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Seven, Ten, & Eleven; Oh, Please Help Us Heaven!

2020-2021 Annual Curriculum Plans

Daniel – 1st Grade, Faith – 4th Grade, Noah – 6th Grade

I am finding that I need to start looking ahead to highschool years in order to best plan for Noah who is in/very close to being in junior high (we are using 6th grade as a transition year to junior high, which will officially start in 7th). When I get a chance I will check out the following “Homeschooling my teen” link below with basic information from HSLDA. In the meantime, I am scouring the Simply Charlotte Mason discussion forum to find resources and books that the amazing SCM moms consider “not to be missed” in the upper years. The following Book List/Subject Plans below reflect my prayerful research efforts on the forum, and elsewhere, for our 2020-2021 school year. We are looking forward to beginning our 6 year history cycle all over again this year, which will be the last full cycle for Noah before graduating, so I hope to make it count. 🙂

How did my baby get this big already??

The Book of Centuries, Apologia science textbook, Jump In writing program, and Economics studies are the four main additions to Noah’s schedule this school year (he actually asked for a science textbook, which is fantastic timing since that was the plan for junior high anyway). Because this is a lot to add in one year, we are going to take the junior high transition slowly and spread these new studies out over a couple years (BOC is a lifetime study, optimally). I was surprised that we could/should start economics in junior high; who would have thought? The excellent Uncle Eric economics series has 11 books, and is meant to be started in junior high. This is one subject where looking ahead was helpful.

We have found that giving our children a Charlotte Mason feast of subjects to delight in has been an extremely gratifying way to do school. “A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.”  Goethe


Book List / Subject Plans

This list is a mix of our family studies and individual studies. All Items without prices have either no associated cost or are already on our shelves at home. Not every living book is listed; many will simply be checked out from the library and are not listed.


The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos $12 (ebay offer $15)

Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus – Herein Is Love: A Commentary for Children $15 ($13.19 amazon)

SCM Jashub’s Journal $16

SCM Discovering Doctrine (?)


Scripture Memory:

1st term – Psalm 139:1-18

2nd term – The Ten Commandments – Exodus 20:1-17

3rd term – Romans 8:26-28



Genesis Through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt – lesson plan book

TruthQuest History Guide -Beginnings ($30 Christianbook)

SCM Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors

Narration Note Cards for Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors $10

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt $6 (abebooks)

SCM Letters from Egypt $17

Adam and His Kin ($4 thriftbooks)



SCM Visits to Africa

Hungry Planet

Material World

Halliburton Book of Marvels $40, and videos ($20 thriftbooks)

Artist Study:

1st term- James Audubon

2nd term – Grandma Moses

3rd term – John Constable and/or Beatrix Potter “The Country Artist”


Composer Study:

1st term – Brahms

2nd term – Schubert

3rd term – Hayden


Poet Study:

1st term – Lewis Carroll by Poetry for Young People Series $7 ($4.50 ebay)

2nd term – Rudyard Kipling ($4 thriftbooks)

3rd term – Carl Sandburg OR Edward Lear (write a limerick) ($5 ebay)


Hymn Study:

1st Term – There is a Fountain Filled with Blood

2nd Term – TBD

3rd Term – TBD



Polite Moments $25

Millers Stories and The Character Companion Workbook

The King’s Daughter and other Stories for Girls by J.E. White $6 ($4 ebay)

Tiger and Tom and other Stories for Boys by J.E. White $6 ($4 thriftbooks)



Uncle Eric Talks About Personal Career and Financial Security $11 ($14 rainbow resource)

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy $14

Capitalism for Kids: Growing Up to Be your Own Boss $15

The Cabinet, The Supreme Court, The Congress, The Presidency (4 books) by Gerald Johnson


Current Events:

God’s World News articles (magazine subscription)


Poetry Writing:

The Roar On the Other Side


Drawing and Painting:

Drawing Textbook by Bruce McIntyre $17 (Rainbow Resource $9)

The Laws Guide to Nature Journaling and Drawing Poetry


Writing and Narration:

Jump In Teachers Guide by Sharon Watson $12.50 ($13 thriftbooks)

Jump In (student workbook) $14 ($11 homeschoolbooksmart)

Teacher’s Manual for Jump In Workbook $5 ($4 thriftbooks)

Blank Books for story writing ($18 Rainbow Resource)



Signs & Seasons: Understanding the Elements of Classical Astronomy $32

The Storybook of Science by Fabre $15 (Rainbow Resource)

Apologia General Science textbook and Tests and Solutions Manual (ebay $22)


Nature Study:

Nature Journals

SCM Learning About Birds with Thornton Burgess $11

Burgess Bird Book for Children $11 ($10 Rainbow Resource)



Kahn Academy

Life of Fred

Math U See Zeta Instruction Manual ($11 abe books)/Algebra and Decimal Insert Kit?


Book of Centuries:

Riverbend Press Book of Centuries $35, or Laurie Bestvater Book of Centuries $37



Children’s spanish or bilingual picture books Spanish Videos


Spelling and Grammar:

Spelling Wisdom

Using Language Well



Noah Webster’s Dictionary 1828



Book of Mottoes

Hymns in Prose $12

Print to Cursive $15



4th Grade Pathway Reader

1st and 2nd Grade Pathway Readers



Narnia Series

The Hobbit

Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne

Walter Farley Stallion Books

White Fang and Call of the Wild

Animal Farm

On the Far Side of the Mountain

Mountain Born

Life of David Crockett by Davey Crockett


Piano: video lessons



Mavis Beacon



How to Teach Your Kids Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig $21 ($6 Cheapbooks)


School Supplies List

So far at least…..;)

  • 1 Tops Composition Book $1.50, OR $9 Vintage Composition Book 
  • 1 Ruled Notebook for Spelling and Vocab $24
  • 1 Five Subject Notebook for Apologia $8
  • 1 4th Grade Writing Notebook (LWT) $4
  • 1 Learning Without Tears 4th-5th Pack of Paper $8
  • 3 Micron Pigment Ink Pens/Pilot Razor V Pens (for Book of Centuries)
  • 1 Sketchbook for His Story



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