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I Didn’t Sign Up for This

on January 12, 2017

I feel privileged to have for you a guest post from my best friend, Danielle, one of the most lovely and encouraging hearts I know. You are about to see what I mean! I asked if she would write on what she learned from studying Proverbs 31 (back in October), and it has been a blessing to more moms than we could have imagined. So I am excited to share it here and I hope it will be a blessing to you today as well!

“I didn’t sign up for this.” We’ve all had those days.

You’re running on four hours of sleep. Your house is a disaster. Your children are disobeying. Your husband is hours away from being home. Laundry is piled up. The sink is overflowing with dishes. There’s much to be done, and yet your sleepy body and tired hands are no match, even, for your mental exhaustion. Everybody needs all of you right this moment, and there’s just nothing left to give. Oh, and what’s for dinner? “I didn’t sign up for this.” It’s a sentiment that the world wants you to believe. “I didn’t sign up for this.” It’s a lie that the enemy tries to plant in the hearts of good women. Women who want to serve. Women who want to love. Women who want to be more than they thought they could ever be.  Well, let me tell you, sisters, you are in a sacred role, as wives and as mothers, a role that is unique and holy and beautiful. The Lord honors your sacrifice. He honors your commitment. He honors your giving of yourself. He honors your serving. And girls, He sees you. Your husband sees you. Your children see you. And as one who is in the same place in life, I see you.

But why does any of your work matter? Is it that important? Are you really doing enough? Are you making a difference? Do your chores honestly bring glory to Jesus? Let me remind of you of what the Lord tells us about The Wife of Noble Character in Proverbs 31:

(10) A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies.

(17) She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her task.

(18) …her lamp does not go out at night.

(27) She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of  idleness.

(28) Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:

“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

(30) Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

(31) Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

God speaks over our lives in a way that touches that tender part of our hearts; that part where we ask Him, “Am I enough?” This Word, ladies, is telling us, that YES, we are enough! In fact we are more than enough. We are worth more than rubies! When we serve our families with hearts that are pure and joy-filled, then we are seeing the bigger picture! We are fulfilling the work that God’s own hand is doing in us. He set you apart to be the wife of your husband. YOU! He set you apart to be the mother of your children. YOU! He formed your character, He knows your strengths, He blessed you with gifts, He knows your heart, and He even knows your each and every weaknesses. Given all of those variables, He still chose you…He chose YOU! Not in spite of those characteristics, but rather, in reverence to them.

Joy is a fruit that is only tasted, when received as a gift from the Holy Spirit. Without the presence of the Spirit in your works, Joy ~ real and true Joy is, quite frankly, not possible. There are many who seek Joy in the things that bring them happiness. Things that the world has to offer can and will, indeed, bring much happiness. But happiness will not satisfy, when what you hunger for is Joy. Joy is a fruit that will fill you and sustain you, like nothing this world has to offer. We might not always be “happy” on these hard days, as wives and mothers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be joy-filled!!! Stay with me here…

Girls, let’s change the mind-set that’s out there. Instead of dumbing down the work we do and minimalizing it to mere “domestic tasks”, let’s take these noble charges we’ve been gifted, as daughters of the King, and satisfy our hunger for Joy by serving our husbands and our children in the way God intended ~ with cheerful heats that know the worth of our efforts! Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” What an honor! When we do our daily tasks, we are working for the Lord! When we cook ~ we cook for the glory of Jesus. When we fold laundry ~ it’s for the glory of Jesus. When we clean the bathroom, pick up hubby’s dirty socks (again), tidy up the toys, scrape food off the floor, wash the dishes, make beds, bathe our babies, read bedtime stories, kiss away tears, and tuck little ones into bed each night… ~ you guessed it, it’s for the glory of the Lord! So, let me ask you, dear sisters: Did you sign up for this? Did you sign up for this honorable, noble, beautiful role that God has set you apart from every other woman in the world to do? Your Heavenly Father thinks YOU are so awesome that he gave you a beautiful gift in this family that He’s placed you in. Guard your hearts, dear ones. Don’t let the world steal your Joy by telling you that what you’re doing isn’t important enough. You are worth more than rubies! You are pleasing in God’s sight.

You not only serve, but you serve with the purpose of elevating glory beyond yourself, and above all men; you serve to exalt glory to The Father who created all things.  And when you serve with Joy, then your works are seen and honored. You will find favor in Him by embracing this high station of life, called motherhood. Did you sign up for this? When you spoke your vows and took your husband’s hand in marriage, THAT was your moment! That’s the moment you told God that you were ready and willing to “sign up” and step into this role that He destined you for. You did sign up for this, ladies! We all did! What a privilege! It’s not always easy. In fact most days, it’s quite challenging. But you know what? He chose YOU! God knows your heart, and He sees you. Remember, He chose you, not in spite of your strengths and weaknesses, but rather because of them. You are precious to Him. You are beautiful in His sight when you serve your husband and your children with a wholeness and a heart rich in Joy, simply because He called you to do it, and you’re up to the task! I encourage you, today, to find the Joy that has been served up for you. No task is too small, too insignificant, too petty, when it’s being done for the glory of the One who called you to it. May you be filled with a newness in your heart, a fresh perspective, a higher sense of worth, and a pure heart of Joy at the prospect of being a Wife of Noble Character!

