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Our First Few Days of School

It has been a beautiful beginning to the school year here at Jesus’ Precious Little Lambs! We are learning that God knows all his sheep by name, that our Creator knows us even before He formed us in the womb, and that we are so special because we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God our Maker. Our “I am Special/ I am a Child of God” theme for September helps to get the school year started with the important focus of viewing ourselves through God’s eyes. It is a well timed message. As homeschool starts up this year with some new and higher expectations, Noah has been sending out a few distress signals. I don’t know if you can relate to hearing the “I can’t” statement from one or more of your kids? In order to excel this year, and not crumble under the pressure, our kids first need to be sure deep down that their inherent God given worth far exceeds any value we place on their academic accomplishment.

You Are Special by Max Lucado, a book I read to Noah recently, speaks right to the heart of children when they struggle to believe in themselves. Punchinello, a small wooden character in the story, learns that he needs to meet regularly with his Carver in order to have literal gray dots of negativity, doubt, feelings of inadequacy, and fear of failure fall right off of him. Just like Punchinello, we too need to be reminded of how much we are cherished by our Maker, and that no matter how we feel one day, or what we can or can not accomplish in life, God really loves us all the same. And these tender reminders are the beautiful gifts of a real relationship with our Maker built on regular quiet times together. The book You Are Special is such a poignant reminder of a person’s true worth apart from all striving and accomplishment for our children………and definitely for us moms too.

So instead of whimpering at the thought of tackling a difficult task or lesson, Noah goes to have some alone time in his room talking to God about it until he feels confident enough to try again. Thankfully, Noah is learning at a young age how to meet with God in quiet time whenever he feels daunted, so that his mind can be renewed with God’s thoughts about who he is and what he can accomplish through Jesus’ strength in him. We don’t just wait for problems to surface before seeking the Lord though. We make sure to meet with God separately and all together each morning so that God may bring out the best in us all day long–whether it be confidence, kindness, obedience, patience, grateful attitudes, etc. I can attest that a day built around time with the Lord, is a day that does not unravel. I thank God that homeschool allows for such life changing lessons to occur any day, any time, and just as the Lord leads.


At the beginning of the school year, I love figuring out a flow for the day in order to maximize our homeschooling hours. Here is a peek into what has been working for us in Little Lambs!

Our Tuesday/Thursday School Schedule

Before 8:30 am, we do our jobs (make bed, get dressed, etc.), have personal time with God, and eat breakfast.


Math Exploration Time–play with math materials on the carpet


Circle Time–Prayer, Worship, Bible Story and Coloring Binders


Centers Time–Math, Word or Sentence Building, Handwriting


Snack Time–Calendar, Poem, Memory Verse, Classical Art and Music Exposure


Outside Time


Group Project–“I am Special” Books, art projects, cooking projects, science experiments, community outreach projects


Lunch Time


Independent Reading Time

Reading Practice in Readers

Story Time


Quiet Time in Bedrooms–worship music, time alone with God, nap, independent emergent pretend play, read books, workbooks, play dough, cutting, coloring, etc.

Our Mon/Wed/Fri Non-School Day Schedule

We do Circle Time first thing after getting dressed, and then about 20 minutes of lessons either before or after breakfast. Lessons are varied– reading lessons from our Delightful Reading curriculum, math, handwriting, drawing, or fun stuff like dot to dot worksheets and dot painting. The rest of the morning Noah and Faith play at home and help out with chores (like sorting and putting away laundry), or we go out to run errands, play in nature, or go somewhere fun. Our afternoons follow the same schedule as school days.

First Day Back to Homeschool Pic


Faith’s First Year of Preschool, 2 years & 10 months–Bold and Confident!


Handwriting Lessons


Our first handwriting word of the year


Transferring our writing to paper



Wow, perfection!!



Take a Picture of Me Too Mommy



Math Lessons



Bible Lessons


So proud of Noah’s Bible story coloring work!

His narration (drawn) while listening to “Adam and Eve Disobey God” surprised me. My little boy never draws pictures! His drawing, or lack of, has actually been disconcerting enough that I took it to God in prayer–“please help Noah to draw!”. Praise God for caring about all the little things!


Our Personalized Memory Verse Box from Gifts and Talents at Etsy


Calendar Girl


So Exciting, Tayler Can Ride a Bike Now Too!


Working Hard on Our “I am Special” Books


The Highlight of My Week

Noah started dusting the house with his doggie washcloth, even removing and replacing items off of furniture in order to clean the surface. He told me, “we need to help you dust mommy because you don’t do it that much.” Ha!! (How did he know?) Then he vacuumed the living room and said, “Is there anything else I can do for you mommy?” Four days away from my due date, I couldn’t have been more thankful. Doesn’t God use our children to minister to us? Just when I was silently feeling sorry for myself because of my workload at 9 months pregnant, God turns my little boy into an angel sent to encourage me. With his confident accomplishments in school lessons, kindness, and Godly servant attitude, I couldn’t have been prouder of Noah from morning until night that whole day. I love you so much Noah!!!


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All About Me

All Good Things Are Inspired By God

We had our last day of All About Me theme at school today and we couldn’t be prouder of our little one’s accomplishments. From name writing to memory verses to poem memorization to singing hymns to sounding out words and building words–it all happened this month!!! The day Noah just chimed right in with me on our You Are Very Special poem blessed me. The day Miss Sheila, AKA Mamama (Tayler’s grandma), was very impressed by all the kindergarten level work that Tayler can do at Centers encouraged me. The way that David has matured in multiple ways seemingly overnight has blown me away. Plus, we just had SO much fun running through the trees, cooking pancakes, painting and drawing ourselves, and sharing the ways that we are special with each other! Thank you God for all that you did in September!!! All good things in Little Lambs are inspired by the Holy Spirit.

