Jesus' Precious Little Lambs

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December Memories

By Miss Lynn…. logged in as Emily (whoops)

Just to reflect on our first month of school in December……I feel blessed for so many reasons.

I was amazed that Noah fully committed his memory verse to memory. This was a first time milestone for him that I had been hoping for for the last year or so. I was so proud that my not yet three year old could memorize scripture! Another very special first time milestone was him singing with me. He would actually sing Away In a Manger with me–even asked to do it with me one night–in his sweet little off key voice. We sang it cuddling in his bed at night, sitting at the kitchen table, or the warmest memory, sitting in front of the Christmas tree. It was just about one of the sweetest things I have experienced as a mom. And finally, one more reason I was so pleased; Noah started counting to 10! Woo-hoo! You have no idea how long we have been working on counting and yet Noah could only count to two or three at the most. I was baffled because it seemed like all of his other same aged friends were counting to 10 a long time ago. I believe all of our past counting work contributed to his success, but I believe the final push was when he heard Cole count to 10 several times over the course of the month. He would always perk up and tune in when Cole would count for me, and I just knew it was going to spur Noah to want to do the same. It amuses me how a little person can sometimes more successfully teach my child something more than his own mommy can. What a victorious month!! Singing, counting, and memorizing in just one month! Wow, I can’t wait to see what else is in store as time goes by.

Another reason I feel blessed is because one night last month, it fully dawned on me how much is occurring through Jesus’ Little Lambs, and I was amazed and humbled. I realized how much I have to depend on Jesus to make school happen. Where does all this motivation come from to have a school? Its overwhelming when thinking about what it takes to make it all happen. I know that I simply could not do this on my own and so I give credit for this miracle to Jesus, my Savior. Its Him who gives all of us the oodles of motivation, the heart, the know-how, the resources–everything!  To me its a miracle that……. we have a game plan and that the plan is being effectively communicated; we have found mom friends who want to do school together; I have had the time and energy to clean house for school; we are learning to research, plan, prepare, and set up loads of learning activities; we made our own blog; we patiently and ceaselessly teach wonderful but sometimes stubborn and noncomplying 3 year olds; we still spend time with family and husbands; we let God guide and inspire our school plans through prayer and Bible study; we behold God breathing life into what began as just a small idea between two friends.   Who could have orchestrated something this complex but God?!

Thank you Lord for all the blessings! We have so much to be thankful for! How about you guys? What are you thankful for?

Cole feeding baby Jesus (Chesus).        Lots of Moms join us for Christmas time. Say Chesus!

It doesn’t get any sweeter than this.

Its snowing!

Making Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments.

Glittered Pinecones Art Project

Noah loved using Tongs! Noah and Cole on the 2nd day of school.

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