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A Beautiful New Homeschool Family

….”I have no desire to homeschool my kids”. These are the very words spoken from my mouth just two months ago! God has such a sense of humor! I now have a blazing passion for homeschool that I had no idea existed within me!  I was happy to send my kids off to public school for their education even though it was a very long day for them and Max (my sweet middle son) would come home most days upset from his day.  I liked many aspects of the school and just thought Max got dealt a bad teacher and next year would be better, I was certain! Garrett (my eldest) liked school and always had a good day and had nothing but good things to say about his class and teacher! I really had no terrible experience to throw us into homeschooling, so our decision to homeschool came from the heart rather than the aforementioned.
So how did we find our passion to homeschool? This blog! I thank God for Miss Lynn who follows so close to God, is so passionate about her family, who reads and researches tirelessly on this subject and writes on this blog for all who will come, read and be inspired! Or perhaps at the very least it gets you thinking of how you can better teach and parent your children! Before knowing of the amazing book list that Lynn posted, I never would have known about the book “Hold Onto Your Kids” or have any incite into what our kids are really exposed to through peer relationships.  This was a big part of why I wanted to pull my kids back to us and teach them in our home!  I wanted to free them from peer pressure, unhealthy relationships, from being taught watered down literature, memorization of facts, dittos! And lastly not having any zeal for learning! My eyes have been opened to see that with God at the front of our school, my children will grow in Him each day and He will be the center of their world! Which after all is just as important if not more so than the academics they will learn.  We are looking forward to diving into some great books together, cuddled up on the couch on crisp fall mornings, spending our time with one another and them not missing out on any part of each others lives!  I love the thought of them being so close to one another! They will also not miss out on their little baby brothers days as he quickly grows into a toddler.
I hope each of you continue to gain wisdom and knowledge from this blog! I know I am! “
–Mary McGee
What a gorgeous family! Look at the holiness emanating from them. You have no idea what an honor it is to see a homeschool family literally birthed into being through the work of God on this simple blog. You have no idea how I hope that you also will see what God can do in your family through homeschool. I pray that God will move on you today to see with eyes that can see and ears that can hear.

Mary, a New Old Friend

“I feel like I have no friends” was my rumination of late. Noah’s friends are going off to preschool and everyone seems to be parting ways. As I focus in through the years on what is really important to me and my family, and how these goals will be accomplished, I find that the road can become lonelier with the “alternative view” choices I am making. From Christianity to health and nutrition to homeschooling–just to name a few–I have hiked so far off the wide and broad mainstream road that it can be hard to find other hikers on my trail anymore. But I would never have it any other way because I think my narrow path is entirely good– its leading me to life!! (Matthew 7:13) Of course friendship is certainly about diversity as well as sameness, but I get wistful for those who would understand my zeal, share in my crucible. My prayer has been that my family doesn’t have to live this life alone, and that God will bring just the right friends along to “do life together”. In the meantime, I was definitely planning on enjoying this alone time with God, because it never fails that these times grow you the most.

However, I knew God had some beautiful plans for my garden of friendships. Suddenly and without warning God revealed his faithfulness with the blossoming of a precious friendship. He brought two moms together who were both really praying for Godly friends! Even though 1,800 miles apart, my friend Mary and I have connected over the miles finding that we have much in common. Its all so uncanny, it could only be God! We knew each other from attending church together for many years in the past where we had a casual friendship between us, but time and distance caused us to eventually become out of touch. Because of my sister Tara’s loyal allegiance to my cause here on the blog, she posts some of my blogs on her facebook page (thank you Tare Bear!). Consequently, a couple months ago Mary came over to my blog and was pleasantly surprised to find out what I have been up to lately with homeschool. She said she was in agreement with what I had been writing about motherhood, and that things I had written blog were speaking to her. I was touched, but I had no idea how much the Lord was dealing with her. If anyone has a strong relationship with her children, I would say it was Mary. But even so the Lord was starting to convict her about being there for her sons more, not letting anyone who didn’t share their values teach her children, and bringing her back to the whole reason she had kids–to raise them up.  Then one day last month she left a shocking comment on my blog: she had decided to homeschool after reading through my Hold Onto Your Kids book reviews! I couldn’t believe that someone was that effected (and yet that is why I was writing them right?), and that God had used the reviews to accomplish what was my highest dream for this sacrifice. Someone’s life was about to really change, and it happened to be my sweet friend miss Mary, her husband Doug, and their 11 month old, 6 year old, and 9 year old boys! I can’t tell you what a blessing this was!

