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Hearts of Gold

on April 25, 2016
Months ago I noticed that my children were somehow finding and pouring over toy catalogs and lego manuals, and becoming obsessed over material desires and activities. At the same time I sensed a spirit of dissatisfaction and look of emptiness, like a shadow cast over their natural childhood joy and enjoyment of God, as hearts began to prize and idolize “things.” Dean and I are not “stuff people” and we are careful to keep our kids protected from the massive marketing to children and commercial mindset, so we weren’t sure where this was coming from, other than the enemy’s schemes and the fact that hearts are idol making factories, as we know too well. We all must be careful to assess the desires of our hearts that are so prone to wander, because the enemy prowls around seeking to devour those who are not alert. For months we have had to fight and pray for our children’s undivided hearts, which to me was astounding at their young ages. However, through prayer, the shadows have shifted, and we have seen their joy again in simple things–joy in nature, joy in swinging, joy in chicks, joy in Thomas trains, joy in the dollhouse and castle and other toys we ALREADY own that weren’t being used and appreciated much anymore!! As it should be! Praise God!!

I will give them an undivided heart and

put a new spirit in them.

Ezekiel 11:19

As I am typing, I just recalled how I posted an example of prophecy last September for a child in “false or empty or aimless occupations.” Interestingly, it seems like that very word was tested long and strong this school year.

For example, if I sense false or empty or aimless occupations trying to take residence in my children’s hearts, my prophetic declaration (preceded by some Bible study) might sound like this:

“My children desire God above all else, and pursue Him passionately in prayer, worship and the Word. As the Spirit hovers over our school, my children creatively display God’s glory through art, writing, singing, nature study and other academic and creative means. They articulately discuss the scriptures during family discussions, growing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. In meekness and grace they share the truth and defend the truth in the world; blameless and pure, they shine like stars as they hold forth the Word of life. The eyes of their hearts are open, the deep mysteries and secrets of God’s heart are revealed to them, and they know their unique calling and rich inheritance. They perceive who they are created to be in Christ Jesus and boldly pursue the calling on their life. They are heroes for Christ who serve their generation. They are ministers of love in our family and circle of neighbors; God has them right here, right now, for such a time as this.”

Thank God He is always working in everything. What would happen if we chose to align ourselves with His work, and stopped worrying when our children are in a hard place, as if He is not using every opportunity? Parents must take courage because uncomfortable tests will come, and they must come, to produce hearts of gold that clearly reflect the face of our Refiner. Did you know that gold must be purified in the refiner’s furnace many times, and only when the refiner looks into the crucible and sees a clear reflection of himself is the process complete? What if we would ask God to test our children’s hearts in His refining fire, that they may come out like pure gold?

When he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.

Job 23:10

During this same season I began to ask for the Lord to give me an undivided heart too. To expose impurities, unknown sin, erroneous thinking, divided priorities, vain and empty things that distract me. I specifically asked the Lord, “What is blocking your presence?” As I asked for holiness, and for the impurities of my life to be burned up in His refining fire, uncomfortable heat and adversity was part of the process. He began to reveal possessions that could go, selfish attitudes and excuses, and even Easter traditions that could change. I will share one story about the conviction of one of my “comfy sins.”
The kids and I have been talking about truthfulness and self control in school, which has presented some great and somewhat unexpected moments of conviction in the area of holiness for mom in particular. Love how the Lord makes sure our character studies here include everyone in the family. Like the other day when the kids asked me to find this little bag of clothespins buried in our messy garage that was oh so important to their fort building project. Sigh….. I tore the garage apart only to find them in the bin that was right in front the whole time. Murphy’s law my dad would say.
But something was different…..I felt the approving smile of the Holy Spirit, and a brightening of the entrance of the Spirit of Truth in our home. He started showing me that normally my M.O. with the kids’ “inconvenient requests” is to put just a bit of effort in, and then report that, “I tried, but sorry….” I especially loathe looking for lost stuff and use every excuse possible to get out of it. Plus, moms have more important things to do with their day anyway than find clothespins for a fort- a little rationalization helps with any possible misgivings.
Yet how often do I ask for “best effort” from my children, and honesty too of course? Hypocrisy has such a deadening effect. So when I saw the smile on their faces, and the awe in their voices–because I was looking so hard–I realized that I was earning the honor of being an example of truth in their lives. Funny, I love to get out of work with excuses and less than honest effort, but for what? I could have missed an encounter with, and increase of, the Spirit of Truth in my home. Next time my kids are called to act with integrity, they may choose to let Jesus shine a little brighter through their character too. Thank you Holy Spirit for being my teacher in all the little everyday things with my children that threaten to tarnish my witness of the power of Christ. Without Your guidance, holiness would seem so elusive. Reveal those sins that we get so comfortable in we don’t even notice anymore, or perhaps have never yet become aware of.