My Starlight, Starbright

Miss Sheila, Miss Afton, and I took the opportunity to bless our children in Circle time like Jesus did in the Bible story “Jesus Blesses the Children”. We laid hands on them and spoke blessings for them to grow in wisdom and stature with man and God, to learn knowledge, to enter their prophetic destinies, to shine like stars in the universe holding out the Word of Life. Tayler’s eyes sparkled after her blessing and she declared, “I am a star!” I reminded her that I called her my star student last year in Little Lambs and she nodded in recollection. It was a shining moment.

Honestly, my Little Star has been a little dim these last few weeks, as we have been going through a lot of testing and sorting out why we need to obey Miss Lynn. It even started to feel like it was a test to prove the very depths of our love. I knew that a deeper understanding of our relationship was dawning inside her as she asked me some hard questions. “Why do you need to punish me?” she asked one day on time out. I love you and want you to be a sweet, obedient girl. “Why can’t I ask why?” she asked, always with very squinty eyes. Some things require simple obedience without asking why. “But my mommy doesn’t do that”, “But my mamama lets me writes “r’s” from the bottom up”, and other “buts” were daily challenges. I kept helping her to recall a past memory verse, “Obey your parents and teachers in the Lord, for this is right. Ephesians 6:1”. She was also questioning my love because she mistakenly thought that those who love her don’t punish her. I am punishing you because I love you, its my job to train you to be obedient and if I don’t, I am not loving you. The Bible says that God punishes those He loves too.

After a couple weeks going on like this, the battle in the spirit for her heart was heating up, and I was feeling worn. Actually, what I kept seeing was my own face in the mirror. I knew some of her behaviors were bothering me because they were mirroring something still ugly in myself. Tayler’s strong side was revealing a struggle for power within myself. I kept thinking, this wouldn’t even phase Miss Cherie, calm and cool, able to just smile through her way through a 3 year old telling her what to do!! Well just when you are on the verge of exhaustion, and after a weekend of praying on it, God always comes in to the rescue. This week was a whirlwind of accomplishment, and God brought opportunity for Tayler to remember that she is a star, that she is loved and has purpose. And after Circle time she burst out, “I LOVE YOU Miss Lynn!” What a gift it is to shepherd and speak blessings over the lives of these precious Little Lambs.

Tayler Shining!

Tayler shocked us all by whipping her name out in seconds with no help, and no visual example to reference. Way to go Tay Tay!

100% on My Own!

Mamama (and the Kids) Liked Our Math This Week

Click on the picture to read the instructions on the index cards.

Calendar Time!

Checking Out Our One of a Kind Fingerprints Under a Magnifying Glass

Thats Me–the Abominable Snowman!

Science: Measuring, weighing, and comparing our bodies. Good job Tayler tracing Miss Lynn!














Good Job in School Today Mamama!

Self Portraits for our Portfolios

All good things are inspired by God! We share freely here to bless and encourage you with all that He has given us. Thank you for sharing our Jesus’ Precious Little Lambs site with those whom the Holy Spirit nudges you to.

“Freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8

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Lambs! 1/5/12

What a fun day! Tayler and Afton joined us as we learned all about Lambs. The kids were all ears listening how sin hurts us and separates from our Shepherd and how much He loves us and wants to save us from the wrong things we do. We sang a familiar tune “Jesus has a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb….” and checked back in with Lambie to see how she was doing after needing to be saved from her fall into the bathtub. Her bandaids were off, her boos boos healed up, Jesus heard her prayer and saved her that day. Yeah Lambie! We had a yummy surprise sweet potato fries snack with yogurt dip. Noah and David scarfed. Thanks Miss Emily!

Lamb Mask Art Project

The kids giggled as their masks transformed them into lambs.

               Little Lamb                                      Big Lamb

Snowball Fight!

Miss Emily good naturedly hung out on the floor scooping up cotton balls to resupply the ammunition while the other mommies caught the gleeful moment on video camera.

At the end of the day we all agreed—We LOVE LITTLE LAMBS SCHOOL!


hee hee! shhhh…

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Lambs! 1/3/12

By Miss Cherie 🙂

Our first day back to school was a great success and a fantastic start to the new year!!!  What a blast!  In circle time we learned why we are all “Jesus’ Precious Little Lambs” and found our por little lost lamb (our mascot) and shepherded him back into the safety of our circle.  Then we bandaged him up and even wore bandages of our own over our hearts to remind us about how Jesus loves us and wants to fix our “boo boos”.  Centers included gluing cotton balls to cut outs of sheep, cutting lambs out of white play dough with a lamb cookie cutter, and stringing beads.  High lights of the day included dressing up in winter clothes (one of our centers) and playing Shepard finding lost lambs a.k.a. hind and seek!  Joyous laughter filled the house. What a precious memory for all.  Our group project was a science project about what melts ice the fastest – water, sugar, or salt?  In our experiment water won….probably should have been the salt…oh well.  Maybe we will try this one again some day.

David in his winter clothes – “Where did my hands go?!!!”

Cole, stylin’ in his winter garb.

David as the Shepard: “Here Little Lambs! Let me seek and save you!”

“Boo! There you are Little Lamb”

“Noah! Finally, our last lost lamb is found!”

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