Love, Danielle








Over here at Jesus’ Precious Little Lambs we are taking it easy this month, so as usual, you won’t see any lesson plans for January because I am taking a break! Not from school, just from a lot of the “extras.” It’s nice to relax a bit and breathe deeper. Here is a peek at what we have been up to for the last couple months. God has been good.

November and December Pictures


Devotions with all the friendly beasts.


Spontaneous Space Art with Daniel


Faith likes her “Little House” Christmas gifts (Johnny West wagon and figures)


Noah’s gospel message in Ontario


Kid work is so cute (but man we’ve gotta work on those backward J’s!)


All Eyes on Me Please


Can I clean the sink?! Next thing I knew she was in the sink.



Christmas Morn, so fun!


A reenactment of the Christmas story with cousins was entertaining.


Caroling in the neighborhood to share the gospel; the kids sang The Friendly Beasts with solo parts just for fun.


Dear little Deers adorned our Christmas crafting this year (Noah and I).


Making mounds of Marshmallows in preparation for Mom’s Night crafting. Yah, I overestimated a little.


At Mom’s Night, we made cute hot chocolate jars adorned with ribbon and sculpey animals to give as gifts.


My sister shared at Mom’s Night in December. We loved it! I hope to post her message soon too. 🙂 The invite was:

The Hope of Glory

“He will make the feeblest and filthiest of us into a god or goddess, dazzling, radiant, immortal creature, pulsating all through with such energy and joy and wisdom and love as we cannot now imagine, a bright stainless mirror which reflects back to God perfectly (though, of course, on a smaller scale) His own boundless power and delight and goodness. The process will be long and in parts very painful; but that is what we are in for. Nothing less. He meant what He said.”

C.S. Lewis

There is a purposeful and dazzlingly glorious design for your life, including the less glamorous painful parts. In our frail humanity and understanding, we often question, why must this life be wrought out in hard circumstances?

Come and be encouraged by my sister, Tara, at our Mom’s Night table as she shares that there is Purpose in the Pain; there is an eternal weight of glory on the other side of these light momentary afflictions (2 Corinthians 4:17). As you reflect this week on your process, may the Lord show you what He is teaching you through the pain.

While we discuss around the table. . . . . . we will also be busy little Christmas crafters making joyful and generous jars of hot chocolate with mounds of marshmallows to give as gifts (or keep!) And to make those yummy jars of hot chocolate even more fun, I will teach you how to create adorable miniature clay animals to sit atop.

Its going to be a delightful night as we lift each other up in community, glean wisdom from Tara’s passion and gifting, craft some homemade Christmas gifts for friends and neighbors, AND have a chance to splurge on ourselves too! We will hear from my friend Erin, a mom passionate about health and her natural beauty product line called Beauty Counter. Us moms deserve a few indulgences to help make us dazzle!


A Happy Birthday Jesus Party planned and executed by Noah (with mommy to help); he had little Daniel in mind. Awww.


Honey to our Hearts


Love you sweetheart


Our yearly ornament tradition representing special memories from the year- Noah, a drill (inventions); Faith, Jack and prairie wagon (Laura Ingalls dream); Daniel, a bunny (friendship with a stuffed bunny); me, hot cocoa (Mom’s Night)


Nativity Silhouettes–chalk pastels were quite fun this time compared to our first time


Live Nativity in Santa Clara


Foggy and snowy Christmas tree cutting in Apple Hill


So proud of my little entrepreneurs who sold their hand made items at our homeschool group’s Christmas boutique. They sold clay deer, rainbow praise ribbons, and rainbow crayon shapes.


Counting up their Shepherd’s Pouches and boutique earnings for Samaritan’s Purse. Total:$65! Praise God!


Holding onto these precious lasts


An unexpected lavishing of love notes……I have never felt so appreciated by my munchkins.


Picking “blueberries” in our backyard.


“I wish I could give 20,000 boxes like the one girl did for Samaritan’s Purse.” (Noah)

Lord, multiply our humble humble offerings.


I think I want to be an artist


A “real Roman Road” in the garden constructed by Noah and Faith

(and it was a foot deep I found out when we went to take it out a few months later, buckets upon bucket of rocks were unearthed)


Homeschool Day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with cousins and friends


Caught ya! The corn eating mystery was solved! We gleefully watched our little thief gorge himself just a foot away on the other side of the window pane.


A nice chore arrangement for some I guess.


A vintage rocking horse repainted and given by Papa (the eyeballs are up to me evidently) 🙂


Can you stay out of the kitchen mommy? We want to do lunch for you all by ourselves.

A sweet (and sugary) gesture indeed.


Daddy being so silly.


Our Christmas card shoot….


this is actually how most of it went.


What kind of ….?    Oh yes, its an invention.


A moment with you, too good to be true.

(Where was that smile when we needed it??)

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