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Six and Eight are Great!

on August 9, 2016

2nd Grade and Kindergarten Curriculum for 2016-2017

We are looking forward to school in September!! With Noah in 2nd grade and soon to turn eight, Faith in Kindergarten and about to turn six, Daniel soon to be three and starting to learn his letter sounds and numbers, juggling will be required– to keep things exciting for mommy. It will be delightful to nurture all these hearts with the simple immersion of truth, beauty, and goodness found in living books. As for our school curriculum thus far, there has hardly been a thing wanting for improvement, so we will continue on with what we love and hold dear. God’s guidance through Simply Charlotte Mason’s curriculum continues to dazzle us and make our days of learning so sweet together. We love what we get to do in homeschool!!! Plus it was a wonderful blessing to get to do school twice a week last year with my sister and nephews!!

The two areas I would like to spend more time on this year than we we were able to last year, are math and nature journaling. Also Spanish last year was again, almost a flop (though we tried, it just wasn’t working), but we won’t worry, God will work this out too, in His timing. Two areas we did flourish in last year were reading (Faith is starting to read, yay!, and Noah can devour books) and morning devotions (love this time together), the two staples of this house for sure. Thank you Father!!


Our studies this 2016-2017 school year will continue to include a little bit of Spanish, vocabulary, art, poetry, hymns and classical music, plus all the following beautiful books:




Spiritual Growth, Life Skills, and Character Development

  • Contenders for the Faith–life skills, character development, and handiwork  (scouting alternative; a Christ centered family based club with merit awards)
  • Jesus Calling, Over the Edge, and What Would Jesus Do?–morning devotionals

  • Christian Heroes Then & Now (YWAM) –historical biographies exemplifying heroic Christian character
  • Growing with the Millers–character building short stories
  • Bible–history and morning devotions (my non-readers also use many storybook Bibles in the morning too)
  • Window on the World–prayer points for countries and people groups
  • Child Training Bible —a Bible set up to help make the Word a priority in habit training; doubles as a child friendly topical Bible study resource (tabbed Bible on the left)





Simply Charlotte Mason’s Matthew-Acts and Ancient Rome



Simply Charlotte Mason’s Visits to Europe (picture books not pictured)


Reading and Spelling

Pathway Readers



Cursive practice book, blank writing notebooks (for copy work), and blank books (for authoring a story)



Simply Charlotte Mason’s 106 Days of Creation


Nature Study




Kathy Richardson’s Developing number Concepts Series




Please also see the following Annual Curriculum Plans for more ideas:

.     .      .      .     .      .     .     .     .     .     .      .     .     .     .     .     .

These Pics are a few months late, but here is a peek at the end of last school year!


Spelling with Lambie















My Little Juicer Guy



























A Moment Just Like Old TImes














Noah’s story recapping his experience at The Lord’s Land: “One March Thursday my family and I went to the Lord’s Land. We were going to stay at Wood Butcher (cabin) four days and three nights. My sister and I slept up in a loft. There were two boards supporting the roof. On the second night my head was touching the boards all night long, it hurt. The next day were going to the beach. Back at the Lord’s Land we liked the Prayer Trail because there were scriptures on a rock and pieces of wood. I felt the presence of the Lord.” After he had written the story, we found out he had a tick in his head. :O We keep thanking God that he is well!!













































Reading Lessons Are Paying Off!














A Legitimate Vocabulary Word Study 🙂














Noah shares his personal promise with Grandpa sick with pneumonia



























A science experiment with Aunty Tara














Learning to Peel




























Looking for seeds mommy! (in the Nigella seed pods)


















Love my Sweet Aquarium Fishy Cards for Mothers Day (executed by Daddy XO)






































Flowers for Mommy XOXO



























Mothers Day Tea with Doris and Katherine (a spontaneous idea of Noah’s in prayer that morning)














Sprouting up so big



























Last Mom’s Night of the school year was a special time around The Lords Table.














The Invitation:

For our last Mom’s Night meeting of this remarkable year we will share a love feast together at The Lord’s Table, letting the Holy Spirit pour out in our “Upper Room.” A sweet gathering of ladies for heart to heart koinonia.

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. Acts 2:42

Acts 2:42 lists the 4 main devotions of the thriving New Testament Church: teaching, fellowship, meals, and prayer. The act of “breaking of bread” is a relaxed and worshipful meal around the table where believers remember our Lord Jesus, and commune with Him and each other.

What if remembering the Lord and breaking bread is meant to be more than a 10 minute communion time tacked on at the end of a church service? Perhaps like the early church who ate long meals together weekly, believers today would be unified and blessed through meeting and worshiping together regularly at The Lord’s Table in our homes with our families, with our small community groups, and in our churches?

It is at The Lord’s Table, where the Spirit reminds us of the importance of our spiritual unity in loving one another, of experiencing true fellowship with one another, ministering to one another, serving one another, and seeking peace with one another.

Its amazing that at Pentecost, in the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit, men and women, slaves and slave owners, Jews and Gentiles, were unified and eating at the same table for the first time in history. Walls and barriers come down when the Spirit pours out! The Holy Spirit is as powerful and active in communicating and unifying His children as He has ever been.

The Lord has you in this community for a reason, you belong here. He has a living Word to speak over your life. He speaks through people in our lives as we stay connected to community. Around our Mom’s Night Table we will speak over each others lives what we believe the Lord is saying, appreciate our sisters in Christ, sup together, and give God glory.

Seeking God this year together has meant a lot to me. I am looking forward to a beautiful time around The Lord’s Table to celebrate each of you and the Lord’s work in this community. (Please note the time change for this meeting)

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Faith (preschool) and Levi’s (kindergarten) Graduation














The Whole Clan















My precious threesome




























‘God Keeps His Promises’ was the theme God gave us for graduation, made special by Faith’s love of rainbows, and all of the children contributed rainbow art for decorating.


Worship Circle, Prayers of Blessing, Graduation Ceremony, and a Treasured Tea Time rounded out the celebration.















Faith chose this poem to recite at her ceremony. I was so blessed. She also read Proverbs 23:4-5 from her reader. “Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle.”



Let me hold on longer, God, to every precious last.















Staining a new playhouse for Faith




























Noah loved putting the playhouse together with Daddy




























A Fun and Relaxing Summer Day at the Nature Park















Noah Reading Bible in Morning Devotions


Last Day of School Tye Dye Fun


Baby Swim Time!



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Samples of Noah (7) and Faith’s (5) ‘My Story’ blank books, Noah’s ‘His Story’ book, and a couple other work samples from Noah’s 1st grade year.


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