Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)

3/6/12 Helping Daddy

We are so blessed to have generations of Godly wisdom teaching and influencing our children! Isn’t it the Father’s desire that generations in a family can be united in the task of home educating their children? Lord, use our grandmas to transfer a legacy of faith to the next generation.

What better way to start school than sorting buttons

and tiles with grandmas who get down on the carpet with us?

Psalm 78:4-7

Telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord,
And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.

For He established a testimony in Jacob,
And appointed a law in Israel,
Which He commanded our fathers,
That they should make them known to their children;
That the generation to come might know them,
The children who would be born,
That they may arise and declare them to their children,
That they may set their hope in God,
And not forget the works of God,
But keep His commandments;


Today, we pounded nails, sorted tools, and did some drilling just like daddy because we are daddy’s helpers! We read this book, which was a favorite of mine when I was little (and referred to as “Daddy’s girl”).

In circle, we built two towers of blocks, one on a shaky foundation and the other on a firm foundation, to illustrate the Bible parable of the two men who built houses on the rock and the sand. The illustration showed that building your life on the rock solid foundation of Jesus Christ is how to make life count, because when you build your life on anything else, sadly it will all be washed away.

We help daddy pound nails

Here is how you do it guys! Madelyn gets the job done exhibiting her fine motor control.

Tayler and Noah enjoying a snack together on two stumps.

Our pretty science teacher Miss Cherie smiles (for a better shot than last time)

We are going to make cleaning products to help mommy and daddy!

I wonder what would happen if I squirt this in my eye?….. (Madelyn)  I wonder what this tastes like?….(Noah)

Water and vinegar, or water and baking soda is all you need to make natural cleaning products

We were happy to help Miss Lynn clean up her house

Then we blew up balloons and baked bread using vinegar and baking soda, but no pics because I had a baby sleeping on me. 🙂 It was a fun lesson and the balloons were a favorite part of school today!

Noah still stickering looong after school is over

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Doing Life Together

Hey Guys,

Will you please visit my church, Bay Summit’s, website and listen to a message spoken recently called Doing Life Together? I thought it was a good message and as my Pastor was speaking, I kept thinking of you all because in the special way that we do school, we really are doing life together.

Jesus said that the world will only know Christians by our love for one another…….how we hang out together, how we do life together. Church attendance is very important because the family of God, just as any family, must be together regularly in order to be healthy rather than broken and dysfunctional. Also being in close relationship with the family of God as we attend church helps us work out our love walk in a major way as others will inevitably hurt us, challenge us, spite us. Working through the hurt and forgiving is how God designed for love to grow in a family. And as we do, it becomes a testimony to others: “the world will know Christians by our love for one another.” However, when Jesus said to love one another, He never meant for it to happen in a compartmentalized way on one Sunday morning meeting a week–it is meant to be lived out everyday. Pastor Scott explained how the early church in the Bible did everything together–they shared their possessions, they ate meals together, they worshiped together, met in each others homes, shared everything they had with each other, they exemplified living out love for one another. It is exactly what Christ wants for the church today.

That intimate picture of how the early church related is also what I envision for Little Lambs! For us to share everything we can to help each other grow as mothers, as loving families, to grow in faith and love, and along the way form really solid, close relationships. I think our school is so much more than just school–it is doing life together. It is being in each others lives week in and week out, sharing the experiences and feelings of teaching the mind, body, and spirits of our little ones the best we know how, supporting and cheering each other on in the daily tasks of motherhood, praying and knowing you are prayed for until answers come, celebrating milestones and accomplishments of someone else’s child who has now become as dear to you as your own………the list is almost endless. I love the cooperative nature of our homeschool and how it naturally lends itself to a very sharing, giving, personal, and supportive environment. I hope we all realize what a blessing it is that God has handpicked each of us to participate in this group He put together. Just watch how God’s plan is to use the building of our relationships as the vehicle of blessing in each of our lives. We all have so much that we can give to be a blessing to each other. It is wonderful to be connected to each one of you and I pray that you will see how doing life together is the vision of Little Lambs as you watch the video.

Love, Lynn

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Love, Love, Love, Love, Crazy Love

As lesson planning time for February is upon us, here are some questions to ask ourselves and get us thinking about love, our next theme for February………

Important Question #1: What can we do to show our students that we LOVE them this upcoming month?

