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Roadmap For You

on February 27, 2014

Do you have a roadmap yet for your next, or first, homeschool year? March is that time of year when I start planning, or more like dreaming, about next school year and I am especially eager this year, because Noah will be a kindergartner!!! I have already cried my tears as I realized that my Little Lamb is not so little anymore, and now that I have somewhat come to terms with the reality of my boy growing up, I am excited and ready for the next stage. My, my, my, what a big year ahead! The rails have been well laid for smooth and easy days at our preschool, and I am really looking forward to continuing preschool with Faith for a few more years, while at the same time, venturing out into the unexplored territory of ‘elementary school land’ with Noah. I am so thankful that by our all knowing God, we have been provided such a great roadmap for the years to come through Charlotte Mason. Discovering was the light bulb moment that showed me how Charlotte Mason studies are just so beautifully different. If you aren’t totally sure where you are headed next year with your own homeschool, consider Charlotte Mason! And then peruse the exceptional curriculum offered at!

Charlotte Mason studies can be done very inexpensively by using the library since living books, not scripted lesson plans and expensive curriculum, promote true learning. Learning really shouldn’t be outrageously expensive. However, great curriculum that uses Charlotte’s methods is certainly available for those of us who don’t want to be pioneers! I have looked into great curriculum such as Sonlight, My Fathers World, Heart of Wisdom, Veritas Press, etc. and they all have some nice aspects, but only Simply Charlotte Mason provides curriculum materials, guidance, flexibility, and freedom that I could just gush and gush about. Unlike the other curriculum mentioned, SCM material is perfectly true to Charlotte’s methods, not just adopting a few of her nicest ideas. After making some SCM purchases, plus perusing many of the free curriculum sample pages on the website, I have not found one thing that would disappoint. And I am not easy to please either. After all the years I have studied and worked in child education, I am not at all easily impressed by the array of educational materials available, and so I feel that I speak the truth when I say Simply Charlotte Mason is a gold mine to be discovered by homeschool families.

Another excellent resource on the Simply Charlotte Mason website is the discussion forum where moms have such wonderfully wise advice and tips, book suggestions, planning ideas in every subject area and grade, and lots more. Its like being mentored by other Charlotte Mason moms who have been there and done that already, and want to share it with you! I learn SO much on the discussion forum that I go there now just to read what other moms are saying of late. Another way I use it a lot is to Google “Simply Charlotte Mason, (plus whatever I want to know)”. Google seems to come up with more related posts, so I use their search engine rather than SCM’s for really specific inquiries. (For instance, look up that curriculum you are considering on the SCM discussion forum and you will find details from other moms who have used it, and often why they decided to use SCM materials instead)

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention SCM’s Bookfinder! So helpful for looking up Charlotte Mason type books to check out at the library or purchase at Amazon. I use it to find books on any subject at any grade level, and I can rest at ease that the books suggested are all delightfully written living books–never dry, never twaddle.

One Mom’s Really Organized Planner For Her 4th Grader Wow! I don’t know if I would ever be this organized but watching this little video clip certainly casts vision for me. Its done by a mom who regularly contributes on the SCM discussion board. You’ll see why I say these moms would make great mentors after you watch. 🙂

Happy Prayerful and Productive Planning to You, Fearless Road Mapping Homeschool Moms and Dads!!

You can find a lot of posts that I have written on my blog about my dear homeschool mentor Charlotte Mason. Here are a few:

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We are behind on posting our pictures, so here are the ones from February when our theme was ‘I am Loving’ and ‘Valentines’, and even a few from January. Hopefully I can get March pics up a little sooner!

Happy 5th Birthday Noah!!!


Love this Little Man!!!


Best Gift From Christmas


Push Me Please


Hanging On For Dear Life


Riding My Big Girl Bike


Playing All Together


After Babysitting Another Praying Mantis Egg Case for Months, One Day…..Babies!!


Dapper Dan and His Red Balloon


Lovin’ My Overalls


Pretty Girl


Soaking Him In Cause Swaddle Days Are Coming to an End


Hilarious Stuff


Building a Snowman


“This is the Day that the Lord Has Made” Sung with Jumping and Lots of Gusto Every Morning After Calendar


Faith Just Starting to Word Build


Faith Gets Her Own Reading Words Too


Adorable in Big Brother’s Sweater


Hanging With Daddy


Valentines Friendship Tea Party with Eliana and Ashira


Wiffle Ball Golfing


A Happy Valentines Visit with Lois


Yay Faith!! Awesome Fine Motor Skills!


Noah’s Very First Copywork Page! Writing His Memory Verse for the First Time


So Proud of You Buddy!!!


Everyone Trying to Love on Daniel


Pretend Baking


Learning to Build With Legos


Learning to Write Numbers


Tayler Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth


Many Pictures of Late that Depict Noah’s Heartfelt Thoughts About Jesus


Rain Gear Girl So Eager to Play Out in the Rain


Faith Showing Kindness to Bubs on a Rainy Day


Two of Our Sweet New Chickies (We have four total)


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