Mary came to visit at my house on her last day of vacation in California, and the two hour conversation was a whirl of homeschool hopes and dreams and fears. The very next day she headed back home to Texas to start homeschooling with not much more than a hopeful decision to guide her. We have been emailing back and forth since then, and so I have been able to witness the initial roller coaster of emotions as well as the miraculous triumphs. She has already had to defend her educational position to a stranger, face the fear of “hurting” a son yearning for his school friends, form a new family vision through lengthy conversations with hubby, pull her kids out of all they knew as school, begin assuming the responsibility of teaching some lessons pronto, work through the loneliness of having no roots or connections in Texas……….and this is not even the full list. Wow, her faith has proven to be a bedrock. I am in complete admiration of your bravery Mary.

After emailing Mary lots of random info to fuel her enthusiasm and get her started in the right direction, there came a big turning point one day last week. Mary emailed, “So with everything you have sent me I am still feeling somewhat (OK, a lot) inadequate, I am so close to just having them go to school again this year….It’s not because I feel it is so much better, but I just don’t know how to teach the major subjects, and keeping them somewhat on track or ahead which is what I would love!!” I gulped as I realized she was hanging in the balance, and needed the RIGHT information fast. Enough with the helpful philosophy books, the online homeschool resources, my recommended curriculum suppliers–she needs a picture of how exactly she can teach subjects day to day in her homeschool. God was directing my own homeschool research so quickly and directly all of a sudden, that I was able to provide some guidance just before it seemed the doors might be closing on Mary’s desire to homeschool. Of course all I had to offer was a seedling vision of how I plan to homeschool my own children during the elementary years, but I had quite a good feeling that what I was finding in this Charlotte Mason education could be a good fit for her too. I told her that a Charlotte Mason education hearkens back to simpler and sweeter times, old fashioned farm life, using hymns instead of “twaddle music”, and even the reproduction of Victorian era children’s literature that has an amazing command of language. It reminds me of living out Little House on the Prairie, doing school like they used to in the old one room school house again I said. That was my romanticized description that I think struck a chord with my fellow homesteading dream friend. I assured her that a Charlotte Mason education is a gentle education, but very comprehensive in the coverage of the academic subjects. I directed her to several links on the website, the very best resource I have found for practical step by step homeschool planning.

And then I waited. I was dying to hear how she felt about Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling, that I have come to prize as God’s gift of a true education to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear……….

After spending a whole morning on the website, Mary’s next email got right to the point: “I’m in LOVE!……I am hooked!” I was elated.


I want to share with you the links I gave Mary, that brought her from intimidated to confidant about homeschooling in a matter of hours. My blog has been feeding you a lot of philosophy to strengthen your heart, but now it is time to assess whether your heart is capable of the plunge. You should not be comfortable enrolling your child into school without first having considered and ruled out homeschool for your family.

Please don’t rule out homeschool until you have looked over! Its that good. The SCM website holds your hand through each subject of each year of homeschool and makes it all really practical. No guesswork, no wondering how you will cover everything, no worries–its all mapped out for you.

Some of you are saying, “Homeschool? How could I possibly teach my child everything he needs to know?” Take a look at the SCM website and find out that yes, I think I may be able do homeschool, or no, this is an impossibility for me. Some of you are saying, “My child is really struggling with our current method of homeschool!” Maybe its because you are doing charter school, or you are doing a packaged boxed curriculum that is like school at home. Charlotte Mason is really different, really freeing, so give it a chance! This might be what you are looking for. Some of you are saying, “I am pretty happy with what we are using in my homeschool, but I am open to learning about a method that it really effective.” This is for you too!

A simple chart of Charlotte’s methods for teaching each subject

A weekly sample schedule

Curriculum Guide

4 Steps to Get You Started

Love this quick orientation to Charlotte Mason Homeschooling (quick as opposed to the CM books recommended on my blog)

Here is a great mini e book (and other resources) for forming character developing habits to ensure smooth and easy homeschooling days. Habits are an important part of the Charlotte Mason Education. Its like she thought of everything.


I am REALLY astounded by Charlotte Mason. Every time I go back and look more on the SCM site, I am more hooked and excited. A Charlotte Mason school is like all the things I already love about life–children, books, nature, handicrafts. I love the idea of a diet of good books, I love handicrafts, I love getting out into nature often, I love that there is no testing, I love the wisdom that pours out of every CM quote I read, I love the organization that SCM has put into making it all very practical, I love only school in the morning, I love the old fashioned feel, I love the focus on habits. It feels soooo perfect to me.

Of course, Charlotte Mason is not the only method of homeschooling out there. If what you read doesn’t sound good to you, don’t give up. You just have to find what works best for you. Here is the best comparison of homeschooling methods I have ever found yet online: