Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

A Charlotte Mason Christian Home School: Preschool – 5th Grade :)

January 31st Little Lambs

We enjoyed our time together wrapping up our Winter theme at Little Lambs!  The morning began with circle time review of the story of Jesus calming the storm.  The children heard again how Jesus is in control over everything, including the wind and the rain.  How much more is He then in control of the situations in our lives!

Next we had a chance to remember the special letters we have learned during this unit of study.  To do this we played musical chairs/letter match.  The children enjoyed walking around in a circle with their letter card while listening to the music and then (when the music stopped) rushing to find the chair with the matching letter on it.

During centers there was plenty of time to do some of the favorite activities that had been put together for our Winter theme.  The felt snowman, sugar cube igloo, dot painting and pom pom snowflake were a hit.

The siblings enjoyed their playtime together while their big brothers and sisters completed their center activities.

After outdoor playtime, we ended our day with a fun finger painting session.  It was fun to see how God has created each and every child in our Little Lambs group.  While making their works of art, their different personalities and creative abilities were shown.  Some children loved the feel of the paint on their arms and hands while others were focused on the mixing of colors on their page.

We had a great time learning together!

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Jan 26, 2012

More fun with winter!

During circle time we all climbed aboard a ship that encountered a fierce storm! Our storm included sprinkles of water provided by Miss Lynn on the faces of the disciples. Jesus (David) who was sleeping on the boat awoke and calmed the storm because he had faith all along that God would not let them perish.

During centers Tayler played with fake snow (looks like the stuff inside of diapers), Noah built an igloo using sugar cubes and icing, and David practiced writing the letter “i”.  Tayler’s FAVORITE activity by far was running her fingers through the snow.  She could have sat there all day!

We successfully lined up by the door again after running circles around the back yard, laughing the whole way.

For group time we made snow flake prints using stamps placed in glue.  Then we sprinkled the glue images with glitter to make beautiful sparkly snowflakes.  Even Noah’s little sister Faith had to join in the fun!

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1/19/2012 Thursday!

In circle today we continued to learn about  Bartimaeus and read another story about snowmen.  We even attempted a song about snowmen melting that had to do with subtraction.  At least they enjoyed themselves as each one pretended to be a snowman melting away.

Centers went well.  Noah and David played together with the white snow dough we made during group time last week as Cole cleaned pennies (a science experiment using vinegar and salt), Taylor worked on drawing the letter “l”, and Roman decorated his paper winter mitten with stickers.

For snack Miss Lynn planned a wonderful project using bananas, fruit leather, apples, grapes, celery and cloves.  These items were artfully arranged to make a snowman on a skewer.  Yes it was ambitious, but we all made it through! The kids enjoyed eating their masterpieces after a quick picture:)

Since our snack time activity took longer than expected we skipped group time and just played outside.  Most of the toys were cleared out for Noah’s birthday party the weekend before so the kids all got creative. They played tag and hit the fence with sticks and rock.  It was probably more fun that they didn’t have toys.

All lined up by the door to come in from outside time. So organized…for about 3 seconds anyway:)

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1/17/12 Winter Continues!

We were back in school today with chilly weather helping to create the continued winter theme.

In Bible time we read the story of Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52). He asked God to give him his sight back, and God healed his sick eyes. Mrs. Lynn lead Noah around with his hands over his eyes to simulate how difficult life without site must have been. She came prepared with several blind folds for each child to experience the same, but Mrs. Emily was the only willing participant.  They did enjoy yelling though so Mrs. Emily could find them while she wandered around the room “in the dark”. We also read a story about a little boy playing in the snow, who was upset to find that his snowball melted in his pocket after he came inside.  It was a great addition to our melting ice project that Mrs. Cherie brought in last week.

Today our centers included making an adorable felt snowman. Noah and Tayler did a very nice job, and how sweet is the look on Tayler’s face?!:

We practiced our lowercase letter ‘L’ with help from Mrs. Lynn, then wrote them all by ourselves: great job Tayler and Noah!

Mrs. Lynn had a really cute snowman project with 3 play dough balls, twigs, and colored rocks to decorate it…

the kids seemed to enjoy decorating a melted snowman much better… poor Frosty!

Our youngest participant to date, Faith, enjoyed learning today too. She worked on our ‘snowball’ numbers adn tong project above, as well as practicing pen use and tracking various line “shapes”, below. Noah enjoyed this project too and was great and cleaning up for the next kiddo:


Another project, with the same lines to follow, honed the small motor skills of using scissors – go Cole go! He was able to maneuver each line… and more lines on another sheet, then another sheet, all with Noah’s unwavering moral support:

And boy was that exhausting! Cole needed a little time to unwind with his favorite books while the other students trudged on:

The group project was a 2 day project the kids started last week.  It was a sweet snowman, that they decorated with a selection of buttoms, cut out scarves, hats, arms, eyes, noses and mouths:




     “Please don’t throw me away! Keep me! Keep me! Put me in a special memory book of keepsake school projects,” says Mr. Snowman.

Noah’s Snowman

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Snowflakes! 1/10/12

Well we may have been a little ambitious today, but that is ok, we are just excited about school! But poor Emily stayed and helped (unscheduled) during Centers while Alex waited in the car because, well….. much help was needed.

Playing in the Snow!

We made pretend snow angels and snowmen in Circle, learned how God creates snowflakes no two alike, and how Jesus washes our hearts whiter than snow.

Letter of the week “w” for “winter” on the blackboard

Salt + Ice + Food Coloring       Wow!

Other amititiously fun centers 😉

A Snowy Village

Snow Dough

Mommies were so proud to hear our little ones practicing their manners as we shared playdough tools with each other. “Can I please use your roller?” “May I use that when your done please?” While making the dough, we experienced opportunities to practice patience while waiting for a turn to measure ingredients. The reward of having a turn was enough to inspire patience in our eager dough makers. It turned out to be a great social skills activity!

Thank you sooooooo much for all your help today Cherie!

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