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My Little Mirrors

on December 31, 2013

Noah and Faith,

My little mirrors.

Where did you learn to frown like that, scrunching up your face so, my little girl? And lately I wonder, where have all those smiles lighting up your face gone, my sonshine? …..After all, you are only four. Did I really overhear my girl’s pouty lips mutter, “I am so tired of that,” just like mama? Oh my, I knew better than to ever use that phrase in front of you– but I just couldn’t seem to help myself. Why do you seem so fragile today, my dear son, crumpling so easily under pressure? Have you lost your patience yet again? ………Where did you learn to act this way, my tender little ones?

Oh yes, that’s right. Its me you learned it from. Me. Mommy. This is the burden I bear. Despite all my attempts to cover up my appearance, you have found me out, and now I must face the bittersweet lesson, that you are my reflection. My little mirrors.

I know, I know. Oh yes, I know how you feel little ones.

I must admit there are times when I feel disappointed and discouraged to see so much of me in you. Never have I loathed each negative word, every impatient gesture, every selfish decision of today, like I do now– now that I worry it will be you copying me tomorrow. I never could have imagined the anguish of wanting to spare you from becoming me.

Your character is being written in these early years. Carelessness in front of my little mirrors writes itself in an unlovely way directly upon your hearts.

O God help me to crucify my flesh that I might not mar the hearts of my children forever! Refine me and teach me to master my emotions. Redeem us by letting my children witness your refining process in me. Let the changes they see in mama cause them to deeply believe that you are a God who saves. And let me take hope that there is purpose in this universal heartache of children patterning their parents after all.

Grace and peace to your hearts, mommies of little mirrors!

Christmas Day




Winter Cuties


Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree in Apple Hill


Faith, All Smiles for Her First Pony Ride


Lovebug, Head Up at Tummy Time!


Reading The Legend of the Candy Cane with Mamama


Sharing The Legend of the Candy Cane with Neighbors


Praying for Our Sweet Neighbor Lois


Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Pajama Party with Friends


Faith Rocking Baby Jesus While We All Sang Christmas Hymns


A Fruity Christmas Tree


The Kids’ Decorated a Tree


And Then We All Popped in On Lois to Bless Her

IMG_4264 Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus (Cocoroons are Super Healthy Treats)


Faith Has a Big Heart for Baby Jesus Since the Party


A Live Nativity We Went to in Santa Clara


Noah and Landon Meet Two Roman Guards


Kids Got to Dress Up Like Roman Soldiers Too


Christmas Tree Patterning




Faith’s Pre-writing Lesson


Advent Math–Add the Dice and Find the Number On the Tree


Counting Practice with Jingle Bells


“I Don’t Want To Do My Best……I Want to Be Perfect.”

That is what I overheard Noah saying to himself while he was being perfectionist about his cutting. Oh dear. I know this is the root of half our battles during homeschool lessons. The good news is Christ’s peace trumps perfectionism, AND Noah’s name means “peace and comfort.” This video about peace by Anne Voskamp explains how perfectionism is next to satanism! Interesting!


Sweet, Sweet Faces



2 responses to “My Little Mirrors

  1. Gail Knowles says:

    Dear Lynn, You’re precious pictures and writing brought tears to my eyes. You and Dean are such great parents! You’re examples to the Body of Christ and I ask His special blessing upon you and your precious family in 2014 and always. Thank you THank you, Thank you and God bless you all. Love, E. Gail

    • Miss Lynn says:

      Thank you soooooo much Elder Gail, we need your prayers. I pray blessings on you and your loved ones in 2014 as well. I can’t thank you enough for the encouragement that you always bring. Your words mean so much!!

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