that a lot is a lot better). As a mom, I struggle to know how to make sure that I don’t spoil them, while at the same time, I want to bless their little socks off because its Christmas and I love them!!!  A lot of homeschoolers buy their children mostly books, science kits, art tools, etc. for Christmas and birthdays. I get it……..I dislike materialism as well, and so we buy used clothes, we don’t do video games or TV, we gift educational stuff and often opt for useful things over entertaining things, we rarely visit the toy store, we try not to do a lot of shopping in general, and we even raise some of our own food (and then buy the rest at Whole Paycheck –ha!). That’s us, we splurge in some areas but are pretty minimalist in others. I have a hard time not wanting to splurge on Christmas gifts for my kids. I mean we make them wait all year to get new toys. Every time they ask for something, I say, “I’ll put it on your Christmas list,” then I type the item into a list on my phone–matter closed. Its great because I have peace of mind since all I have to do is keep the list up, and because my kids are truly happy with this arrangement! In their mind, Christmas just is when you finally get what you want. So for these reasons, its hard to decide how much to “spoil” the kids. Thankfully, hubby comes up with a budget that reigns me in and takes all the fun confusion out of it. 🙂

Sometimes it seems like Noah never stops dreaming up things that he wants, or items that according to him, our family could use (little things– like a two story house, or a camping trailor). How could someone so little want so much?? At least when we reached out this month to an Operation Christmas Child and a local homeless person, Noah was dreaming of buying houses and cars for someone else. Boy can little people dream. Its annoying when all our kids dreams seem to center around toys, right? But when that ability to dream suddenly turns its attention towards something righteous and amazingly Godly, aren’t we thrilled that they have that power to dream? I don’t want to squash Noah’s dreams, nor do I want to make poor financial confessions, and so you won’t catch me answering “we can’t afford it”. How much did our parents always saying “we can’t afford it” when we were young effect how we view money as adults? Many of us don’t live in poverty, but many of us still have a “poverty mindset”, and it holds us back. The Bible says ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’, not ‘money is the root of all evil’. I want my kids to keep dreaming big dreams as they grow up, even if those dreams cost a lot of money, and not to have an ever increasing dose of “reality” diminish those lofty dreams into something smaller and smaller as they grow.  Thats just it, little people believe, don’t they? At Christmas time, we see this is apparent, perhaps more than any other time of year. And perhaps this is one of those little heart lessons we as parents are to pay attention to this season as we watch our little ones hearts dreaming away. Are our own hearts still dreaming away? Maybe the question isn’t, how could someone so little want so much, but rather, how could someone so big want so little? Let’s give our diminished dreams to God this Christmas and pray that He would enlarge them once again.

Want to see some of my ideas for the kids this Christmas? Oh, and I added a few things for myself (those “things” always seems to sneak their way in, don’t they?).

The Kids’ List

Check out JM Cremps Adventure Store for lots of good ideas for boys. Its an awesome Christian family owned store selling “adventure supplies” with the premise that the character of a man depends a great deal on the adventures and experiences a boy enjoys in his youth.

A Spring Swing–Swings and Bounces

A Quality Bow and Arrow for 4-7 Year Olds

Bear Cheeks Pajamas With Trap Door–Cute Christmas Jammies

Hatley Rainboots and Umbrella

Thinking Putty–Bounces, Stretches, Shatters, and Changes Color

A Pocket Microscope (100x)–Only $15

DK Stickers

Reading Lessons with A Talking Dog Pen

A Game that Teaches Numbers (Zingo also has a sight word version)

A Game that Teaches Reading

Number Balance that Teaches Number Relationships, Addition, and Subtraction

Beeswax Crayons that Bring Coloring to a New Level

Huggums– A Pretty Baby Doll

Mom, the Teacher’s List

How do you get kids that can’t tell time to hurry up? With a time timer! A timer that shows how much time is left. I would love to have a time timer for chores, lessons, and especially clean up time. Not dawdling is a big habit we are working on around here and I feel like a broken record with my, “come on,” “let’s go,” “stop dawdling,” “your time is almost up,” type of comments. I loathe my own nagging some days. I think this little timer may release me from my torture and help teach my children responsibility as they monitor their own time.

This is cool! Make your own learning centers/resources/worksheets/tests with your own supply of hot dots and talking pen. Instead of buying boxed Hot Dot lessons like the one above, you can make your own lessons  customized to what your child needs to know, apply the “hot” and “cool” dots, and hand your child the interactive pen. Any surface can become a learning activity (like during a Spanish lesson, stick a hot dot to the kitchen sink, several cool dots to various other items in the kitchen, and then ask your child to go find the “lavabo” by touching the pen to different dots for instant feedback).

Click to insert.

See last years Christmas Gift Suggestions

Hanging Out at the Nature Park


King of the Forest

IMG_3289Laying Out Straw for the Chickens


Counting  Dots on the Dot Cube


Writing in My Word Book


Morning Lessons


Cool Turtle Garrett!


Sentence Building with Lamb


Love You Brother



Messiest Tree in the Neighborhood, but so Much Fun


Turkey Pumpkins and Our Thankful Tree


A Beautiful Fall at the Nature Park



An Easy Leaf Garland

Made After a Day at the Nature Park


Daniel and Pug Dog


Pattern Work with Mamama


Working on Beginning Sounds, Yay Faith!


Our Favorite Project of the Month: Stone Soup


Noah  Loves Using The Food Chopper


Praying Over Our Soup


Sharing our Soup


Showing Our Soup Being Made


Great Handwriting Kiddos!


Adding to Our Thankful Tree All Month Long Was Awesome


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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