We don’t just want to teach ABOUT love, we want to SHOW love. Showing, or living what we teach, is so important considering that anything we teach must come out of us if it is to be truly taught. It must exist inside of us in order to REALLY be put it inside of them. We must love in order to teach love. Otherwise we are just saying a bunch of words that may sound well put together but there is no life in them, they are dead, empty shells, ineffective, and after the tons of work we put into our lesson planning, wouldn’t it be sad to have it all fall on deaf ears, unmoved hearts, unseeing eyes…..because our words were hollow? I have seen it again again–the more I teach from my heart (something that I asked and allowed God to put there for my sake and for the sake of the children), the more the kids hang on every word spoken during a lesson. Why? Because the words are alive with the very life of God! It is truly a miracle.

I think it would be a great start to approach our lesson planning with the 5 love languages in mind. Showing love in a variety of ways to our students is important because everyone has their “language” for giving and receiving love: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, physical touch. With that in mind, do you guys have any practical and simple ideas for showing our little ones love?

Important Question #2: How well are we loving others?

This may be a good time to honestly assess our love for our family, our husband, our children, our home, our friends, our God, our students, our neighbors and community, our homemaking, our school, our interests. Personally, I feel that I need to focus some love my husbands way right now as starting up a homeschool has consumed so much of my time and interest lately. (Pray for me?) Doing a heart check  can help as we may find that our affections are a little unbalanced, or that one or more areas is altogether lacking and suffering. Not that we must be perfect in our love before being good teachers of it (not at all!), but praying about the lack and making a concerted effort to remedy it will go a long way in keeping out the staleness of teaching from an unchecked heart.

How about you? Is there an area you are willing to share with us that could use some extra attention?

Important Question #3: What does God say about love in scripture that stands out to you personally?

“God is love.” 1 John 4:8

How will we ever know love without knowing God? Studying the Bible to know Love will be our first and most important resource in preparing for February at school. God is the author of love, the absolute source of love, and the creator of love. Only He can fill my lack, and so try as I may to work up loving my husband or loving my housework, I am not the source (God is) and can not create love (God does) that does not exist. I am such a failure on my own! I marvel at how botched things get whenever I purposely or accidentally leave God out of something. Did you see the list of people and things we need to love in question #2?! That’s a lot of love!! Its a relief that I don’t have to work up all the love that’s required in my life on my own, I just have to ask for help. I love you for that God.

“Love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

I like that this scripture prioritizes things for me because I need that. If I love God with everything I am and everything I have, everything else falls into place. That long list of who and what we need to love becomes doable and not daunting anymore when we prioritize our love this way. If God is put first, He takes an undying interest in ordering and prospering the rest of our relationships and responsibilities for us. Loving God provides that constant heart check that we need as He is always peering inside of each one of us and is the only one who truly understands us. We can breathe easy knowing that He is at work in everything that concerns us.

Is there a verse you would like to share?

Important Question #4: What are some practical examples of love that we can offer our children to very personally illustrate the concept of love to them?

This is a list that is very personal to the growth that I would love to see in Noah in the area of love:

*Desire to spend time with God everyday before playing with toys (not forced devotions because forced love is not love at all)

*Honoring daddy with a cheerful hug and greeting when he arrives home from work

*Saying “I love you” first to mommy and daddy

*Letting sister play with him and his toys

*Helping sister/friend when he or she falls down or gets hurt

*Obeying immediately, cheerfully, and thoroughly

*Initiating hugs and kisses

*Taking care of younger children

*Giving compliments, saying nice things to others

How about your little one? I want to take each of our little one’s areas for growth into consideration when meditating on what to discuss during morning Circle time and as discussion opportunities arise throughout the school day. This is homeschool, not school, and so it can and should be very personal to the needs of our children. (Don’t you LOVE that?!)

As things come to mind about the topic of love, please add them in our post. It will take all of us putting our heads and hearts together to answer these 4 questions well. So why don’t we co-author this post as thoughts about love come up (or at least leave comments below)? These are just my attempts at bringing us closer to finding some answers, but there are things we all can share to encourage and sharpen each other. Perhaps you have an additional question to pose to the group? You are welcome to add it in! At the very least I hope this gets us thinking as lesson prepping is so much more than pom poms and printables, it starts in the heart!! I love you guys!

I will continue to update this post myself as well as more thoughts come to mind………

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