Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

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2/14/12 Loving Our Friends

Happy Valentines Day!

Making Friendship Necklaces Together

Miss Carol helps Noah make a popsicle stick frame al naturale, just the way he likes it.

David puff painting his frame with mommy.


Funny little things make us laugh at Little Lambs…..

How did a train track get in my PJs??

Awww the rewards of having a friend who loves me.


Tayler and Noah hugging…..and hugging…..and hugging……and hugging……..and hugging…..ok, now I think we are slow dancing.

Thank you sooooo much for my friendship necklace Tayler!



Setting up for the Tea Party Friendship Picnic

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2/9/12 Loving Our Family and Our Elders

Friendship is sweet

Circle time!

Centers for the day…

David making a Valentine for his “TT”. You can never have too much glue can you?

Madelyn making a special necklace for Noah.

Pretty Faith practicing letters already!

Kids who can make friends are able to see what someone else needs.

Yeah Madelyn!

Cooking up some homemade goodness to take to the elderly at Miss Cherie and David’s care home!

White chocolate chip apple banana muffins

Recipe compliments of Miss Sheila 🙂

Where did all the kids go?

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1/7/12 Loving our Family

“How can we show our love today?”……..”We can can be kind in our words and play. That’s how we show our love today,” is the song we sing in circle to remind us to love others. One way we show love to our family is being ready to forgive those who wrong us and then act as if no wrong has been done because the Bible says that Jesus can not forgive us unless we forgive others. We learned how Joseph was an incredible example of forgiving family members who have wronged you. When Joseph’s jealous brothers cruelly sold him away, life became very hard. But because Joseph trusted in God, God eventually turned Joseph’s sad circumstances around and even blessed him with great success and influence. God helped Joseph’s heart towards his brothers to soften so that when they came to him during a time of famine begging for food, he was able to forgive them and meet their need in kindness. As a result, the whole family was brought back to together again and brotherly love was restored. Forgiving is hard to do but well worth it.

The kids were excited to find that their mailboxes had mail from someone who loves them. The kindness spread as some of them decided to do likewise and make special valentines during Centers to put in their friends mailboxes. They enjoyed stamping out the letters in their friends names on the valentines and it was cool to see how they are beginning to recognize not only their own names, but each others names in print too! That is an accomplishment for 3 year olds worth noting!

Hugs for you Tayler! Tayler is making Noah a valentine and Noah is making himself a valentine. :/

Faithy looks on as David bakes up a tasty Valentine concoction.

Woo hoo! We made our own indoor slippery slide to avoid the muddy outdoors.

Sweet valentines for the elderly to take when we visit their care home this week. We will be passing out black hearts as color mixing became a favorite pastime.

(note to self: tape over the black and brown watercolors next time) 😉

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2/2 Love and Friendship begins

Today started our new theme of love and friendship.  Miss Lynn created a lovely wall of photos showing our little lambs and friends:

In circle time we discussed actions that are kind and not kind as related to interactions with friends and loved ones:

Circle time was very sweet as Miss Lynn pointed out ways the kids had showed love to one another so far, in the short time they’ve all been together: Cole enthusiastically cheered on Noah during his rice jar filling, Noah kissed and helped faith up when she fell, and Tayler said “Oh Faithy’s dresses are bee-U-tee-ful!!” and “Thank you for sharing Noah!” repeatedly one day.

Our selection of centers included 6 projects as usual like the un-themed chalkboard letters, drawing different types of lines and more, however these theme related projects were the faves today:

Using heart magnets on a cookie sheet to practice numbers:

They had various sized heart cookie cutters to use in pretty pink play-doh. This was Tayler’s favorite center, and I’m pretty sure she stayed in that spot the whole time alloted. Not sure if it was the play-doh or because it was her favorite color 🙂

After centers we went outside for snacks but then all had a great time playing in the sand box, even little Faith had a blast- mostly dumping sand on the ground then giggling tee hee:

To get ready for group project, we ran off some energy, and shook the sand off our clothes and hands, with a fun game of chasing Miss Emily around the yard.

Our group project was friendship jewelry.  They rolled out balls of pink, white, and red clay, and made holes in them. Later Miss Lynn would bake them so the kids could string them into a necklace or bracelet to give to someone special. Tayler was a great ball roller and made quite a few, and all by herself!


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