Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)

December: Worship/ Christmas

Song and Book:

Away In a Manger (Mike Jaroszko)

Away in a manger, no crib for a bed

The little Lord Jesus lay down His sweet head

The stars in the sky look down where he lay

The Little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay

The cattle are lowing, the baby awakes

But little Lord Jesus, no crying He makes

I love Thee, Lord Jesus! Look down from the sky

And stay by my cradle til morning is nigh.

Be near me Lord Jesus; I ask thee to stay

Close by me forever and love me I pray

Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care

And take us to heaven to live with Thee there.


Jingle bell flowers

Made out of painted egg cartons, bells, and yarn. Use them on packages, garlands, as ornaments, or on your wrist.

Christmas Party:

Throw a birthday party for Jesus!

Have the children wrap a small toy of their own and bring to school to do a gift exchange. Talk about giving. Have a “cake” with candles for baby Jesus, sing happy birthday, wear party hats, etc. Give a small swaddled baby Jesus wrapped up in a gift box for each child to take home with a gift tag: To Noah, Jesus is my gift to you. Love, God


Glittered Pinecones


Gingerbread People

1 c plus 2 T. flour

Lots of cinnamon, ginger, ground cloves

1 c salt

Add just enough water to make it like play dough (around 1 c water)

Add color to get a gingerbread look (10 drops yellow, 8 drops red, 3 drops green)

Mix this well. Roll about 1/2″ thick and cut with gingerbread man/woman cookie cutter (or any other shape that you may wish to use). Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 250 for 3 hours, depending upon size of the ornaments. Place a hole in each ornament before baking for hanging (I used a straw). These smell really wonderful–& make the house smell great when they are baking. If they start to lose their fragrance just rub an emery board on the back of them. They may be decorated with puffy paint, tempera paint, buttons, rick rack, a bowtie, etc. Tie a ribbon through the hole made by the straw to hang them up.

Snowflake Ornaments

Same directions as above, but you can use white puff paint and sprinkle with a chunky glitter that looks like sugar.

Circle Game:

Gather the pieces of your Nativity set. Place them on a tray and have the children close their eyes. Remove one of the pieces and have the children see if they can figure out which piece is missing. After the missing piece is discovered, talk about its significance in the Nativity. For example, if you remove the angel, ask the children what the angels did that we remember at Christmas time. It will reinforce the message of the Christmas Story.


Five Little Angels

5 Little angels high above me

The first one said, “Do you see what I see?”

The second one said, “A star is shining in the night.”

The third one said, “Oh what a beautiful sight!”

The fourth one said, “A child is sleeping in the night.”

The fifth one said, “He will bring us goodness and light.”

5 little angels sing with joy about the birth of a baby boy

IMG_1479 IMG_1478

Dramatic Play Center:

Make a manger (basket), swaddle a baby doll to be baby Jesus, and supply stuffed animals. Hang a shining star from the ceiling.

Fine Motor Center:

Children glue small squares of fabric to a piece of felt to make a “baby blanket” for baby Jesus. Children can use it in the aforementioned dramatic play activity to role play taking care of baby Jesus.


Nativity Sensory Box


J is for Jesus!

For Moms:

Why You Need to Go Look at the Stars Tonight {and become One of the Wise Men} » A Holy Experience.


Click to insert.

Click to insert.

Trusty Gets Off Track



Polymer Clay Nativity


Once in Royal David’s City


Classic Family Christmas Movies

Shepherds Pouches

Go Caroling with the Kids and sing “Happy Birthday Jesus” (Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir version) to the Neighbors

and dress up

Worship Devotional

Displaying Christmas manger.jpg

Displaying nutcracker.jpg


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