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Spring is Coming!

Are you ready for spring? Some years spring seems to sneak up on me and I find myself saying, “Is Easter next week already??” Then I feel like……dang I missed it. The coming of spring–with flowers blooming, baby animals being born, Easter celebrations, and enjoying the first warm rays of sunshine–has always been irrisistably delightful to me……. whenever I am not tuned out, self absorbed, or entirely distracted that is. My heart fills with so much hope as I step out into the warm sunshine after enduring so many cold gray dreary days of winter cooped up inside. Spring is my favorite season, and one of the best reasons is that it holds incredible theological symbolism for all who are ready and waiting with open hearts for a deeper understanding of its significance. Every leaf of spring speaks of the resurrection of Christ and the newness of life we have in Him. Like I prayed with the children the other day, we who are Christians have spring inside us everyday as Christ makes all things new inside us. I want my exhilaration over spring’s arrival, spring’s spiritual symbolism, and whatever else the Holy Spirit wants to convey this season, to pass into the hearts of my little ones and drive our homeschooling. Am I ready for it?

Preparing Little Lambs for Easter in February and March of 2012 incredibly reinvented my understanding of the holiday as well as the whole spring season, as God introduced me to Passover meals, lent, Easter garden baskets, a repentance box/can, and a cross built for outdoor devotions all at once. It was an amazing spring. What will this year be like?

I took a walk around the neighborhood recently, and my thoughts were turned towards creation as a storm brewing in the air awakened my distracted senses. Spring is just around the corner, and I am not sure if I feel ready. I feel like I am still lying dormant like the rest of nature in winter. So how does one prepare her heart for a new season of rising up into new things with Christ Jesus? How does she make sure to notice all the buds and blossoms quietly unfolding all around before the miracle of spring slips by unnoticed and unfelt? How do I do this long path of lent, where I am supposed to let go of everything false in my life and take up my cross so that I might find my life anew this spring? I know prayer is the best place to begin preparation of the heart, and so I walked and asked God to open me up to experience the fullness of His glorious creation in springtime. I keep praying for the Holy Spirit to be the teacher in our homeschool so that everyday there is spontaneity, unexpected surprises, and a fresh new feeling. A couple branches almost smacked me in the face a few moments later on that walk, and my hand reached up to break them off and carry them home. I knew this was a beginning to the answer to my prayers.

Spring arrives on March 20th, but nature is already showing signs of it all around. Don’t miss it. Now is the time to prepare our hearts, especially if they feel dull and distracted, for the high purpose of reaching our children with something special from the Lord this season. I pray that the significance of spring will begin to stir inside you today…..

Here are some pics to catch you up on what’s been going on at school, as well as some pictures of how God is unfolding spring in our hearts here. I would love to hear your spring snippets too!

A Happy ‘Spring Is Coming’ Dance


Tayler Says, “This is What Best Friends Do.”

She also encourages others when they say something kind, “You are speaking like a friend.” Love it!


Faith Makes Her 1st Necklace


A Birthday Gift for Cousin Ava

Any birthday parties coming up? We thought we would share this little gift idea with you because it would make a fun gift for any age child (even an adult) in your life, and I know I am always racking my brain for better gift ideas. Oven bake clay has been one of my favorite art activities to do with my own kids, and you haven’t tried it yet, I think you will find it quite enjoyable as well. So after Noah chose to craft a friendship necklace with his handmade beads for cousin Ava, we decided that providing her some supplies for creating her own clay jewelry could be a fun birthday gift. The little Clay Crafting tutorial I printed off for her is quite helpful, and even taught me a few new tricks too. The cutters, jump rings, and head pins we included are to make necklace pendants. I hope Ava likes it!


The Kids Worked Very Hard On This Art Project


Crayons Shavings Between Two Sheets of Wax Paper and Melted with an Iron Made Fun Hearts to Hang on the Window


Handwriting is Getting Easier, Yay!




Homemade Scales at Our Math Center to Explore Weight


Patience for Puzzles Has Emerged!

Noah does math for a half hour before school starts, which includes an array of independent activities, including puzzles.


We Are Watching “Spring Come” Up Close


Faithy says over and over,”Spring is coming! Spring is coming!”


Could It Be Raspberries?

I broke off a few different types of branches while out on that walk in our neighborhood, and excitedly announced that, “Spring is coming!”, when I arrived home. The kids rushed over to study the evidence on the branches, and I had them hypothesize what all those buds were going to turn into. Faith suggested raspberries and Noah agreed. So I was glad that our little scientific investigation was apparently an developmentally appropriate activity since they did not yet know what would come of those buds. As we have monitored our branches daily, I have been rewarded by hearing scientific thoughts developing. “The red is turning to pink” is how Noah described flowers opening. He also said, “first spring comes slow, and then fast”, as he counted how many blooms opened day by day. The funny part is, they still think raspberries are on the way.


Preparing the Soil of Our Garden With Chicken Poop From the Coop



Keeping my personal feelings about grubs to myself, I snapped some shots of our kids excitedly digging up grubs to go feed to the chickens. Faith is sometimes afraid of ladybugs, but couldn’t get her hands on enough grubs. Go figure. Get them used to it when they are young, and they will think nothing of it when they are older.


What is That!?

We are excited to have found what we think might be praying mantis eggs! We have it in a jar and we will see what happens when the weather warms up. What a fun yard work day!


Our “Signs of Spring” Hunt Around the Yard

Tayler spotted some “fuzzy buds” and she squealed when the branch moved, “I think its alive! I think there is a caterpillar in there or something!” We will definitely check back on that hypothesis later.


Daffodils, the First Flower of Spring Fills Us with Hope and Joy


Noah Spotted New Growth on the Iris and Pointed Out the Dead Old Growth


A Poem About Daffodils

A Great Example of Picture Painting Serving its Purpose!


“Consider the Lilies of the Field and How They Grow.” Luke 12:27


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