Be holy, for I am holy.

1 Peter 1:16

What is the reward of purity? Sensitivity to see and hear God. The Holy Spirit makes our hearts tender and fit to receive impressions: this is His work. Hearing His voice is an exquisite gift. He removes stony hearts hardened by sin, and gives new hearts sensitive to hear, and discern His perfect will. As He purifies, He softens our heart, He renews our mind, He realigns our passions so that we may have an undivided heart for Him. We let go of the old, the tattered, the dirty, the common–we thought we needed so much–to instead receive the surpassing exquisite.

I desire to seek the Lord with others who are hungry for holiness and to intercede for God’s increasing power to pour out in the purity of homes and families consecrated to Him. Tomorrow at Mom’s Night, I am looking forward to going into the sanctifying presence of the Lord in a worship circle of friends hungry for the same. We will humbly offer instruments, dancing, acapella, prayer, and discussion heart to heart. We are asking the Holy Spirit: is there anything holding back Your presence in my life or home?? If we want to know, He undoubtedly wants to answer. Perhaps the Lord is calling you and your community to a similar place?

Lord, we desire to be Your pure, beautiful bride upon whom You can pour out Your anointing and Your power. We desire undivided hearts!! We ask that You expose impurities, erroneous thinking, divided priorites, and vain things that charm us most. Purify our hearts, let us be as gold, pure gold.

Blessings on your home!

 P.S. It was amazing to go to church today and hear a prophetic word that we are in a Kairos moment of coming into His presence in a greater way if we will sanctify ourselves and press into Him. God often confirms His word through the messages at The Father’s House, and I love that!! (The video for the message is called “The Invitation,” and will be up on the TFH website)

“I found an enoooormous frog!!” Faithy’s fabulous nature find at Sunol Regional Wilderness.














In love with Pooh Bear. So sweet.



1/2 hour later…….it worked!!















Daniel eager for a taste.



























We also made dried apples and learned how Pioneers preserved their food in a great book called A Pioneer Sampler.





























Daniel planting sunflower seeds on a field trip to Clayton Valley Farm.




























Chickie Kisses for Noah




























Nature Journal Time















Faith loves to paint rainbows lately















Cousins hanging out in the sandbox















Jesus wrapped in TP and place in the tomb on our Good Friday family worship night















Garden time!















Poking holes for seeds















And tramping down the soil over the seeds















Playtime with Chickies















Goofy Girl




I love dressing up my sweeties for special occasions


5 year old Faithy on Easter wearing Great Grandma’s necklace


The whole crew on Resurrection Sunday


Got my scroll and my money bag– all set for Bible times


Woodbutcher, our cabin on a trip to the Lord’s Land with the kids


Hauling wood in for the wood burning stove


Learning to use a hatchet to make kindling


First time holding a banana slug!


Hello Lizzy


Aaaand 50 photos later……ha!


Beachy Kisses
















Easter Homeschool Day at our house













Jesus AND daffodils light up my life














Handwriting Lesson Time














Setting up the terrarium again



























Our Pacific Tree Frog from Round Valley














Keeping each other safe in the current of the creek














When Chickie was just a ball of fuzz. They grow up so fast!














Rainbow love for mommy


















Noah’s Newt














All geared up for play time in the rain!


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