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4/24 & 4/26 Down on the Farm

Love can not be forced.

I used to try to force my kitten to love me by holding her down when she wanted to get away. I wanted her to love me more like a dog would so I tried to force her to cuddle with me. Now she is a feisty, bitter cat that swats at innocent children walking by. How many times have I wished that someone in my life would love me more or differently only to find it go awry? I wish my husband was more romantic, my parents spent more time with me, my children were more affectionate, my friends more loyal. There hasn’t been a single person in my life that I am close to that hasn’t disappointed me at one time or another. Ouch. And then sometimes I try to change them so they will love me more, which usually pushes them away. I wonder if I am alone in this, a strangely overly needy person, or if others share in this propensity for forcing love?


Now I find myself wanting every Little Lamb family to love school so much that they do everything I hope they will. We are a cooperative and everyone has done a great job of working together. But when some things fell through the cracks and didn’t happen, or didn’t get done on time, I wondered what we were supposed to do. If Little Lambs belongs to Jesus, will it work if we really just put it all in His hands and not take matters into our own hands? Is His conviction more poignant than man’s? OR…….do we write “I will remember to……” on the chalkboard 100x? Charge late fees? Assign makeup work? The more my mind went down this ridiculous road, the more reasons I found to be disappointed, and thus more need for “punishment”. Envisioned penalties were stacking up like pancakes. I realized I was in a negative downward spiral that only caused me to have unhappy feelings towards others. This must not be God’s way for our school. Plus, petty penalties seem so much like the pattern of this world. Do petty penalties ever really change someone’s heart to want to do right? Its how businesses and other schools are run, but this is Jesus’ school. What would Jesus do? What did He do with his own disciples? I know He never fired anyone, not even Judas. I know his teachings of grace, patience, and forgiveness were superior to the law. The Old testament law only shows us how wrong we are so that we are acutely aware of our need for grace, and New Testament grace given through Jesus Christ actually changes hearts to want to do right. Love naturally flows out of hearts that want to do right, and hearts that want to do right are because of grace. The methods used by most schools or businesses will keep some order through their law like discipline, but never change hearts. Hence, rarely do people LOVE going to work. When grace does not dominate, love is weak. After wrestling with these thoughts, I knew that my highest dream for Little Lambs is for grace to abound so that our hearts are changed rather than merely disciplined.


I am so pleased with all the hard work families put into Little Lambs and it shows our love. My desire for Little Lambs is that we all serve in excellence because we LOVE what we are doing here like crazy. If we do our duties here out of necessity or obligation, I think we suck the love of God out of the atmosphere. Is it even possible to love out of obligation? I don’t think obligation and love co-exist together well. For example, even God gives us all free will to love Him or not because being loved by people who are forced to love Him, would not be real love at all. Giving people choice allows Him to be truly loved by those who choose to. We who are called to do this homeschooling journey together are tied together by a true bond: love that is chosen. My dream for Little Lambs is that nothing would be done out of compulsion, and all things, incredible things would happen because of the strength of our love. Love is an unstoppable force.

May grace abound in all your relationships and love be fiercer than the noonday sun.

Farm Animal Science with Miss Cherie

Bacon comes from pigs (actually its turkey bacon mommy)

Wool comes from sheep

What’s its like to milk a cow?

Food coloring and dish soap in milk makes an exploding kaleidoscope of colors

Down on the Farm Centers

Piggy bank coin counting was fun

Making a bird feeder all by myself

Tayler’s proud “p” for “pig” handwriting

Cooking Project Using Farm Veggies

Doing my own cutting

Taste Tester

Mmmmm! Gruyere, asparagus, artichoke, and bell pepper frittata

Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

Tea party invitations for Grandmas


Doing Life Together

Hey Guys,

Will you please visit my church, Bay Summit’s, website and listen to a message spoken recently called Doing Life Together? I thought it was a good message and as my Pastor was speaking, I kept thinking of you all because in the special way that we do school, we really are doing life together.

Jesus said that the world will only know Christians by our love for one another…….how we hang out together, how we do life together. Church attendance is very important because the family of God, just as any family, must be together regularly in order to be healthy rather than broken and dysfunctional. Also being in close relationship with the family of God as we attend church helps us work out our love walk in a major way as others will inevitably hurt us, challenge us, spite us. Working through the hurt and forgiving is how God designed for love to grow in a family. And as we do, it becomes a testimony to others: “the world will know Christians by our love for one another.” However, when Jesus said to love one another, He never meant for it to happen in a compartmentalized way on one Sunday morning meeting a week–it is meant to be lived out everyday. Pastor Scott explained how the early church in the Bible did everything together–they shared their possessions, they ate meals together, they worshiped together, met in each others homes, shared everything they had with each other, they exemplified living out love for one another. It is exactly what Christ wants for the church today.

That intimate picture of how the early church related is also what I envision for Little Lambs! For us to share everything we can to help each other grow as mothers, as loving families, to grow in faith and love, and along the way form really solid, close relationships. I think our school is so much more than just school–it is doing life together. It is being in each others lives week in and week out, sharing the experiences and feelings of teaching the mind, body, and spirits of our little ones the best we know how, supporting and cheering each other on in the daily tasks of motherhood, praying and knowing you are prayed for until answers come, celebrating milestones and accomplishments of someone else’s child who has now become as dear to you as your own………the list is almost endless. I love the cooperative nature of our homeschool and how it naturally lends itself to a very sharing, giving, personal, and supportive environment. I hope we all realize what a blessing it is that God has handpicked each of us to participate in this group He put together. Just watch how God’s plan is to use the building of our relationships as the vehicle of blessing in each of our lives. We all have so much that we can give to be a blessing to each other. It is wonderful to be connected to each one of you and I pray that you will see how doing life together is the vision of Little Lambs as you watch the video.

Love, Lynn

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