Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)


Teachers shape the hearts and minds of the future generation. What an honor!

What does it look like to shape the heart and mind of a preschooler?

We help our preschoolers to attend to school routines (waiting for a turn, how to sit in circle, transitioning to the next activity, etc.), follow the rules (no hitting, obey, no shoes inside, etc.), learn important values (manners, kindness, sharing, friendship, helping, being thankful, working hard, solving problems, etc.), love spiritual disciplines (Bible study—stories and memory verses, prayer, worship), become independent in practical life skills (using the potty, washing hands, washing dishes, cleaning up, taking care of items, etc.)……AND learn letters, numbers, handwriting, etc!

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Here are some posts specifically designed to help you make the decision to teach your own children, and to offer curriculum suggestions:

My Favorite Post: To Preschool or Not to Preschool

Our 2013-2014 Curriculum–Appropriate for Ages 4-6

Our 2012-2013 Curriculum–Appropriate for Ages 3-4

Watch This Movie!

Teaching can be summed up as discipleship. Homeschooling for our family is about being together, raising our children is about Biblical discipleship at home, and delegating that responsibility to someone else or to the church started to feel wrong over time. We believe that our generation and the next is abandoning the faith because Christian parents have not conformed to the scriptural command to train up their own children. Believing that God wants Christians to train up their own children is a huge reason that we homeschool. The video Divided was excellent for inspiring our beliefs. It challenges Christians to examine the scriptural founding for training up our children in youth ministry, Sunday school, and other age segregated children’s church programs. It is so worth watching, and will put fire inside you as a parent, especially fathers, to stop following the crowd and take back the training up of  your own children. Click on the icon below to watch it free online.

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